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Капельный полив Устройство

Hi, I have a lot of people asking how my watering of blueberries is organized, well, now I’ll tell you everything with bushes in the ground. A drip tape like this, compensating nozzles. A step of about twenty centimeters. Next year I will start up the tape on both sides for uniform watering. I won’t take it off for the winter, I’ll watch it later in the spring, maybe some areas will need to be changed. But most of all, I’m interested in how I water containers, you won’t put the tape anymore like on the ground, so here I use these spiders. They consist of compensating nozzles of this kind, that is, they have the same water drop in length and height, eight liters per hour. Everything was bought on Aliexpress, I will leave the link to anyone interested. Such a four-pin cross is inserted here. Everything was bought in China much cheaper than in stores. And it is thus inserted into the container uniformly in all directions. Previously, I used these nozzles, they are regulated by unscrewing. But when you have many bushes it’s very difficult to choose the same water flow for each bush. Mounting is very simple. There is such a piercer here, I do not recommend drilling, this polyethylene pipe, since the nozzle itself will not sit so tightly but the piercer will break through a nd insert the nozzle with the tip. If even if they didn’t break through there or if you need to move the bush, the nozzle is taken out and such a cork is inserted in its place. Everything is tight.


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