ブドウの本剪定・シャインマスカット grape cultivation (pruning)

Pruning work of old Shine Muscat wood Here is 1 shoot, 2 shoots, 3 shoots, 4 shoots Because I go by one bud pruning I ’ll drop it here, but it ’s long. It ’s an internode This is the best here I want to take it I ’ll leave it a little uneasy Then here is really good here Although one bud is followed by two, three, and four Bun, it ’s hard to cut short ones here, Cut just above the second bud I’ll finish it This also continues here with 1 and 2 buds, but this also makes the internodes longer Cut it short This is something easy to understand Here are 1 bud, 2 shoots, 3 shoots, 4 shoots However, this is short and difficult to cut Just above the second bud is an internode. I’ll cut it out and keep it. Since 1 bud, 2 buds, and buds remain, there are many eyes, so the bud cut processing increases so as much as possible I have to pruned with one bud The work after April is complicated.

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