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ಬಾಳೆ ಅಂಗಾಂಶ ಕೃಷಿ-Best Farm to Buy a Banana Plants in Karnataka-Banana Plants for Sale

Iam sharanayya swami. Welcome to kisanvarte We have seen growing of banana plants. A youngster from rural area of ranebennur Went to Bangalore and find out his own livilhood. Initially worked for
cultivation of banana plants and later established
his own nursery. From this he achieved something in his life. He is selling good quality of banana plants to farmers. He purchased his own land near nelamangla of Bengaluru. Farmers know his service from last 10 years. So he gained the faith of many farmers. We have seen many farmers
and their children moving to Bangalore for
earning less money. But here is a person who started his own nursery by being challenging in nature. He even supplied good quality of banana plants to Andhra Pradesh and Tami Nadu. By this he won the hearts of many farmers. Even he built his own life and given work to many rural people. By this video kisanvarte is presenting the achievements of great personality in field of agriculture My self Patil, iam non Technical Iam doing business by my own experience. I worked in M.S.R biotech company for more then 15 years. By that experience I started my own tissue culture nursery. 4-5 friends of me are working together by dividing our work. We are producing banana plants by tissue culture. Genuine , yelakki are varieties of banana plants. These banana plants are deliverer to farmers that are ready for planting. We are delivering mainly
to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka mainly north
side and Maharashtra. Sir, you already got 15
years of experience then why are you calling
yourself as non technician? But I not did any bsc agri or bsc in Sir, even the richest person bilgates not did any degree related to computer. Today many degree holders are roaming for grabbing Job. But it’s good your doing your own business by your own experience. Why did you selected tissue culture field, sir? I came to Bangalore in search of job and got job in Maharashtra hybrid seeds company. I worked in floriculture
unit and got to know about poly house, green house
and post harvesting. Later joined M.S Ramaiah group. Dr.Ravindra trained us about tissue culture. After company closed
as we don’t know about other field we continued
in this field itself. It becomes our livilhood and even make us to give jobs for others Approximately how many plants you sold, sir? From 2011 i started my own tissue culture lab. From last 8 years we nearly sold 2 crores of plants. This is very big contribution to agriculture field. Until today we sold very good variety of plants. The farmers who purchased from us are again coming back to purchase. More than new customers old customers are only repeatedly purchasing. We maintained good quality. We follow the principle of work is worship. What time is good for plantation? Sir, earlier farmers are used to plant during June-august. But now they are planting throughout year.
It is not having season. Even marketing take place for whole year. This crop is utilised by every class of people. It can be purchased by both rich and poor people. Next, what plannings do you have? We just want to give the best quality of banana plants to our farmers. Farmers are food producers.
For progress of farmers I want to do
this work continuously This plant is now at secondary stage after completing primary stage. In lab plants are in bottle and then we will it wash it. Then we will plant in sterile feet. To control humidity we keep in tunnel. Now these plants are ready for cultivation. We will transfer this to poly ware. In poly ware we will cover it by 4×6 cover. We will add insecticide gravels and pack it into pockets. Now this plants are ready for planting. It is 4 week old plants. This is raw Coco pith and red soil. For red soil we mix insecticide. Then this will be filled in 4 by 6 cover. This pocket will be wetted in water. This plants will be transform to poly bag. After 45- 60 days plants are ready to cultivate in field. We supply plants depending on orders This are now transforming into secondary hardening. Within 45-60 days it get ready. Does it requires mulching? Mulching is necessary, sir. If heavy rain and high
temperature is there then to control humidity
we will do tunnel. What is the size of bag cover,sir? Bag cover is 4 by 6. For how many months it can be kept here, sir? Sir, in this stage it can be kept upto 90 days. Within 45-60 days it get ready and then it will be delivered to farmers. We will keep 45-50 plants in one box. By keeping plants in boxes it will not get damage. Sir, how far these plants will reach? It can be reach upto uttar Pradesh, sir. Sir, for how many days it can be kept in this box? It can be kept here for many days. Within 1 or 2 days farmers receive it and return back our box. By keeping plants in box there will be no problems. Where do you export this plants, sir? Andhra Pradesh , Maharashtra, uttar Pradesh and throughout Karnataka we will export. Our vehicles itself go and deliver plants. After plants reaching farmers what are the steps they need to take? Farmers need to take plant according to standard size of 6 by 6 distance. They need to dig 2 feet deep and need to dump green leaves and cowdung. Later need to mix it. Then need to make land in same level. After taking out plants
from pocket they need to cultivate in land
with specific distance. By drip irrigation or by hand they need to supply water to land . Sir, how many months after we will get banana? It takes 1 year. If there is any changes in
atmospheric conditions like increase in temperature will
leads to fast growth of banana. Genuine variety takes a year and yelakki banana takes 11 month. Sir, how much quantity of banana makes profitable to farmers? In genuine minimum 30 kg should be there. In yelakki average 10-12 kg. Yelakki banana cost is more but quantity is less. But in genuine variety quantity is more but cost is less. Virus attack is more for yelakki variety. Suitable steps should be taken and we will guide them. Sir, whether we need to plant according to market rate? Sir, we just need to grow plants. Sometimes cost will be more or less. Our aim is just to give good quality of plants. Even farmers are of same thought . If crop is of good quality than they can earn good money in market. You have shared many information with us. Thank you for you and your workers from kisanvarte


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    Sir. Thank u so much. U are not farmer sir. U are farmer god sir. U are eye opener sir. We wil contact u sir. Im tamilian but lives in bangalore mechnical engineer. Due to my health problem. God saved me and karma is going on. Ieith god grace running small gossls. Cow sala. Sure i contact soon sir


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