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💪 Leg Arms! 💪 – Welker Farms Inc

hey YouTube so its leg arms here today
I’ve actually never made a video of well doing whatever I do so I decided I guess
I’ll just go ahead and make one and and or actually I’ll have Nick edit it and
I’ll just record it and then you guys can watch what I do so today what I’m
gonna do is I have to make an adapter for our drill bit on this crane right
here you can see that okay so we’ll go outside these drill bits right here have
a two inch shaft okay it’s a hexagon shaft and I have to make an adapter to
make them fit this shaft right here on our digger Derek is a two and a half
inch shaft so it’s just not gonna quite fit in there so I got to make something
okay so now I got to make a adapter so what I’m going to do is to take flat
iron which I cut to length right here it’ll lay them on each part of the flat
surface and when I lay them across and weld them all up so now I have a socket
that’ll slide over two and a half then I got to go to two-inch now I’ve got a
hexagon shaft coming in the mail it’s not here yet and it will I’ll make an
adapter well back to this and then you can just bolt it right on and where you
go okay so the process what I’m going to do is take a liminal foil and I’m gonna
wrap this shaft right here so when I clamp the pieces down I’ll have a little
bit of clearance in there slop so I can get it an on and off otherwise if I
clamp it right to the piece of steel and weld it all up it’s gonna be so tight we
might have to use the bud to rip it off which I really don’t want to do so yeah
let’s not do that but first I’ve got a drill holes on two of these pieces to
match up with this okay so I got to mark it all off drill
the hole and then I can put them all together and weld them all up this is
called a colt you see those three sides the purpose of
this is to squeeze onto this big old bit right here we’re going to put those into
an end mill which is this sucker right here I actually really like it it works
pretty good and we have to swap out the bit next thing I’m going to do is take a
piece of steel like this which is a piece of scrap I have I’m going to cut
it in half and then make it so that there’s two rings I can weld on to where
these holes are okay I want more surface area for the bolt to
wear on instead of that flat piece of iron then it’s gonna get like oblong so
I will take this and make two collars and you’ll see some wave action this
right here is our lathe and I’m going to take the lathe and I’m going to take
this piece of steel that you see drill all the way through cut it in half and
make it the right size diameter for that bolt and then those two pieces like I
said will weld right on to this okay let’s go have some fun and there we go two cups and then
they’ll be welded right like that so now as you can see there’s gonna be a lot
more surface area for that bolt to wear on otherwise what would happen is you’d
have a huge wear mark that’d be on one side and the other side we shall see and
as you can see something like that so I finished welding it up but when I tried
to take it off it did not want to come off so I had to cut the seam split it
and then try to wedge it off and come to find out this shaft here where they had
a bit at one point here it twisted the shaft just slightly so instead of having
a straight edge like this it had a slight curl to the edge so I had to
ground all that down and then I welded it up but as you can see there’s quite a
bit of slop and I can pull it right off and there we go
there is part of my adapter now that I have my two inch hexagon shaft I got to
drill two holes in it to make it so it adapt to the drill bits and then what
I’m gonna do is you can see I got to make an adapter to weld this together Hey finished product so far as you can
see – and shopped i weld it in to this here and tooth out there now I got a two
and a half two inch reason why I put this band here and this band here so
that case that happens to crack it won’t split the seams so now you can stake it
show it in and pin it wait that’ll work


  1. Devon Deaton Author

    Never…ever…. underestimate a country boy with a mill and a welder…. Nice, quality work, Leg Arms! Definite two thumbs up!

    ….. I got a question for ya.. Im curious why ya chose not to use a longer section of hex shaft that would fill the length of the tube? I might have run the sizing plates the full length of the shaft, then drill the hex tube to put 2 or 3 spot welds along the length, tying the shaft to the tube on all 6 faces plus the end welds…….. Do you think its strong enough that it wont twist up the hollow section if the bit hits a good sized rock? Is there a shear joint or fluid coupling above it in the driveline that would keep it from twisting up the tube if the bit binds somehow?

  2. Micah S Author

    If you disliked this, you are a uneducated city slicker. Cause that is some awesome work right there. Love it when Leg Arms folded the metal around it using a torch. Genius!

  3. Twisted Lids Author

    I’m sure for what you guys are using the shaft for it won’t be a big deal… but anyway wouldn’t the smaller shafts structural integrity be degraded by welding to it and adding so much heat?

  4. Baz Ares Author

    💪 -Leg Arms 💪 💪 RULES! Glad he's there to keep Nick safe, and things alive and running.

    btw. Like the family picture.

    Be nice to see a full Family meet and greet.

  5. Baz Ares Author

    Shop Master Leg Arms 💪. What about the wear of the inserted bolt on the inside inserted solid bar?
    I say to drill out the insert bars hole, press in a bushing to be sacrificial?
    The unit will never have to be replaced. The sacrificial pressed in bushing will be an alert,
    that it needs servicing soon, as it grows larger.

  6. toby johnson Author

    Impressive bit of heavy engineering, you have some nice equipment and you're welding looks sweet from hear,, interesting use of the tinfoil shame the bar had a twist,,, I'll nick that one off you,, I use 3 in 1 squerty can oil when drilling don't get as hot as the WD40 last abit longer,, as you drill some fair holes you may find helpful? Nice bit of work leg arms, worth watching

  7. Ian c Author

    We need to see more of leg arms and nick in vids maby nick covers the farming and leg arms does the engineering parts I think that would be cool

  8. Nick Kercheval Author

    Scott, wondering if you find WD40 as good as cutting oil for drilling and machining. Seems to me it burns up quicker than cutting oil. Maybe you are getting it for free like Zach Johnson.

  9. SuperGoldnut Author

    Leg Arms even has pants for his arms. Would it not of been better to insert that last piece further into the adapter to give it more support?

  10. Dagon Naxos Author

    Leg Arms, that's some quite creative adapting. I'm sure it'll work great! Also, using WD-40 as turning oil made me chuckle. I guess it'll work in a pinch. Outstanding work overall and I like seeing you in the videos. Keep up the good work, good sir!

  11. Tyler Slezak Author

    Ok this video really upsets me for multiple reasons. 1. That “drill bit” is an end mill 2. That “end mill” is a mill 3. There is no way in hell that aluminum foil created enough clearance 4. YOU USE A DRILL BIT TO DRILL HOLES NOT AN ENDMILL PS:before anyone gives me shit I’m a machinist by trade and have used mills and lathes everyday for the last 6 years

  12. bilodef66 Author

    Nice work, Scott. You seem like a good chap. Noticed you married a good Canadian girl, too. Maudit chanceux…. (loosely translated, lucky guy) 😁😉

  13. Yeah Boiii Author

    Great vid! Love it. Great engineering! You two are definitely Farmers…Have to be smart, self reliant and mechanically inclined. What are your legs called? lol Scott you are awesome. Nothing to do with my name being Scott or anything ;0 You are all awesome.

  14. Roger Lund Author

    Nice machine work. Though that WD-40 is killing me on the lathe. I use Zep 45. I should send you a couple bottles and you'd never go back to the WD. The zip is aerosol

  15. henry rudolph Author

    Hi from New Zealand,
    Today spend 1/4 time milking and the other 3/4 watching leg arms in the work shop. As a result, the wife has taken the internet and TV out of the milking shed. Now its just boring in the milking shed! Keep those videos coming. I'll take her out for dinner and buy her some flowers?? That should get the internet and TV back in the milking shed. Excellent video clip leg arms! excellent viewing! Thanks for sharing!

  16. PIPER DOUG Author

    We need more Scott, still need our Nick fix but more Scott, maybe the boys can do family story time with the boss man and a Q n A like Zach and his dad just did.

  17. Stuart Moser Author

    Next time go to a utility company auction. That Digger Derrick was made in St Joseph Mo and I was the used equipment mgr for many years and attended many auctions of utility equipment. There are always used augers up to 48” down to 9” which will be better than your adaptor which you did a good job on but you are going to twist the shaft even more than it has been twisted. Trust me when I say augers with more flighting and the full shaft length are going to be less headache in the future. You guys do a great job restoring your equipment and I loved the Big Bud tractor reconstruction and the John Deere integral loader engine swap. Just remember, augers are cheaper than auger motors and shafts.

  18. willelvs Author

    Super talented in the shop leg arms! Recently stumbled across the channel and love the videos. Wish I had your knowledge when it comes to things like that and wish I still lived on a farm.

  19. Gene Barrows Author

    I just started watching this channel and having friends and family in the Dakota's, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, I can say, there are a lot of folks in these parts, with this Yankee Ingenuity mentality. I am enjoying the channel!

  20. Ausie Dream Filipina Expat Author

    Great Work Legarms, You are an excellent engineers. Thank you for sharing this video, take care, have a great day and God Bless.


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