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1,700 cows wearing MooMonitor+ on Grosvenor Farm, UK

Before we used the MooMonitor+ we used to get 19% pregnancy rate. We’ve now approved that we’re running about 26%. So this is right at the top of the game. Where we have a big challenge here with a bigger herd on a daily basis is to try and get consistency throughout, passing the information from person to person. And I keep saying to the guys that work here: we want to make a system that runs so that we can all have a month away from work and never worry about it breaking down. And all these different aspects, collars for example, are making that happen for us. If we’re tied up calving cows, we’ve got people that can be looking at the monitors even on another farm and can still be ringing and letting us know, “When you get 10 minutes, quickly get over and have a look at a certain cow because she’s been off her food.” Just last week we had a 3-day dry-off cow, a second lactation cow, on the collar she had been picked up not eating much and what it was was an mastitis case from when she’d been dried off and we needed to get her out and get her treated. We noticed the animal but within 10 minutes of noticing we got a call from the farm letting us know that she wasn’t eating properly as well. Which is quite good really we’re both looking at the same cow. And that’s where it is of benefit because sometimes you get 10 or 11 calving fairly close together. You’re obviously very tied up on the calving side and you can miss things and it’s very helpful that way. I think it’s beneficial for all of us, including the animal. If you go down to the basics of milk production it’s about getting cow in calf, in a healthy state and then taking it through lactation and back to a calving point. This system here has given us a really good, balanced approach to trying to make that happen. It’s making sure that we can give each cow individual requirements like one could in a small herd and this use of technology allows us to do that more consistently. The App is a really important part of what we do on a daily basis. It’s a very user-friendly piece of software that you can pick up within minutes. Initially, in the morning we have a look what animals are showing signs of heat and then we’ll use the app as well just to clarify the situation. We’ll look at the other parameters, possibly the rumination and lying down, to really make a proper decision whether to serve that animal or not. You wouldn’t really know if the cow was eating or not unless you stood there all day to see if she was. This is now giving you the information straight away that she hasn’t eaten. And it’s usually a really good indicator that there’s a problem starting to occur rather than going to far and we having to interfere more ruthlessly. Use of the collars here equates to 90-95% of all our decisions whether to AI or not. For us this works. It demonstrates that through our preg rates. So it’s very few times you wouldn’t use the collars to make decisions. Not only is it used primarily as breeding tool, we’re now taking some of that information to the ‘dry cow period’, then into the calving period and then through into the transition. And that’s giving us a very good understanding of how those cows are dealing with pregnancy and also through to birth and back into milk production. We’ve now halved our use of antibiotics. This is something we strive to do more and more of, especially within the food industry. Antibiotics are right up there as one of the things we need to drive out of farming practices. So yes, without a doubt it’s a big improvement on that part of it. I wouldn’t promote anything I didn’t think was good. And I really do believe in this system. This system has helped us no end. It allows you to see things that you can’t physically see and that’s the secret behind it. It allows that consistency of management, to take it right through for each individual cow, and it doesn’t really matter to me if it’s 200 cows or 2,000 cows it will allow you to be able to do that with confidence. And every person needs time away from his workplace so if you can go away from that workplace having the confidence that system still runs behind you, you’ll enjoy it even more.


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