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വാഴക്കൂമ്പ് , വാഴച്ചുണ്ട് , കുടപ്പന്‍ , ഉണ്ണിത്തട്ട – എല്ലാം ഒന്നുതന്നെ – banana flower usage

i have asked a question in our community
section about the local names of banana flower. many people interacted and commented as vazhakkoombu, vazhakkudappan,
unnithatta , vaazhamani, manikkaya etc. some
of these names are new to me. i like this very much and collecting for cooking. remove the outer layers are chop finely, we
can make delicious kerala curry (thoran) with this. this video is not related with terrace gardening, we
will back with another episode and thanks.


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