1 Sniper Vs. 75 Ceramics – How Is This Even Possible? (Bloons TD 6)

don't try this at home one Ben one sniper increased around mouth so beat seventy-eights with Benjamin and a lot of money I mean first of all I guess we got I got with kit level 20 Benjamin not sure if you get the ability to siphon up before the first wave comes in so elite defender let me know I try right 205 I mean what's stopping us from working you always got asked us out that question the starts so siphon is not up right nope not up how is the sniper doing currently a pretty ass interesting extra HBC rams so snipers not even close not even close let's try all the e25 so 5zu to now I guess I'll leave out of first and play although I'm pretty sure it still isn't one shot but there's only one way to find out here okay it is one shawnee but it's not fast enough no there's too many ceramics and no enough attack speed on this guy no we're close we tried bottom and talked now we try middle elite sniper well I don't know how the hell that's gonna work is it really bad good so let's see yeah currently zero damage nice yeah that's not gonna work even if I use Benjamin's ability right um yeah Benjamin's ability doesn't do very much this seems impossible but it has to be beautiful so maybe has to be a really weird cross path maybe shrapnel plus elite defender I don't know and currently literally no damage use the ability nope that is so far off everything is been far off right now how this shrapnel work with cripple I don't know so actually we gotta put on strong cuz it's getting the Rainbows currently it pretty much no damage yeah nothing so my only thought right now is you is the elite defender attacks me it at when you lose life how much is that attacks be gonna even help if we take them how long does he leave defender lasts short time thanks that's very very descriptive video okay so let me start with this 1:02 sniper this will turn rainbows into yellows that maybe will lose a life right as the the Blues exit so that we get the taxi bonus from the elite defender and then maybe that's enough to be the first wave but that still looks very very sketch so obviously not yet have a now League defender Tuesday 5 you're not strong or first first first the yellows what that's gonna kill me right we're not focusing the ceramic wave and currently attacks me it is ya not making a difference so what did I try yet I didn't try Zubov two but one how would that work how are we doing currently again getting nowhere huh nice yeah well if we sell this for I don't know elite the fender so pigs are gonna exit or else type strong into first let's pop three rainbows into yellows and then get a Tuesday or three and we'll put on last last this will mean we're gonna go down to I don't know how many lives but lower than what I want it to be so strong strong for this Rams elite defenders active nice keep it on strong use been mins ability a lot of yellows but is that enough that's the closest we've been but don't know when I say close I mean 20 ceramics so hints something happens when you upgrade been to level 20 so let me try this been to level 19 play level 20 um while level 3 comes up immediately but level 20 doesn't so I'm pretty sure if you sell Benjamin while the abilities active the ability would go away so we gotta solve both at the same time that's why they're back to back close together spam a Benjamin right now okay and then get ready to sell both but how the hell can I react to time there's no way there's no way like this no playing micro know by the time you get the sniper up you're gonna die already so you can't get Benjamin's ability up as well so if I sell Benjamin wait it's active oh my god that is very interesting so that means that opens up a world of possibilities even though we got here even though we died so Jeremy that doesn't happen when you sell ability the ability you should disappear but it does not do that prevent Benjamin nice by every cell by yourself by every cell yes we can use Benjamin now and then just get him ready for the ceramic wave so strong activate Benjamin Sal come on level 20 activate do it again do it again and again and again keep doing it how we doing he's going micro fast enough come on this don't loss Rams there I think it'd all be faster okay what if we don't activate the losing life mechanic because maybe that's too risky what if we just start using it off the bat like this all right get your micro ready usability sell quickly comma is for the hockey for using ability so stack it I'm not sure how many you can have active every once but probably like four or five by the time I though it set the timeout that's bad shits that's so close oh why we got it alright wow you learn something new every day folks and now what the hell do we do what important what do we do do we get level 20 um 4 siphon camos yeah what a crazy exploit how the hell do you find this generally the camels come home after the Purple's how about now now so those rainbows I guess we do this again run it back boys run it back use the exploit level 20 why every cell by yourself and I think that's it right no ho no camo no we need like an elite elite sniper for camos or zero fives you to five we also siphon too early too that's ok though we know what to do we know what to do and we can Duke this yeah click , that's like twice as fast alright like this cell Jesus Christ epic acts so siphon now so it should come out soon come on hurry up oh there it is there it is alright level 20 Benjamin nothing you activated it's messed up my micro the very start there so that's probably gonna kill me so we got to do that really quick binary selling multiple time to thank it looks like zoo to work or maybe a250 okay so in a few seconds we'll activate the siphon how about now we're gonna lead to these things what the heck come on rainbows come out already alright that's a fail oh so the issue of two-five-zero the attack speed is slow alright let's do this it's you to 500 on siphon bio cell now and just keep using the ability come on please that's looking pretty good JK how was zero five two compared to two five zero because like two layers versus seven how is that possible you do do better like how was it tax we didn't do better than 3.5 times more layers and let's use it now both abilities where the rainbows come on where you at there you are Sal benjamin quickly quickly quickly 24 yeah I need more lives so we'll sell it now might be low early but spying and earlier than later use both one of the rain was coming outs now all right find yourself I'm yourself Oh what five – it's gonna be a cross Papa is really weird man faster we have a lot of leeway here a lot of layaway how we doing si la blooms leakin it's not good come on sniper is this it Gigi finally oh my god well I gotta give us a nine point nine out of ten in the creativity scale because that is one of the most unique challenges I've ever played well done thanks for the couple of tunnel syndrome I appreciate it but I'm actually surprised you five two is better than two five zero are like you never think that's but people find ways man people find ways and challenges to make them usable lose to win place tower and first it sounds like a very intriguing title so again if there's no round on the top right corner here you know it's only one one round and it's round one if I win here does that mean I lose or what what is the point that's challenge I don't get it take it April Fool's place tower but lose oh ok so we have to place a tower this neighbor in a place where it doesn't get all the balloons and somehow we got to lose so that is the object of this challenge ok thanks for letting me know alright so where's the corner where the sniper gets the least amount of a track space here probably no but play so I believe they mean that we have to have the sniper place down before the brown starts and also on first which it is right now but I'm pretty sure this is gonna pop all the loads of time not change targeting here come on please red balloon get here before those never gets to do it nope damn we won but we also lost oh here I think here's a little shorter right that's right 6 5 4 3 @ – we won guys nice it's cherry on top we also leaked two balloons not one yes we lost the game but we actually won I'm an asshole I know I wonder why always visit camos yeah you're an asshole I'm probably short one dollar right from corrosive 40 nice I suppose it's cheaper but can we get the cooldown time I'm pretty sure the answer is no I mean there's no way this challenge is that easy and unless oh it is easy wait no it isn't no it isn't hold on that doesn't one damage no strike to you three zero and then maybe get the money from the Blues here oh yeah but I'm not sure that's gonna kill it in time all right we got to put it all the way the very front then not that hard you just got to be fast – kill right green blue red Oh put on a last and I'll do it right up last nice


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    Endless Poppibilities! If you have the time, what do you think the lyrics should be? Credit to that one person with the Japanese name who came up with endless poppibilities.


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