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10 More Reasons California SUCKS!

Welcome back for the second part of
reasons why California sucks. Now we touched on ten good ones in my
last list but the California suckage party is so much bigger than ten reasons
in case you don’t know California was a great state for many years decades even
but they are in the midst of a downward spiral that shows no signs of stopping
anytime soon like I said in the last video California does have some good
things like beaches entertainment and a very big economy those are all great but
number 10 it’s poorly managed the governors of California over the last
century could teach a master class on how not to do things the laundry list of
stupidity would embarrass almost anyone involved under normal circumstances the
politicians of California never seem to mind it’s almost like they’re not fazed
at all they just continue to do it here’s an example California lawmakers
earlier this year attempted to force local governments to allow four or more
homes on land zoned for single-family residence as you can imagine this rubbed
a lot of people the wrong way and they let it be known this stopped the plan
from moving forward which was a good thing more recently they have quietly
chipped away at the laws restricting this kind of development for many
neighborhoods and the homeowners a home with a backyard and a garage is their
American dream a dream that takes place in the neighborhood with similar
lifestyles and homes these laws would make it easier for a developer to buy a
single-family home on a block like I just mentioned and put up apartments
duplexes triplex or condos that’s changing the neighborhood that the
homeowners signed up for when they bought their land it’s not really fair
number nine the highest gas tax in California they have a pretty steep gas
tax it was forty seven point seven cents per gallon prior to July of this year
2019 the geniuses in Sacramento decided that the gasoline tax should be bumped
up by five point six cents per gallon now this is a great plan if you’re a
state official that doesn’t know how money works most of the residents are
suffering because so many other things cost too much in this state maybe they
just thought they’ll never notice cuz they’re paying so much for other things
what’s a few more cents per mile basically it’s crazy the increase
approved by the state leaders two years ago were put into place to raise
billions of dollars for road and bridge repairs and some mass trash
projects the increase means the total state taxes and fees on gasoline like I
said will be fifty seven point eight cents per gallon based on the current
average price of gas across California that will just edge out the five seven
point six cents per gallon charged in Pennsylvania officials say the state is
still billions of dollars short for what they need to properly fix the roads and
are considering additional charges like I said on the other one they have they
just doesn’t phase them that they’re idiots
number eight immigration immigration is a loaded subject and I’m very hesitant
to get into it but it is a major issue in California so it needs to be
addressed the United States is one of the greatest countries on the planet so
people want to come here Canada is decent Norway and Sweden are appealing
not many people would say no to living in Switzerland now can you just fly sail
or walk into any of those countries and say you want to live there forever no
you cannot they would find you scoop you up and send you back the way you came
after your visit or vacation was over if you want to do it legally they all have
a process you can follow and they may or may not approve you now should the US
have immigration yes everybody should should you follow the
process yes follow the process and welcome to America now should there be a
situation where a person or persons shouldn’t have to wait yes 100% your
government is trying to kill you welcome to America please stay in this camp
until we sort it all out and hopefully you’ll be working at Chucky Cheese in a
week from now while you start your new life you want to come here for a better
job and a better life great go through the process it’s really sort of that
simple no there’s a lot that go into but it can be broken down into something
like this now in honest reality I lean liberal but I also lean towards numbers
in common sense no country or state like California can just keep taking people
and forever it doesn’t work besides it’s normally the people motivated enough to
make the trek here are the ones that are most likely to help fix their own
country if they stayed we in a way are hurting other people that live in those
countries that were left behind by letting a person motivated enough for
change into our country number seven Los Angeles yes Los Angeles is part of the
reason California sucks it’s overcrowded horrible air quality the entertainment
industry isn’t really there anymore mind-boggling traffic and crime they
have Skid Row which is an actual neighborhood of homeless that makes the
slums in Brazil and India look sort of inviting I got it mint they got nice
beaches and good weather that’s it Los Angeles makes California a
worse place number six the homeless yes I’m stating the obvious but homelessness
is a problem in California there are many reasons why people end up homeless
too the main reasons are mental issues and drug issues they do a lot to help
those individuals with various programs shelters and whatnot they could always
do more don’t get me wrong but they’re always being dealt with in a way so
let’s just assume those are being handled for this video and leave them
out of this one there’s plenty of other videos that focus on just those two
things go enjoy them we’re gonna talk about the ones that have a better
potential to be fixed California is hands-down the winner in the most
homeless and the most homeless per capita they beat everyone by a longshot
so why does California have so many know its weather is the first one less
aggressive enforcement cost-of-living unemployment and low wages whether you
can’t do anything about that people are always going to migrate to good weather
because a homeless winter is a bad winter in a potentially deadly winter
law enforcement sure you could make tweaks here there but but study after
study has found hassling the homeless on daily basis creates more problems than
it fixes so you have the cost of living simple math if the cost of living is
lower some people can afford to get off the streets it’s very simple
unemployment gets lower more people can get off the street because now they have
jobs again it’s just math better wages puts money in people’s pockets and they
can afford to put a roof over their heads again math it’s not that hard you
focus on those three things and people get off the street
they quit sleeping in your parks and they quit sleeping in their cars they
can’t afford to have an apartment food and pay student loans you know it just
doesn’t work for a lot of people you will always have homeless and that’s
just a fact so trying to eliminate it completely is
a foolish endeavor it would be nice that’d be great we get everyone on
street great but it’s a fantasy to think that you can get every single person off
the streets number five taxes in this list we talked
about the gas tax already and how it’s an extremely high tax on something
people use a lot of every single day but that isn’t where the rip-off ends
California has the highest state income tax rate in the nation while most of the
states say this is something they might want to lower California doesn’t feel
it’s a bad thing to have about three days of your income every month
going to a place that won’t use that money in a responsible manner giving
California your money is really similar to giving someone on a coke binge $200
in cash they work the state income tax like this they get you for one percent
on the first 8544 of taxable income two percent on the taxable income between
that eight thousand five hundred and forty five and twenty thousand it has a
couple more levels in between that but it ends at twelve point three percent on
taxable income above five hundred and seventy two thousand you know so
anything above that you got to give them twelve percent now anyway obviously
there’s not many people above the five hundred and seventy two thousand dollars
but still that’s kind of high when I say kind of I mean it’s the highest in the
country I explain it like that because a lot of people hear that 12% and they
think that’s just what they pay on no matter what you made ten thousand
dollars this year give us twelve percent of it it’s not
like that it’s a scale but it’s still harsh but the fun is just beginning
California has the highest sales tax in the country which is always a good thing
and last but not least they have the highest corporate tax in the nation and
they can’t figure out why so many companies are flooding out of the state
you know it’s bad when people are moving their business to Billings Montana a lot
of them are we sort of touched on it in the last video but California is the
worst state to start a business or to have a business and the tax rate has a
lot to do with that number four they’re almost out of water
California is mostly desert especially in the southern section deserts don’t
have a bunch of water humans need a bunch of water too many
humans live in Southern California simple enough
all right the problem is that’s only 20% of the problem the other 80% is farming
California is responsible for roughly one third of the country’s vegetables
and two-thirds of its fruits and nuts there’s a joke there that Robin Williams
made please don’t put it in the comment section it’s famous joke moving on the
fertile soil and temperate climate are ideal for those things like stash Joe’s
broccoli tomato lettuce things like that grow perfectly in this weather
the downside is they have a fraction of the water they need naturally to support
those crops California farmers get their water in a couple of different places
some rain falls directly on the crops obviously that’s called nature but a
large portion water for irrigation comes from
California’s elaborate delivery system which is fed by both rainfall in the
north and melting snow from the mountains now we’re talking a hundreds
of miles away in the last two years the rainfall has been good but prior to that
they’ve been in a state of drought for several years and a few of those years
were extreme drought conditions basically you have crops growing in the
desert that shouldn’t be but they sort of need to be it’s a very complex
subject that I’ve oversimplified but if you want to look into it Vox box comm
has a really good story about it but basically there’s not enough water to go
around in California number three they got bad credit California has one of the
lowest credit bond ratings in the entire country now what does that mean well
it’s sort of like a person’s credit score and if California was a person
with a similar score they would need a cosigner and a pretty substantial down
payment to buy a used 1987 Winnebago that was found in a lake two years
earlier including unfunded pension liabilities the state of California has
more debt than any other state their total state debt without the unfunded
pension liabilities is second only to New York number two uninsured drivers
about 15 percent of the drivers in California are uninsured it really
doesn’t seem like California’s doing anything about it because this has been
going on since forever in California it’s not uncommon when you’re an
accident the other driver gets out of their car and runs away now think about
how many accidents you witness or drive up on right after they happen if you
live in a major city that could be a couple of year maybe so it’s not like we
see hundreds each every single year out of the handful of accents I’ve seen in
my life three different ones I watched one of the drivers jump out of the car
and run away okay one of the drivers jumped out of the car and kind of
waddled away she was an older woman that was easily a hundred pounds overweight
she had to grab her little dog and her purse and made a sad attempt at a
getaway the cop got there like five minutes after the accident and she was
maybe a block away we could still see her even when the cop drove down to get
her and talk to her she tried to get away from him and it was this whole slow
walk jog chase thing that everyone got a good laugh out of the best part about it
when the cop brought her back up to the accident everyone’s laughing still no
everyone’s looking at her and she demanded every
one’s name because she was going to sue manned she told the cops she needed to
get everyone’s name or she wasn’t going to jail it was great okay alright anyway
uninsured driver insurance is a must in California because it is a nightmare and
number one the law now this one is all things court related it is a jumble of
issues but they all have to do with one thing the court house pretty much
California has far too many lawyers lawyers file lawsuits a lot of lawsuits
shouldn’t be filed this clogs the court was stupid crap another issue they have
three of the top ten most violent cities in the u.s. which means more people are
moving through an already clogged system people have to wait longer and longer in
jail for court dates now they’ve made changes to the bail system which in
theory might fix some of that but most believe that it’s just putting a holes
back on the street that shouldn’t be on the street the jails are overcrowded
which costs a lot of money money that could be spent on better things
the California legal system is a joke and I’m barely scratching the surface
trust me on that one there’s so much more to this that there’s all kinds of
holes and what I just said that’s because I’m just kind of brushing
over it but it breaks down to this a family was rear-ended by delivery trucks
some years back in Long Beach California while at a stoplight the delivery
company had skipped servicing some of their trucks to save money
the delivery truck in question was one of them the father was a plumber and
unable to work because of a broken pelvis three years it took for them to
go to court against the delivery company by that time they had lost their house
and this family of four was living in a converted garage of a family member they
eventually won the case or settled out of court I forget which one it was but
in that three years because of a clogged court system they couldn’t get any help all right so that’s ten more reasons
California sucks hope you guys got some information I but like I said all of
these I barely touched the surface you could go back and research all of them
it’s a really interesting situation California’s it’s really interesting bad
situation they’re in I might even do a third video like this I don’t know leave
it in the comment below if you think this is helpful if you enjoy these and
maybe I will make a third anyway don’t forget all the links below buy a t-shirt
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whenever I upload a video everybody have a great day be nice to each other


  1. quarlic Author

    Can you please do three 10 reason vids about why my state of Connecticut sucks next please? Things have gotten a lot worse since Ned Lamont took office as governor.

  2. Magellanic SpaceClouds Author

    Most of these don't bother me that much.

    -NYC has high cost of living and taxes
    -NYC is overpopulated, has a ton of traffic, plus bottlenecks like bridges and tunnels
    -NYC is dirty and has a lot of homeless people
    -NYC has many rainy, snowy, windy, and cold days every year
    -NYC has a lot of crime
    -NYC has a lot of illegal immigrants, many of whom flew in on a plane with a tourist visa

    If you give me good weather most of the year, I'm already sold just based on that.

  3. Jeff Pokorny Author

    id like to see a third video. I am a 5th generation Californian, and find these to be dead on. I am planning my exit from this monstrosity of stupidity….

  4. Covinaman Author

    As a native California resident, It's really only 3 areas where California sucks:illegal immigrants, homeless/van dwellers and freeway traffic.

  5. David Smith Author

    The gas tax is actually about 30 cents per gallon higher and the governor has already moved it to the general budget and away from fixing the roads

  6. Edward Webb Author

    You could do a year long series on all the reasons California suck these day. It once was a beautiful state , not so anymore. Poor politics!!

  7. Aaron Roche Author

    Thanks for the California SUCKS videos! KEEP EM COMING! Also thank you for doing the videos on New Hampshire & Vermont! Thanks to you I was finally able to make a decision on what state to move to from California!And After visiting New Hampshire I'm sold! Im moving there within the next 1 and a half to 2 years(max)! Thank you!

  8. Michael Wolf Author

    You forgot to mention C.A.R.B. and the bullshit regulations they force on the rest of the country.

    That aside, the dumbest ticket I ever got was in California. It was 1993 I was stuck in traffic on I-5 in my tractor trailer. I had my window cracked open maybe to inches to let cigarette smoke out. (Not flicking ashes out) Needless to say a CHP on a motorcycle issued a ticket to the truck (because I refused to give him my license or any other identification because I was not moving and my brakes were set). The ticket was smoking in my vehicle during a drought. I never paid the ticket I forgot all about it 10 years later & after changing companies, at a Port of Entry my truck was denied access to the state for failure to hey the second they wanted to charge me $20,000 to let my truck back into the state. I don't even remember what the original fine was

  9. Chris Skopowski Author

    Hassling the homeless doesn’t help?! Its the other way around. I was constantly accosted by mean violent homeless people yelling at me everywhere Iiving in LA. I’d be cursed at if I didn’t give them anything. Even when I gave them money or food some would just yell that they knew I had more. I’m not saying the homeless are bad but witnessing it every day was too much. Never had I ever seen people literally shooting up heroin openly in the streets and the violence was also next level. How’s all the liberal politics helping World According To Briggs?

  10. TheAmericanRedhead Author

    A few months ago, I accidentally clipped a truck while I was driving. I exchanged info and insurance, dude didn't speak a lick of English, had no insurance, and had a brand new chevy. I got off scott free which was nice

  11. victor bozzo Author

    The "process" can take up to 18 years. If you are that dumb to follow such a dumb "process" I would prefer you did not move here. Those that ignore the stupid "process" are the REAL heroes and the smart ones.

  12. Rocky Mountain Ingelido Author

    7:46 Lol I'm in Montana, and Billings is the only "major" city up here for hundreds of miles in the middle of nowhere, so that is funny. Good video Briggs!

  13. Grant Bertonneau Author

    I have a bit of a criticism with this video. You mentioned no.10 as a bad thing. However, in your last video, you complained about the cost of living in California. I study economics, and one of the main reasons California is so expensive is that it has far too much land is zoned for single housing. The point of that law was to try to fix that problem.

    Thank you. Love your videos.

  14. Evan J Author

    Top 10 reasons to make another California hate video: #1 Viewership…

    (that said as someone who lives here, I agree with most of them, though I actually like LA a lot more than most people, don't live there anymore).

  15. Joe Author

    More Briggs BS. I like the rainbow life guard house. I'd never figure Briggs as a homophobe. Anyway here's some Fun Facts about California that you'll never hear Briggs talk about:

    California Fun Facts

    1. Top tourist state

    2. Most beautiful state & best climate.

    3. Best pro sports teams

    4. Most fun state

    5. Most popular state.

    6. 10th smartest state

    7. Top Ag state

    8. State with most new businesses total & per capita

    9. Top Innovator

    10. Cal has 54% of top 100 venture capital firms with only 12% of the population

    11. Cal makes 20% of all patents in the US with 12% of the population.

    12. Top entertainment state.

    13. 5 of the 10 most innovative cities are in CA

    14. 11th most tax friendly state for the middle class

    15. The Bay Area ranks 19th in the world in economic activity

    16. 6 of the top 10 technology firms are located in CA

    17. Best state for entrepreneurs

    18. Best state to start a business

    19. Best business environment

    20. State with most national parks (9)
    most in the nation.
    21. $6.1 billion budget surplus

    22. 2nd best for higher education

    23. 5th largest economy in the world beating out the UK with 20 mil less people

    24. California population projections show by 2050 CA population will hit 60 mil from current 40 mil

    25. Basically large numbers high quality Asian immigrants are moving in as low quality Americans are moving out in smaller numbers

    26. Forbes ranked the "25 happiest cities in the US" & California had 8 of them or 32% with only 12% of the population

    27. L.A. County has the 2 largest seaports in the US.

    28. Very tolerant & "laid back" state.

    29. Very LGBT friendly.

    30. California Residents have the 2nd longest average life span in the country.
    Only Hawaii has a longer life span.
    31. Burningman is HQ'd in SF.

    32. Most diverse state with every race creed & color known to mankind.

    33.. California is # 43 in gun violence so only 7 states have less gun violence than California. All gun laws are constitutional.

  16. paul gragory Author

    Freaks, your in this hole, this f**king home you call L.A.! The only way to fix it, is to flush it all the way! Any f**king time, any f**king day! Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay!
    R.I.P Bill Hicks. R.I.P. Tool.

  17. Mysticlover Fairy Author

    One thing I hate about California is the weather for example we are almost at the end of October and we have only had a few fall like days, this week it’s almost like we’re still in summer, the calendar may say fall starts on September 22 but fall weather doesn’t really start until about end of October,November.

  18. Rescue Legacy Author

    Game. Set. Match! This one-time South Bay boy and soon-to-be-retired VAer will be joining you in the PNW! Thank you for blazing the trail and for your consistently excellent, spot-on content!

  19. Big Cat Author

    Sorry Briggs, I known you hate to hear this but. California is the perfect example of what happens when there is an out of control liberal government.

  20. Robert Daniel Curtis Author

    Shit. I wanted to move to California because of its weather and diversity, along with its prevalence of big cities….but man, after hearing about all of these taxes, I don't even think I'd be able to make ends meet. Such a bummer.

  21. Black cat photography Author

    woooooowww you guys are way to spoiled. thats not expensive I live in italy 1.54 euros pr liter not gallon 1 gallon is 4.5 liters soooo thats a biggggg difference

  22. Sal Fondle'em Author

    Born and raised in south Cali. I can attest to everything he says. Can’t wait to leave. California sucks ass!!!!

    You should definitely make a part 3 Briggs. There’s just so much meat and potatoes to work with.

  23. Ron Lanzo Author

    Biggs, this is perhaps your very BEST video ever! I love California and it's wines, but the state is seriously going to hell in a hand basket, much like my home state of Connecticut! I love that you admit to being a progressive, but with much common sense! God I can only hope that more people get some much needed common sense before the next big 2020 elections. And I guess I'm going to have to forget NAPA and Sonoma wines, they're already to darn expensive.

  24. Kimberly Sheridan Author

    The American Dream with a garage and back yard used to be feasible. But part of the problem with all these massive fires is the helter skelter suburban sprawl in a drought stricken state. The infratructure can't keep up.
    Who's willing to sacrifice year round access to electrical power to insist on this American Dream.
    Hard choices must be made.

  25. Prometheus Author

    Where i live, after al is said and done you pay about 50% of what you make to the state. And the sales tax is 6 to 21% depending on the goods. So you think California is bad?

  26. Chandra Z. Author

    I rarely disagree with you on anyting numbers facts. But on immigration I will agree to disagree with you you have absolutely zero clue how the entire immigration process works in the US if you had any idea how it worked you wouldn't have just spewed the absolute nonsense out of your mouth.

  27. Jim Greene Author

    Illegal immigrants may be motivated, but lots of them have little education and no significant job skills, and our stupid governor keeps offering them incentives to come here. Do the math. It's adding to the state's already crippling debt.

  28. Les Smith Author

    We need to look at supply and demand economics. There is a high demand for housing and so the prices become extremely high. The reason that there is a high demand is because of a robust economy, good weather and other factors. This very high demand also makes for more homelessness and more traffic. California will always be more expensive and crowded. These conditions are not tied to political ideology. For some people moving to a lower cost state would give them a better quality of life.
    Everyone should make their decision to stay or go based on their perceived self interest. At the same time others will be staying or emigrating to the state, based on their own calculations of the advantages and disadvantages. That's the ebb and flow of humanity.

  29. DaViper Venom Author

    Let me get this straight. You talk about all the problems with democrat politicians and then admit you lean democrat. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of what again? Yes! Insanity. But actually. You sound like you’re starting to snap out of yours.

  30. DaViper Venom Author

    By the way. The communist in Russia made multiple families live together in small spaces. Which is what the Californian government is trying to do. Imagine being stuck with an asshole you can’t kick out of your apartment.

  31. Virginia Lemm Author

    I’m a born-and-raised Californian who can’t wait to leave. I just turned 68 years old and it is an unbelievably tragic and helpless feeling when you not only don’t WANT to live here, but you just CAN’T. Your Top Ten talked about the gas tax…may I elaborate, please. Not only did our previous governor run it through into law, withOUT a vote of the people, when repealing that gas tax was on the ballot last year…what did “they”/the liberal government do? They played on the fears of uneducated and uninformed people who don’t read-up and truly study the ballot issues. The WORDING on the ballot AND TV ads made it sound like 1). Fire trucks and emergency services might not make it to you in time, because of all the terrible roads in disrepair! 2).The roads are SOOOOO bad (and yes they ARE) that if we don’t keep the gas tax in place, we will lose small children and pets in the holes in the streets (just a little stretch), and we will be doomed to driving on the worst roads in America…which we already do. We have had the highest gas taxes in the Country for years, and STILL can’t seem to get the 5, 405, and 99 California highways repaired! All the money we are taxed, we should have the best roads, highways, and cleanest cities in the entire country. Our children should be the brightest and smartest around… OHHHHH, don’t get me started on the yearly requests for more money for our schools, especially since ONE-THIRD of revenue from casinos was to be directly for educating our kids. That’s BS… each and every California tax dollar seems to be dumped in the “general fund”, and used wherever our liberal lawmakers choose to use it! Am I mad? You BET I am! Oh, and have you heard about the planned/thinking-about law that may be on the table soon? IMPOSE A HEFTY TAX ON THOSE MOVING OUT OF CALIFORNIA!!! I don’t know how exactly it would work, but think about it! Yes, people who have worked hard all their lives, bought a home in a good area to raise their kids are being forced out. That’s probably why the “exit tax”. There won’t be enough of the middle to upper income people left in California to PAY all those taxes! The homeless situation is literally out of control here too… when I can’t safely walk my grandchildren down by the beach or out of our immediately housing development without stepping on used dirty needles, smelly trash and human waste, it’s time to leave. The police are told they can’t arrest them for harassing you for not giving them money, defecating on the city streets, and laying in doorways shooting-up their drugs. This is also a HEALTH issue for everyone. What happened to enforcing vagrancy laws which have been on the books for eons, and their rights trump ours? OK, I’ve said it. I’m done. (For NOW).

  32. Matthew Graham Author

    We need more multi-residential spaces not just single-family homes. We need to increase the housing stock to lower prices. People resisting the change from single-family to apartments is a major part of the problem.

  33. Michele Alvarino Author

    The weather in Los Angeles isn't even good anymore. It's way too damn hot now. It's currently the last week of October and 93 degrees outside. 20 years ago the weather /was/ nice.


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