10 COMMON HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE- Cultivate these habits and success is yours.

Wake up early If you ask a routine schedule to any of the successful people, you’ll find they wake up early in the morning You have to remove this bad habit of wasting your time in bed if you want to succeed in life Because to dream in sleep always seems exciting but your real time dreams demand a lot from you One who cannot wake up early in the morning should forget their dreams and accept his life to be a normal one What you can do if you wake up two to three hours early in the morning First of all, you will stop giving excuses that you don’t have time for yourself You can exercise, read your favorite book, meditate and make planning for the day. These activities can change your whole day Learn everyday Successful people are good learners They don’t pretend that they’re know everything the believe in learning. Almost all the successful people have a good habit of reading, they read a lot. Once a question was asked to Mr. Bill Gates what he will ask as a blessing to God. He replied, “I want to acquire the fastest speed of reading” Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year Which breaks down to one per week. Mark Cuban reads more than three hours every day. Ellen must is an avid reader. When asked how he learned to build rockets. He said, “I read books.” Never stop learning. You’ll fall down no matter how much you have achieved in your life, if you stop learning. Health conscious Successful people value time and so they cannot afford to rest in bed cause of illness So they take a proper care of their health. It includes having healthy food, regular exercise and stress control Remember if you don’t care for yourself, no one else can and it shows how much dedicate and loyal you are to yourself and your dreams. Time management. if you wake up earlier in the morning, mostly this problem will be solved. Still you learn to manage time wisely. First of all make a list of the walks of your day You are about to do divide them time intervals how much time each work will need this will help you a lot to understand how quickly you should do each of them and Automatically you will avoid waste in your time. But again, it happens only if you be faithful to the list you made in the morning One more thing you can do is to avoid talking about the stuff that doesn’t matter to you Don’t start gossiping with anyone. Avoid social media and most important avoid television Successful people like to be on screen not to watch them Luxurious cars’ companies never give their advertisements on television Because they know the person watching television will never afford it. Mind it very well Positive attitude According to many successful people having a positive attitude is not just a result of being successful It’s one of the root causes of success Joel Brown refers to gratitude and positive self-talk as priorities in the lives of the ultra successful people Emotion control Successful people control their emotions. They don’t get angry promptly on anyone’s comment. They don’t take decisions flooding in emotions They check and evaluate the situation and then react. This will save you from lots of problems and failures of your life many times we take decisions because of others if Someone will praise for us and we get instant happiness or if someone says you you are not good at this we take decisions accordingly It is called wrong decisions because you have not evaluated the situations successful people never do this Good company Have a good company of people It is said that it is better to have one real friend rather than having thousands of fake friends I would say it is better to have a positive friend who forces you to rise above than thousands of negative friends it is better to have a friend who tells you that you can do it rather than heaving thousand of fake friends who tells You can’t do this Accompany them who force you to level up Accompany them who cannot be easily accompanied Concentration Once a question was asked to Bill Gates what’s the secret success of your life. He replied, “I concentrated on very few things in my life.” We focus on so many things in life and they stop us to move ahead faster. We cannot give time to the work we need to actually focus for. Our mind destructs. Focus on few things in life by evaluating what is important to be successful and what is not. Also do a work at once with full concentration. If you are with your mentor be the best student. If you are with your wife Be the best husband. If you are with your employees be the best employer. This habit will boost your career. Don’t fear of failure Successful people possess ‘a let’s do attitude’. They do it. There can be two results of doing anything Either you will be succeed and second.. No… not failure. The other is you will learn. There’s nothing like failure. Only success or lesson. Successful people try the every possible ways to reach their Goal.. If they fail, they learn from them and move ahead. Edison’s invention of bulb was not possible without 999 failures because every time he learnt something, rectified it and tried one more… and after that he was successful in making the first bulb of the world. Learn to digest failures. There is a key of success in every failure. Choose to do what you like to do You will not be able to maintain any of the above discussed habits unless you choose the right way, the right goal. What is the right goal? the goal by achieving of what you will be happy and satisfied. It does not deal with name, fame, glory or money. You must be happy and satisfied. Not only by achieving it, the journey towards it should also give you enjoyment and thrill. And if you are unaware of the thing You should ask yourself which work never bores you? which work never gives you tiredness? You should not be tired doing that No matter if you do it 24 hours. That can be your goal. That can be your way. Be a champion of it… be a master of it and success is yours.

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