$10 – 9H MR-FIX Ceramic Coating on My 2017 Jeep Sahara


  1. jose quiroz

    I have this my self and this will only give you 1 year of protection. And don't think that because oh you have applied ceramic coating on your car you do t have to maintain it. It will last less if you dont maintain it. Yes you still have to take extra precautions when washing your vehicle. If you want it to last. For those that say that you dont have to wax your car are wrong you still have to apply some sort of spray sealant to keep the life of the ceramic last longer.

  2. jose quiroz

    Still don't understand do you have to moisten microfiber toelwhen drying the extra residue or applicator before application. Is that to activate the coating itself

  3. Paul Hopkin

    Hi can you tell me if u did use water on the spunge when putting the coat on the car there's lots of u tube videos about this so is it best to put a drop of water.. can you advise

  4. Brian kraml

    I've tested mr fix and other products side by side. Nanobond was thicker and not nearly as runny as mr fix but it did harden up and took longer. Nanobond will be my choice under ceramic pro of Course

  5. Northy

    Even a new Zero miles car will have love marks from the manufacturer, dealer and transporting that need to be cleaned and made good.
    I do this for a living.

    1. Rinse, clean the car. Use a jet wash machine for every rinse.
    2. Clean it again with snow foam and rinse.
    3. Tar & glue , metal deposit remover and clay.
    4. Clean again with car shampoo (not wash n wax) and rinse.
    5. Correct paint imperfections with compound.
    6. Wipe panels with IPA and do a final inspection.
    7. Apply coating.
    Throw away the microfibre cloths… They are now unusable for anything without scratching.

  6. Derwin Lau

    Thank you for the review video. It is very clear and to the point how to applied to the car's body paint. Just curious, did you apply the 9H Mr. Fix to your car's light and the wind-shield glass?

    Edit: Do you you use the same microfiber cloth to remove the residue on another surface? Or do you flip on difference sides? Will it not scratch the surface of the clear coat?

  7. Naim Farooqi

    Hi sir. I just got 2 bottles of it each 5$. May be its a fake product not sure. Anyways i am going to try on my black Accord 2005. Its prity old, its little paint also fading from roof. Few scratches here and there. My question is will it fill those scratches on clear coat? Will the 9h ceramic give shine to the roof which is slightly faded. Its flaming hot in Dubai during summer

  8. bmwmsport11

    I had good results with this stuff. Used on my dad’s car. Garaged but still driven in rain, snow, salt etc. washed once every 2 months. 6 months later it still beads very tight, paint is very glossy. But on my car, which is parked outside 24/7, washed 4 times since application, water doesn’t bead as tight. I don’t believe it holds up well to acid rain…still looking for a wax that can last for my car.

  9. Trent collier

    great video, tho I've read my directions a few times as watching your video, and it doesn't state wet the application cloths during application. With your experience, does this wetting of the wipes provide better coating as opposed to dry. I have yet to apply this because its winter where I reside. I purchased 3 bottles and I'm curious. I, as you, want the best coat. Thank you in advance.

  10. Dave Lambries

    Is it necessary to use a clay bar on it I have 2013 black BMW x6 with 18,000 it has some Scuff marks on it but I live in green bay wi now it's 18 Degrees out I was thinking on sharing tell spring I could do it in the garage 50 Degrees in the garage

  11. mukesh desai

    So, it has been long time u used this brand now!!! What is your opinion??!! One should go for it? Or buy some good but expensive brands? I'm from India again, far far away from u sir !

  12. tj o•

    I had a bottle of that ,was good enough for my wheels lol never even bothered with water, just put it straight on waited a few minutes and wiped over. Seems to have worked ok

  13. Carlos Flores

    I let the product dry by 10 minutes and when I passed the microfiber over the product it got stuck do you know why? The product turned out like taffy do you know why?


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