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🔴Live – Welker Farms Map Is Out! And More!

well hello hello what’s up everybody
it’s uh not quite bright and early my time but the sun’s actually pretty close
to what it is right now in our life as you guys can see here so what are we
doing this morning no that’s right I’ve got announcements and stuff to talk
about okay well I’m Nick welcome Welker farms this has been a long time coming
as you guys can see isn’t it pretty there’s a sweet grass Hills back there
there’s the farm sun’s rising it’s a beautiful day so I just want to say
first off this has been a longtime mappers paradise approached me quite a
while ago asking if I’d be interested in doing a map with them more or less than
making the map me just kind of helping send them information but as it turned
out it kind of helped on and off when I got a chance this was been a lot of fun
it’s been a lot of a lot of stress a lot of fun you guys have been pretty excited
about it and we’re pretty pretty excited to show it to you guys if you guys have
already seen the map your a lot of streams so I’m just gonna quickly show a
couple things here and then it’ll be ready to go and you guys can go download
it first up I just want you guys to know this is seasons geo mod there’s a GL mod
for this area so it will snow when it’s snowing in real life here and rain when
it’s raining here in real life so you guys look at that see now that a
dandelion float to the air up here that’s a long ways that dandelion so yeah that’s uh that’s that so let’s
go down here oh quick I’m flying that happens in our life by
the way I can’t actually fly I don’t know if you guys ever attempted to fly
you just got to get up on something really tall don’t actually don’t do that
now so this map I just want to start off by saying is fit perfect for the big bud
DLC content if you guys don’t have it giants has made some tremendous models I
have some of theirs out here these machines you can’t get unless you buy
the DLC big bud content and download it and we turn the light on
here oops there we go and let’s see here why no one turn it on
there it is so look at this bud I mean you guys have seen a lot of these before
but I I just spend a little bit time walking around it earlier and it is just
amazing the detail that that these guys put into these buds this big bud DLC is
well it’s it’s Giants I mean they’re pros they make this stuff but they
really went very thorough in detail into modeling modeling these buds exactly
after the real thing I mean I’ve been around a series for before that’s what
this is this is a series for and it looks spot-on the tires everything it’s
unbelievable the engine that Cummins engine I was looking at this engine
earlier look at the oil filter it says case oil filter on it isn’t that great
case actually makes oil filters yeah I mean it’s just Cummins diesel power
suddenly series fours had a other I think they had a like a come on – engine
um – but yeah it’s beautiful you could see around inside let’s go in the cab
real quick here see that monitor that that is actually on our air drills
that’s the exact same honor that we have in the game so that’s that’s pretty cool
or in real life all the cab everything just just one or let’s start this up
open the door up I’m gonna put these outside real fast so if you guys want to play this map the
way it should be played you need to get your hands on a couple these buds the
handle very much like the real things they’re just really really good models
so yeah if you like big buds in general and you’re just a fan of them it’s just
a it’s just good to have this mod let’s go get the 747 and then there’s this guy
this guy everybody wants in their farm why is because that is the world’s
biggest tractor it’s been the world’s biggest tractor since 1976 which is
amazing I’m sure someday someone will try to attempt a bigger tractor but I
just don’t know how you can top this I mean look at that thing look at the
grill look how it look how finely detailed that grill is the lights this
engine that’s a V 16 Detroit it’s got two v8 stacked together that has a
camshaft and a crankshaft that rub through the entire engine absolutely
unbelievable it originally launched I think was 900 horsepower and then it was
tuned up to 1,100 beigel drawbar in the back that’s what you call the drawbar
look at these hydraulic we have these exact same ones on our buds there’s a
camera on the back here for backing up because this tractor so big you can’t
see what you’re backing up to and the decks so they actually put a camera on
it there’s a twin disc powershift transmission that’s a nine speed I
believe exact same thing that’s in our Series three big bud pretty awesome and
stay clear of the center hinge one area hinge area when engine is running yeah
that’s true you will get mashed here if you stand here on this thing’s turning
the tires big but tires again just tremendous model they they did a
wonderful job on this thing let’s fire up the lights everything just just a
wonderful mod they go Park this over here guys mmm OOP
there the tree one second did see that okay that seed hawk I wish we had one of
those in real life that’s a that’s a huge air drill that comes with this pack
so you guys could make sure to get that – yep there we go
shut that off well Park great let me turn this one off to leave the lights on
the lights make it look pretty there don’t worry they have big batteries the
last a long time so yeah definitely guys special thanks to Giants Giants has been
very good to mappers paradise in this whole process with the timing release
the map today and these these buds are awesome so yeah you guys should go pick
up the DLC if you don’t have now we have another surprise for you guys which I’m
sure some of you saw coming but let’s go inside this shop take a look here and there we go
OOP go through the door let’s turn on the light we have a big brute big brute
isn’t he big that thing’s gigantic I love it so big brute we built this
sprayer over the winter if you guys didn’t see any of my videos go back and
watch them there’s a time rest or time lapse restoration on restoration time
let’s build of this sprayer it’s this was a this mod was done by black sheep
modding and black sheep did a tremendous job of this mod they contacted well they
they were in talks with me a few weeks ago and we’ve been kind of sending
pictures back and forth and video and audio and all kinds of stuff I was
actually spraying with the brute the same time he was making it and if it was
pretty funny because he’d be like hey can you send me a picture of this can
you send me a picture of that and I’d quickly take a picture on bouncing in
the sprayer send it to him so he could go and make the mod for it so let’s open
this up and you guys are probably wondering but yes big brute pass
testing and big brute is ready to be played it comes with the map and I
believe you can get it separately in the mod hub that’s startup sound right there
you guys just heard this idling that’s the actual engine sounds I recorded that
with my phone with the window open yeah hey you’re that that
actually is that caterpillar 71 or 3176 that that’s the actual engine noise and
the that screen right there see ah my my uh that’s my Trimble 2050 monitor that’s
an actual screen shot I was taking while I was spraying the field so that’s
actually from the from real-life guys you’re gonna love that and all this in
here the steering wheel we go to see it says warning do not exceed looks like 30
miles per hour right there isn’t that perfect let’s drive us out black sheep
mods did a wonderful job on this thing just about one gaboom Zout oh yeah the
thing is awesome look at this beautiful mod beautiful mod guys you’re gonna want
this if you hate this map I know you guys are gonna love let’s turn some
lights on there we go perfect he’s a little big which is what he is in real
life I mean compared to these other buds he’s definitely a big sprayer but he’s
awesome in that sweet let’s go wing it out real quick I’ll show you guys drive
out here pull in the field okay bringing it out now there is one thing
to make the excuse me of the mechanics of this game the physics or whatever it
was he wasn’t able to make the booms fold quite like it does in real life so
in order for it to work with consoles I believe he had to have it fold this way
that’s fine it looks great it’s just not quite the exact same the way the brute
folds wings out but to try to do that probably would have been pretty hard and
I don’t think he even could if but if black if anybody could do it black sheet
mods could do it so it would definitely tough so we go out and got the boom you
can wing it up and down that’s a lot of boom this feels like the brute it’s
awesome see that’s sweet
know where that down a little bit there we go nice oh do we have a plug nozzle
on the back there no I think it’s fine what do you guys think of that in that
sweet swing it back up again this is so cool okay fold that in and this this mod has just been
tremendous I mean they’ve he did such a good job on
it let’s get outside and walk around those valves are just like that in real
life that’s our 3-inch valve right there it’s we just when we’re pumping a the
volume of water into the tank we have a two inch valve down below the 425 100
that’s 425 that’s a horsepower 425 horsepower 100 foot boom that’s that
stands for the fenders everything looks so good on this the one thing this mod
does have had ours doesn’t have in real life it’s four-wheel drive as you can
see there’s a front differential on there
I wish ours had that but it doesn’t that would be quite a quite a pain to with
you guys let’s drive this back to the farm oh quick here oh yeah look at that
and just so you know guys no see the top speed says 37.8 38 miles an hour in real
life this brute does 50 miles an hour but black sheet mods I told him that
he’s ago so cool and he turned it up to 50 miles an hour and he said it was
almost uncontrolled it was sliding all over the place he said it was just you
couldn’t really play it so he had to cut the speed back down to 38 just for the
physics of the game so that it could handle properly so but that’s okay 38
miles an hour is still pretty fast that’s still faster than 99% of the
sprayers out there so park this right here shut that off Oh where’s my lights
at for your lights back on there we go perfect oh yeah that thing’s ready for
you guys okay so let’s see here and another thing
real quick guys I just wanted to say this is a special thank you for not only
mappers paradise but blacksheep mods for building this mod for us we have a
special surprise here for blacksheep mods if you guys can see a authentic
welker harm Welker farms baseball cap hat cap whatever you want to call it and
it has been signed by yours truly so he’s gonna get this in the mail here not
long and it’ll show up and this just want to be a
kind of a special gift between mappers paradise welker farms and a couple loyal
fans of you guys you guys build amazing mods and so we’re sending this to you
buddy hope you enjoy it you can see that this
definitely came for me cuz it’s right there look at the signature so this is
gonna be yours in the mail soon so that’s that’s awesome
what else let’s see here just you guys know we have blue shirts now we have
blue Welker farm shirts first time announcing this I love the blue the gray
is great I just like the blue personally the blue looks better and then we also
have if you guys are interested bumper stickers some people have asked for I
thought about it too it’s only it’s a three by three it’s not real big as you
can see it I’ll give you a hat to put in proportion here but you could put them
on stuff like your xbox your ps4 your computer case whatever you want stick it
to your face stick it to your big brute that you could build some day if you
want to because we’d love to have more than one out there but you guys can do
what you want but anyways yeah so we have all these just send us an email
Walker farms i NC at and tell us what you’d like and we can get you
there and that’s that let’s see what else we got here
so I think you guys are probably waiting for something here it’s like we’ve all
you’ve seen this stuff Nick except for the brute you know no no this isn’t any
big big surprise well let’s exit out real quick that’s got a quick game yes
okay hang on a minute here pull this back no why there we go okay
did pop up for a second let’s go to mods so if you guys buy the game go to mods
Maps up here in the corner click that and right there see that there she is
it’s been a long time I can’t believe it’s here finally there is the Welker
farms map it is live you guys can get it right now start downloading it before
before the server’s get bogged down I’m sure there’s a lot of you guys
downloading it it should come with big brute some other equipment in the game
what else is there let’s see here big brute I believe is up to there’s big
brute so if you guys want to download big brute separately from the mod you
definitely can’t earth the map if you don’t want the map I don’t know why you
wouldn’t want the map because the maps there but uh yeah and and right now I’ve
as far as I know it’s available on the PC mod hub it should be available on
xbox and and the PlayStation today so if it isn’t I mean that’s something we’ll
have to sort out but it should all be available for you guys so yeah go get it
go get the map I probably already have mappers paradise let’s just install it
why not nice she’s downloading I already have it but why not download it again
that’s so cool so there you go that is that is the map and I hope you guys have
fun playing it I don’t want to take all your time this is but what have I been
here 17 18 minutes of streaming so yeah thanks again to everybody
special thanks definitely to mappers paradise mappers paradise did a
tremendous job with his map oh there’s my voice you guys will figure that out
when you play the game mappers paradise went well above and beyond with this map
it was a long process for them they they weren’t all my buds go I didn’t save it
it’s okay well go look at the bruton here it’s just it’s just so fun to see
our farm in a game I mean not many people can say their farm is in a video
game and ours is so here’s the TV up there the Welker farms on it in that
sweet got a walk through here they too have this game have our map is
unbelievable to us is very humbling you know when I get a chance I’m gonna be
playing on and off I’m hopefully get a chance to play with you guys and some
servers I’m sure there’ll be some multiplayer servers that’ll happen every
now and then so I’d like to take part in that just so you guys know there is
gonna be some contests and some merchandise to be given away through
mappers paradise mappers Paradise has more of these caps here for you guys so
when they when the time comes they’ll announce it for sure
but I believe they’re gonna do some kind of contest with like pitcher contests in
the game and then my brother myself and my dad are gonna be the judges and we’ll
pick out the top winners and I believe there’s five of these avail
well signed by myself I think maybe my dad and my brother as well I can’t
remember who all signed it but we definitely have a couple signatures on
it so you guys could get your hands on one of these through the contest to
follow that contest best bet is to join the discord server mappers paradise
lookup mappers paradise official discord and then you’ll see all the updates
there and everything with that so that’s pretty exciting but again thank you
mappers paradise this is great you guys are great it’s been fun to work with
they’re really tremendous group of guys really genuine good-hearted you know I
just have nothing bad to say about them they’ve just been fun to work with I’ve
got to know them on a personal level it’s just been it’s just been a fun
experience this is this this map has brought together a lot of people I
didn’t even know you know it’s just been exciting a lot of fans that normally
would not have even heard of us found us through this map but through the farm
when Giants shared one of my videos when the Big Bud DLC came out a year ago I
believe it was a tremendous increase in followers and fans and you know our farm
isn’t that special over anybody else’s there’s a lot of tremendous farms out
there it just happens to be that the right cards fell down and and we’re
played to make ours in this place it is now and so you know we’re just very
thankful for that I have no idea where this is all gonna go I just keep making
videos I’ll just keep making videos you guys have been so good you know I’ll do
my best to keep keep good content out there sometimes I might not get it out
just because well life’s really busy and it’s getting busier so but I will
continue to make ups make stuff and you guys I’m sure we’ll have updates
constant in the farm so yeah follow our channel subscribe subscribe to our
YouTube channel we got Facebook Instagram we do have Twitter as well and
yeah we’re all there and definitely follow mappers paradise they’re on
Facebook they’re also on YouTube check them out black sheep mods has a YouTube
channel go to theirs they actually have the video release of the big brood on
there it was really sweet really well done thank you black sheep mods again
for that that mod that’s it’s it’s awesome it’s a good mod and I think
you’re really gonna enjoy the Hat free appreciation for doing that for us
and Giants again you guys have been great I’m sure you guys are about ready
to head home from work today it’s actually about 5:00 p.m. almost in
Germany that’s why I’m streaming so early right now in the morning is
because they’re just about to go home from work there but they’ve been really
good to us thank you again guys for giving us the opportunity to do all this
working with mappers paradise and making this map available for you guys so go
download it right now go download it go get the brute start playing and I’m sure
I’m gonna get a ton of messages and pictures from you guys sending me all
kinds of stuff that look at me farm this and there and that so yeah pretty
awesome well guys I don’t have much else to say I think that’s about it I did see
a couple of generous super chats here we got John Reef for $2 thank you John reef
really appreciate it man you’re awesome let’s see here we got Cohan Jenkins
Jenkins I love that last name it’s a great last name if that’s if that’s your
real last name that’s a great last name when will it be on Xbox it should be
like really soon it might it might be I think if I’m correct giants told us that
it won’t be instant when they share it could take a little bit of time for each
system to get it up on their servers because I think like you know to go to
the Xbox or Playstation mod hub I imagine it has to go through like
Microsoft or Sony servers and stuff to be hosted on those I don’t know how that
fully works but I think that’s how it works that’s why PC it’s so easy to be
on PC instantly be because Giants can control the PC mod hub pretty well I
think but I I could be wrong I could just be making stuff up it’s not true
but that’s my guess so hang tight just keep checking it it should come out on
Xbox and Playstation it’s been it’s been tested and approving or and approved for
all those consoles so Giants gave grooving and I’m sure if something goes
wrong I’m sure Giants will address it and will wolf here through mappers
paradise they talked Giants on and off and so we’ll have more updates for you
if it’s some reason it doesn’t work out ok back to we got chili Willie he
donated 5 bucks Thank You chilly willie you’re awesome I
appreciate it and gold se gold Picard one hundred dollars that is amazing man
I I think it’s a man gold could be a great girl too but thank you Nick for
letting this happen well you’re very generous man I appreciate it and just
think that that hundred bucks will go towards paying for hats to go to all
these contests and stuff right no thank you that is awesome you guys
are very generous you’ve been very generous to me
you’ve been very loyal fans I appreciate you guys for for all the support you
give us I’m constantly getting a lot of positive feedback we’ve got people
visiting and whatnot it’s it’s overwhelming it’s very overwhelming but
this map would not have happened if it wasn’t for the mappers paradise group
and a lot of other individuals black sheet mods actually did a lot of helping
out with mappers paradise towards the end just to kind of finalize things and
get stuff wrapped up and so yeah you guys are great so yeah thank you guys
thank you for the donations we got just about a thousand of you guys watching a
lot of you have left I think that’s probably because you’re downloading the
map and get ready to play it so I should probably stop talking you guys should
start playing enjoy your week harvest is coming around the corner for us will be
probably harvesting in about three weeks give or take if it gets stays hot it
doesn’t rain anymore but she’ll be about three weeks and then on top of that just
you guys know next weekend which I guess is like the 21st 22nd 23rd somewhere in
that area there’s gonna be a tractor pull in the Mariah’s fair outside of
Shelby Shelby House of Fairgrounds just right outside of town Shelby is a town
that I live next to and we are going to enter in some of our some are our babies
here let’s see when we turn open this up a little bigger I don’t know why I have
that there there we go let’s put that so we’ll have series three probably like
this I bet you’ll be in there that’s gonna pull the sled around it’s not as
pretty as the rest of our big buds just because we haven’t gotten through rest
restoring it and painting it and updating it that’s hopefully it’s gonna
be this winter but it’ll still be in there it’s got tons of power you guys
will see a pull of sled around and we’ll probably in our series 2 and our series
1 maybe and then a big brute is gonna go to the fair as well I’m gonna hook him
up with a sled I don’t know what he’s gonna do I think he’s gonna do pretty
good it’s just a different kind of horsepower you know he’s only 425
horsepower those big pullers push several thousand
horsepower even but the difference is I can weigh big brute down I can put a lot
of water on him I can get him up to 50,000 pounds and then with the
planetaries the gear ratios and everything I could put him in a low gear
and just grind those tires slow and I bet I could pull that sled down the
thing so we’ll see no idea he might he might not get a full pole but I I’m
betting on big brood to get a full pole so we’ll see if we can make it happen
I think the buds will be no problem at all they should have no issue making a
full pole but the brute I’m not so sure on that one so anyway it should be a fun
time the fair if you guys are within an area you know come on down it’s not like
a huge fair but it’s definitely a fun fair there’s a lot activities Rodeo
demolition derby and then of course the tractor pulls so you guys should enjoy
that too I just got one more super chat I see gold Picard again it’s not a
problem Nick I feel good supporting an honest working guy and yes I’m a guy
actually over here in Minnesota thank you buddy I appreciate it man you’re
you’re very generous and yeah we’ll put that to good use and I’m sure there’s a
lot of mods and stuff coming out for this map a lot of you guys are probably
trying to make your own stuff I’ll share in the description of this video after
you guys like and share it and whatever in the description I’m gonna have a list
which I haven’t put on yet I’ll do that I’ve read this video upload it and I’ll
have a whole list of all of our equipment that we have on the farm not
everything but the mcquigg Minh Thuy you pretty much use and then you guys could
try to find mods or make mods that line up accordingly if you want to have it as
close as you can to our farm it would’ve been a really big challenge to try to
get all those things in the map for release because all those mobs would
have to pass test scene and everything so we’ll leave that up to you guys to
get those mods it’s the PC guys are gonna be able to do that quite a bit but
uh yeah that’s your guys as a department I’m just gonna sit back and watch now
because uh yeah it’s been a lot of fun but you guys are great so okay well I’ve
been talking long enough you guys are awesome I could read a couple comments
but uh looks like you guys were doing okay got 844 880 for you guys so thanks
again for watching thanks again Giants map prepared ice black sheet mods you
guys are all great and take care god bless
have fun farming and the stay tuned because there will be a lot more videos
and stuff to come from farm so you guys are great all right
have a go


  1. Allen Marvets Author

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