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Waste Generation in Jute Industry and Its Control (From Batching to Spinning)
Jun 24, 2015

Presented by Mr. Gopal Mukhopadhyay  on 24th June, 2015

The conversion of jute fibres into finished products generates wastage at every stages of processing. The working and efficiency of a manufacturing unit can best be judged by the amount of waste it produces, and the extent to which it is utilised subsequently. The aim of this presentation is to review the works done by Indian Jute Industries’ Research Association (IJIRA) on the sources and causes of waste generation at different stages of jute processing and proposed remedial measures for control of waste generation.

Technology for Manufacturing of best Jute fibre Processing
Jun 17, 2015

Presented by A. K. Nandi on 17th June, 2015

The presentation discussed about the merits and demerits of Single Carding System over Double Carding System procedure on quality and productivity prospective. It also covers the limitations of existing processing system on fibre length distribution point of view and demands to re look for the design of Carding for effective spinnable fibre generation.

Yarn Hairiness: Mechanism of Generation and Approaches to Control.
Jun 15, 2015

Presented by Mr. Palash Paul  on 15th July, 2015

The presentation described in details the mechanisms of hairiness generation during spinning. It also described the effect of fibre properties, yarn parameters and process parameters on hairiness generation. Various methods of hairiness measurement was also discussed. Three compact spinning mechanisms; aerodynamic compacting, magnetic compacting and mechanical compacting were discussed in details. Previous research works on control of jute yarn hairiness by wet spinning and air vortex spinning was discussed. At the end the presenter mentioned that IJIRAwish to work on compact spinning of jute yarn.

Improved Bleaching using Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach Activators
Jun 10, 2015

Presented by Dr. Sushmita Ghosh on 10th  June, 2015

The presentation discussed the limitations of conventional peroxide bleaching with the introduction of the concept of bleach activators which improve bleach performance.  The application of various bleach activators in cotton bleaching with improved bleaching efficiency was highlighted. Also, room temperature bleaching of jute fibre at batching stage with per-acetic acid and other per acids was discussed along with their bleach performances.



All Cellulose Composites (ACC) - its development & future prospect.
Jun 3, 2015

Presented by Shri Debkumar Biswas on 3rd June, 2015

The lecture enlightened about All Cellulose Composite (ACC) which is a new class of biocomposites having improved tensile strength, tensile modulus and other functionalities. Being a monocomponent composite derived from cellulosic source, ACC represents interfaceless composites ensuring 100% biodegradability. The background of ACC development, the relevant methods of preparation and its prospective applications for lignocellulosic fibre have been discussed in the presentation.



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