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Димаш – “D Smash” | Реакция “Ken Tamplin” на песню “Hello” [субтитры]

Hello dear
viewers! This is a video with subtitles.
in all languages. Just press the key
“C” or turn on in the settings video. The instruction is in the fixed
comments under the video. Enjoy watching! In this video, I tell
and translate a very interesting reaction of a popular blogger
“Ken Tamplin” to the song “Hello” which Dimash Kudaibergen performed
at the “I’m a Singer” contest in China in 2018. Let me remind you that Ken Tamplin
specialist of the highest level. He is very famous in the West
rock musician and owner own vocal
academy. So let’s go! In the beginning Ken Tumplin all
greets and says about the upcoming reaction. He reports that he received
many requests for Dimash, and now he will call
his “D Smash” Star Channel Note
Secrets: “Smash” translation from English – smash, destroy. It turns out something like this:
“Dee the destroyer.” According to Ken, this pseudonym
he gave Dimash because guy literally crushes
everyone he comes across. Ken says he hasn’t
saw this performance but this time Dimash does
this is with the song “Hello” which sang Lionel Richie. He then looks and comments: “So, the introduction is, now
let’s watch. I don’t know where it goes
this performance let’s just dive into it. So the song is “Hello.” Go!” “This is a heartbeat in the beginning.” “Cool dramatic
performance. That’s cool!” “Pleasant tone”
“So, I would like to contribute a couple of comments … You know, I don’t have that often
opportunity to comment his abilities with technical
side so i will do it while browsing. First, so you guys
need to know – when he sings in his style, he manages
incredible balance between the chest voice
in a mixed voice voice and whistle register. These are all completely different.
things, and he combines them all! That’s when you sing soft
voice especially in the lower register, and even sing
live, you have some difficulties:
The first is when you are loud you sing, there is a certain
strange effect when vocal cords like rubber
stretch to the limit. And you can control
this physiological process
if you can. But you need to have a very
trained flexibility and elasticity of voice
ligaments to return back to a quiet voice. And Dimash, when he begins
sing softly and then strongly raises his voice, he’s just
and does it. Therefore, from me there are already two
thumbs up! Just a killer job! Let’s continue.” “By the way, it helps a lot,
when you know well song, it’s that old
Lionel Richie’s tune, which really like
old men like me. ” “It was wonderful!” Ken goes on to say
what he loves when Dimash performs so harmonious, melodic,
minor things. And Ken suggested that
since Dimash is from Kazakhstan, from Central Asia, he soaked up
different musical schools including neighboring
nationalities, even Arab. And it is felt in him
voice when he performs these quiet lyrical
melodies. Then Ken tells
that Dimash often uses in his vocals technique
Belcanto. Belcanto – Old Opera
appoggio singing style .. opera singing style. Star Channel Note
Secrets: Belcanto (Italian: bel canto
– “beautiful singing”) – technique virtuoso singing which
characterized by smoothness transition from sound to sound,
effortless sound extraction beautiful and rich coloring
sound, evenness of voice in all registers, ease
sound science In belcanto, the voice is
instrument of the singer. Appoggio (Appoggio) – appliances
air distribution developed by singers
Italian school. Literal translation “respiratory
support “will not be quite accurate; appoggio is a system
abdominal muscle interactions and breasts while breathing
and sound production. Ken admires how much
great Dimash knows how to use this complicated technique
singing and can not only correctly include it in
right place but also knows how to upgrade this
sound to modern music, so that you can turn on
them to your repertoire. And also Dimash has these
really beautiful warm, rounded tones that
he he gives us and behold this is just wonderful! Further Ken tells
about technically complex things about how Dimash is excellent
controls his voice. In simple terms,
then Dimash uses the smallest resistance path at
playing sound to maximize
lightness in throat while keeping brightness, heat and latitude
voices, resulting in he achieves such superiority. In this moment of reaction
Ken tells us that now Dimash sings in mixed
style. He mixes the sound so that
he has about 50% chest and 50% of the head
voices, and it turns out that he may be there
and there at the same time. And in this he is a master! After playing
flute, Ken thought that she cuts the ear
but then he immediately forgot about it and his face blurred
in a smile because Dimash started singing using technique
“Harmonic minor.” And Ken really enjoyed it. Ken said it looks like
when on stage a solo guitarist climaxing
performances. At this moment, the solo guitarist
makes a short pause specifically waiting for a reaction
public and then lights in full. So Dimash is doing something
similar but he does it in your voice! Ken went on to say the following:
“He is very cool and great. artist! I love this guy! ” “I’m going to start a campaign
for him and we will call his “D Smash” instead of Dimash, because
that he overwhelms everything with than he makes contact. Just some kind of crusher! 12-00. Be sure to picture! At the end of the video, Ken said
what he really liked performance and added the following:
“I wonder when Lionel Richie will see this, he probably
will say: yes who is this kid which me just now
destroy as a singer? “One way or another, that’s because
that Dimash took the most emotional piece from the original
Lionel Richie’s Hello and then he added “Dimasha”
on top of that, yes so added what happened very cool! ” “He made this song special,
individual. He is a killer and no one can
get this guy he just awesome! ” “Oh wait a minute. I don’t know who is calling
but let’s see who this is.”. “Hello. Yes. Is this Lionel? Oh Lionel! Oh no I don’t touch you dude! No, man, no, you are magnificent on your own! Just this guy you
crushed! I’m sorry. He crushed you! Anyway, everything is fine!
Good luck! I would see how you would
sang one on one. Then you will see who
of you better. But I think he just destroyed
would you! Ok then next
time! Hey, and by the way, and take care
daughter, and then she does some crazy things in los angeles. Ok let’s talk about it
later. Until!” After that, Ken sums up the reaction and says, that it was deadly and “D Smash” gives you such emotions
in every song! Dear viewers, I want
on my own say that when such super professionals
how is Ken Templin so much admire Dimash when
they start to behave literally like children or
in a state of shock trying understand technical
details of what doesn’t fit in a recognized framework
of what every time gets up “Dee Destroyer” when
they put Dimash as an example for his students when
they just don’t know how behave then you know
not even having a musical start a little education
understand the amount of talent Dimasha, a talent who
probably the world has just begun to know, because so much
will be yet to come! That’s all for me! Thanks Ken for the great
reaction! Thank you for attention! Good luck to all! Bye!


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  19. Star Secrets Author

    [RU] Для включения на компьютере: нажмите клавишу "C" на клавиатуре.
    Для включения на телефоне: справа сверху "три точки", потом 3 пункт "субтитры" – включить и выбираете язык.

    [EN] To turn on the computer: press the "C" key on the keyboard.
    To enable it on the phone: on the top right, “three dots”, then 3 point “subtitles” – turn on and select a language.

    [КЗ] Компьютерді қосу үшін: пернетақтадағы «C» түймесін басыңыз.
    Оны телефонда қосу үшін: жоғарғы оң жақта «үш нүкте», содан кейін «субтитрлер» 3 нүктесі – қосып, тілді таңдаңыз.

    [ES] Para encender la computadora: presione la tecla "C" en el teclado.
    Para habilitarlo en el teléfono: en la parte superior derecha hay "tres puntos", luego "subtítulos" de 3 puntos: enciéndalo y seleccione un idioma.

    [DE] So schalten Sie den Computer ein: Drücken Sie die Taste "C" auf der Tastatur.
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    [FR] Pour allumer l'ordinateur: appuyez sur la touche "C" du clavier.
    Pour l'activer sur le téléphone: en haut à droite, il y a «trois points», puis «sous-titres» en 3 points – activez et sélectionnez une langue.

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    Привет всем из Бразилии! Как я уже говорил много раз, Димаш растет как певец, и такие профессионалы, как музыканты, звукорежиссеры, певцы и учителя пения, кроме обычных людей, таких как я, которые не поют и не понимают музыку, но любят голос и Димаш талант. Все ваши шоу будут и будут великолепными, особенно в декабре этого года в Нью-Йорке будет замечательно, и многие из блоггеров, которые играют в яд, могут только смотреть и постепенно исчезают. Димаш – серьезный и талантливый профессионал, поэтому он будет только расти. Объятия бразилия

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    Ой, большой вам ракмет за перевод, так хотелось понять анализ этого известного профессионала.
    У вас хороший перевод.

  45. Лол Арген Author

    Оченьпрекрасный комментартй, профессиональный разбор песни знаменитым вокалистом и как Он точно дал Димашу псевдоним—Димаш разрушитель. Действителтно,Димаш ворвался на мировую эстраду как тайфун, неся с собой что-то новое, прекрасное в исполнении песен, меняя все стереотипы на эстраде. Это признали не только на постсоветском пространстве, но, не побоюсь сказать, во всем мире. Димаш это олицетворение красоты, обаяния, благородства и скромности. А песня просто ЩЕДЕВР.
    Дай Бог Ему и Его родителям здоровья и удачи во всем. Берегите нашего Димаша, это редкий дар Божий дл нас. Алматы.


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