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💯✔★★ASPERSOR DE JARDIN ECOLOGICO CON BOTELLA ACEITE – Sprinkler irrigation easy and cheap home

hello youtube friends today I’ll show you one that seemed excellent idea is not original mine but I saw elsewhere and made my Adaptation is a watering can from a bottle in this case the bottle is edible oil cooking oil but I saw a bottle of coca and because everyone can modify it at will and was very easy to implement it is simply to make several holes the small bottle Y to insert the hose and has given me very good result and we have a watering can say that it is ecological because recycle a bottle I was going to go away how they view gives a good performance are watering here the garden and what I like about this type of bottle is that they have two flat sides and four sides that good but two large flat sides I let this pull her and that drilling will not tip over because I I saw a bottle of coke which is also a good idea nothing but It is a little harder to pull her time to put it elsewhere because the coke bottle turns forgiveness for the free propaganda change is easily pulled and no flat side width I do not know do not know volteapues as you see this it works well and my me has given a good result here to irrigate the garden in my case there is little water pressure on me municipal water system sends me little pressure for a few days and and no no we have the constant water here somewhere think that the pressure is a little stronger will work a little better even reach higher jet I did not put any action in the holes just made them more or less at random for a given good result well that’s all I hope you like it and if they support me with is like the I also thank good or bad comment help me improve revoir


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