1. Father

    These Rsources are not from Porkistan…. All Resources are in Occupied Balochistan… that is Occupied since 1948 From Pork Army….Balochistan Was state and Will Be State in World soon….Porkisan is not a state it is Drama..Terrorist Army Country…..Fuck Porkistan….

  2. mak langry

    Hi Zohaib, nice video. I would like to suggest the following in terms of Pakistan and South Africa. Pakistan has huge coal reserves, South Africa has the Fischer Trop technology at the SASOL company to make oil from coal(for petrol, diesel, waxes etc,.

    Pakistan has gold reserves, South Africa used to be No. 1 gold mining country in the world. They can help Pakistan with vertical shafts and open mining.

    In terms of gas, SASOL can help Pakistsnwith GTL (gas to liquid) technology which will grow the petroleum industry. SASOL is presently working with Qatar Gas to turn gas into petroleum.

    Also, I believe Chechnya is very good in training people in oil and gas technology. Maybe Pakistan send students on bursaries to study and come back to develop the industry and economy further.

    South Africa also has good university training for mining engineers.

    Just a few suggestions, what do others think


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