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เกษตรอินทรีย์ วิถีพอเพียง จ.พะเยา เก็บผักมาวางขายหน้าบ้าน / Sufficiency Organic Agriculture: 充足的有机农业

Viewers, in the video clip “Baan Rai Sai Thong” now Followed by looking at the mother picking vegetables in the farm for sale in front of the house The vegetable plot that I shoveled In the beginning, this clip
I will grow radishes f anyone looks at the clip “Baan Rai Thong Thong” in previous episodes
You will know that this area used to grow kale before Kale, we will eat the stems and leaves of it This time we planted radishes to eat the roots, Is the change in the use of nutrients in the soil Followed to see what my mother would collect vegetables for sale in front of the house Let’s see (Long beans) (Agasta, White breed) (Great morinda or Noni fruit) (Winged Beans) (Bottle Gourd) (Bees make nests on lime trees) (Agasta, Red breed) (Sesbania flower) (Passion fruit flower) (Basil flowers) (Ivy Gourd fruit) (Passion fruit) (Ivy Gourd Flowers) (Winter melon) Man: Do you have an owner?
Mother: Yes Man: 5 baht per bunch?
Mother: Um, 5 baht per bundle Man: Take all this Boy: Ask to buy a bunch of bean sprouts
Man: Where’s the bean sprouts? This is Long bean Boy: Very sweet! Man: Ah! Carry it Mother: If in the market, they sell at 20 baht. Currently, the market doesn’t have any sales yet (Weeding and shoveling, making new vegetable plots) Caecilians, an amphibian, non-toxic) (Removing weeds from the lotus grove) Thank you for watching Hope to be inspired For people to do sufficiency organic agriculture Please do not forget to encourage “Baan Rai Sai Thong” By pressing “Subscribe” Thank you very much


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