통밀쿠키 만들기 ( Whole-Wheat Cookies ) – 메종올리비아

Unsalted Butter 100 g
Vanilla Extract
Brown Sugar 55 g
a pinch of Salt
Egg 27 g
Cake Flour 50 g
Whole-Wheat Flour 150 g
Baking Powder 4 g Egg 27g
Vanilla Extract (optional) Gently soften the butter at room temperature Brown Sugar 55g
A pinch of Salt
Gradually add in sugar(with salt). 1/2 amount at a time I used organic sugar Gradually add in Egg(room temperature). 1/3 amount at a time After the egg and butter are mixed perfectly, put the next egg Cake Flour 50g

Whole-Wheat Flour 150g

Baking Powder 4g I used organic cake flour and organic whole-wheat flour Using a spatula blade, mix as if cutting Put the dough in a plastic bag or zipper bag Turn the plastic bag around and press it down, making the dough into a lump 30 minutes in the fridge Use a rolling pin to roll the dough about 4~5mm thicks Make the surface of dough smooth Put some extra powder(bread flour) on the cookie cutter Reassemble the remaining dough. And reuse it Use a fork to make a hole With perforated fans and perforated sheets, you can bake more flat cookies,
but with regular fans and Teflon sheets, it’s ok Bake in the pre-heated (160°C) oven for 16~18 minutes


  1. Healthy Life Author

    채널 새로 만드셨나봐요. 콸리티가 좋아서 섭스크라이브 했어요. 앞으로 유명해지실테니 그 전에 알려드리려구요. 밀대는 영어로 rolling pin 이예요. 앞으로도 좋은 포스팅 기대할게요.

  2. choco maya Author

    영상 잘 봣습니다. 저는 근데 만들고 나니 쿠키가 잔 가루가 많이 생기고 선명햇던 캐릭터 눈코입들이 구운 후에 거의 사라지던데 이유를 여쭤봐도 될까요?? ㅜㅜ 버터는 서울우유거 사용 햇고 설탕은 집에 잇은 머스코바도 빼고는 다 같은거 사용햇습니다.


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