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★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD

We don’t fire a rocket motor all the way to mars. We don’t need to You just place the spacecraft on a trajectory to mars and let it coast for seven months and 300 million miles until it reaches the planet Atmospheric entry in 3.. 2.. 1.. Just passed in one minute that atmospheric entry current altitude 121 miles, current velocity 12,084 miles per hour We are now at an altitude of 73 miles moving at a speed of 12,192 miles per hour expected parachute deploy in five seconds four three, two, one, Mark We’re awaiting confirmation parachute has deployed Parachute was detected Heat shield deployed event Spacecraft reporting the scene field at the – Planet separation event has been detected. Spacecraft reporting lander has separated moving at a speed of 173 miles per hour We are near our terminal velocity Expected retro Rocket ignition on my mark – Mark. At this point in time, we should be on the ground Any signal that we receive from now indicates the vehicle would be alive on the ground and bouncing The Spacecraft has to survive all the bounces for landing to be a success No signal at the moment Standby Signal strength is currently intermittent We don’t see a signal at the moment What do we see? We’ve got the signal! [cheering] The first thing we have to do after we land is open our solar panels to the sun So we’ll have some power. This charges up the batteries After that, we can deploy the camera mast so the rover can see and deploy the antenna, so the rover can talk to us


  1. Vindarten Vanamonde Author

    I wonder how it could get the wheels right on the ground (not upside-down) after such bounces? Would you be so kind and explain it to me. Thanks.

  2. hadal magdy Author

    I want to work with NASA and l want to know if I graduate from the faculty of computer science can I work as a programmer in NASA or whar

  3. jimmy senman Author

    Heli (Hell) Ahahahaha 😂 sooo easy to go to MARS FIRST COLLECT FEW HUNDRED BILLION$ FROM TAX PAYERS. hire walt disney to make CARTOON AND CGI spend few thousand $, JUST LIKE THAT YOU ARE IN THE MARS IN NO TIME… THOSE CARTOONS BECOME COMEDY OF THE CENTURY! 😂😂😂😂 you are good disinformant agent Hell! HD EAH!

  4. Prosad Basumatary Author

    What is our profit by studying other planets. We know life cant exist in our galaxy other than earth. And our technology is not developed so much to go to other galaxy.
    Yes we know there are probability to found life in other places.but. don't you think we are using our technology for race with one another . We don't know we can find other living world or not . But it is clear that we are destroying our one and only planet earth

  5. Hervé Jaouen Author

    Nice, but why the hell they added sounds of boosters in space?
    No air = No sounds!
    And it takes at least 20mn at (radio waves travel at lightspeed) to transmit signal, so they get the info about what happen 20mn later, this landing "live" is just bullshit!

  6. PAID IN FULL Author

    The earth looks the same size from the moon, as the moon looks from us. Because these photos are all cgi fakes and the earth is flat! Use your brain people, yes God is real, believe in Him

  7. Kenneth Ross Author

    You can't get to mars,it is nothing but bullshit…shoot more rockets into the ocean…and show computer generated pics of earth from a distance…pure unadulterated bullshit…there is no such thing as space..wake up dumb dumbs

  8. andes sheva Author

    success to the landing.!!!.. who's the recording vidio like that.?. r u have how much use the camera to recording the proces all that… THATS JUST ANIMATION… NOT REAL… situation the floor landing like the land of antartic, the situation is very arid like antartic…


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