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🎧 RPG / D&D Ambience – Nighttime Forest | Animals, Relaxing, Realistic, Owls, Nature, Soundscape

[Music playing]


  1. Michael Ghelfi Author

    💎 Drop a coin in my gold chest to help me create more of these !
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    [Will come soon]

    📌 Here's another ambience for your RPG sessions or for your projects, a nighttime forest, with owls, trees, calm breeze, and many others. You can expect many more ambient creations like this one! You need a special ambience for your RPG sessions ? Just ask, and I create it !

  2. Bartek Kubica Author

    You gather around, make fire. Mage and chemist heals the wounds and bard and barbarian made supper- jerky stew with potatoes. Coffee for the nightwatcher. The smell is delicious but after a horror You saw earlier, eating is forced only to fight another day. This Forrest,those trees… Are no ordinary. Hunter just came from patrol and he says "Coffee and pipe, please". He sits, take huge sip and take deep puff from pipe. Then he starts "You hear those owls? They are about 10 meters from us right?" everyone looks at each other and hunter after a sip continue "problem is, there were 10meters from me everywhere in the woods". You get up and starts making coffe for everyone, nobody will sleep tonight.

  3. Jens E. Author

    I really have to say:
    Everytime you upload a new video, I think about how it will sound like.

    But every. single. time. it is even better than I would have ever imagined. <3

  4. mikec64 Author

    I've just started adding music to my campaigns, after years of wanting to do it but not being able to pull things together. Your Ambience series, a full hour long, has made the difference. And there was a bonus: When I'm writing the jungle adventure I play the jungle track and it really puts me there. Thank you again! I'll join your Patreon today; the least I can do is buy you a cup of coffee.


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