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14 Introduction to Food Security

[music] The two Chinese characters for the
word population are the character of a person and the
character of an open mouth. Do you know how many people
there are in the world today? For most of human history, our
population increase has been slow and steady, but in the last 120
years it has accelerated from 1.5 to more than 7 billion. Around one billion people, or one in seven, are chronically hungry. It is predicted that by
the end of this century, we will welcome person number 11 billion. Experts agree the planet can
definitely produce enough food for 11 billion, but they question whether
we can do it in ways that are environmentally responsible and
whether safe and nutritious foods will be distributed fairly. What we are talking about
here is called food security. It’s not a term you might have heard before, so let’s define it. According to the United Nations,
food security exists when all people at all times have physical
and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their
dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. There are four dimensions of
food security: availability, access, utilization, and stability. You might like to explore these further. Australia is one of the
most food secure countries. We produce enough food to feed the
nation nearly three times over. But food security is more than
just how much food is produced. For a country to be food secure, there
needs to be a consistent supply of healthy food and it needs
to be accessible to all. We already have enough healthy
food to feed the world, but the problem is that it
isn’t distributed equally. You may like to discuss what
constitutes healthy food, and how it can be accessible
to all the world’s people. One potential piece of the puzzle
is the re-emergence of local food systems, in which food is grown, processed, packaged, and consumed,
in the same community. There are lots of great examples
of this including Western Farms in Brighton, Tasmania, where food
is produced for farmers markets and restaurants including
their own cafe in Hobart. You might like to consider the
economic health and environmental benefits of local food systems. So, now you’ve stated to
think about food security, perhaps the two Chinese characters
that make up the word population – that is a person and an open
mouth – make more sense to you. Ultimately, we must balance
people and resources. This is a challenge for
agribusiness and consumers alike, but one I think we’re up for. [music]


  1. Avi Bach Author

    great video! but horrible choice of music and it is way too loud! I doubt if I could get my students to focus on what is discussed in the video when the music is just not in the background but almost louder than the speaker's voice.

  2. M Mankou Author

    Great video ! the problem though is the music, it seems to be louder than the speaker, where it should be more like a background sound, making it difficult to focus on the speaker, please turn it down a bit for the next videos. thank you .


    Food security is a real problem in all the world affecting by a clmate ang geigraphical place like what happen in depeloping country huhu it sad to think that food nit distibutid properly

  4. Guled Mahamed Abdi Author

    I agree with who is saying that this loud music made video bad, it might be pretty helpful if you were turned the musice down


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