1. Terry G Moody Sr

    next. l like the background music it is a good way to make money but it is only profitable if your a song writer. all that is not in the menu. sorry. 😊

  2. Michał P.

    You've lost me at the first one. At this point I knew it wasn't worth watching any more. Seems like a troll video tbh. Each of these ideas is extremely poorly explained (no explanation whatsoever) with no consideration of place / conditions / scale or no calculations of profits and expenses. It's so bad it hurts.

  3. Nadeen

    Agriculture is great but is stressful and as a lot of people are becoming more and more lazy they need something less stressful. Trading with the help of Shelby alvani is what works for me. i just got myself a brand new Audi Q5. vacation in the maldives is next.

  4. pareekshith reddy

    Running a layer poultry farm is the most difficult thing. It involves very huge investment. And you said it can be operated with low investment. Moreover it is a full time job.It requires hardworking and patience

  5. The Ghost Of Lucias Clay

    What a bunch of BS. Who ever made this has no clue what their talking about #16 dairy farming is losing money hand over fist there is no profit in it. So I don't believe any of the others to be anymore profitable.


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