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2019 Butter Cow unveiled at Illinois State Fair

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to a tradition I have to talk about. When I was a young man,
I was 13 years old, I think, the first time I came to the fair. I heard about the butter cow. We came over to look at it. And every time I’ve been here since, it’s
always something a little bit different, but a great, great tradition. I am told, according to my notes here, that the butter cow has been
a tradition for nearly 100 years.>>Yeah!
>>So what a great tradition we’re continuing here today. Sculptor Sarah Pratt, who is not here
with us today, but she transformed nearly 800 pounds of butter into the creation
that we’re going to unveil here today. And I don’t know why this is on my,
is this noteworthy? But I’m told she uses salted butter. Is that significant?>>Yes.
>>It is, okay, all right, well.>>[LAUGH]
>>And finally, I just wanna say that the state fair is one of the most
exciting things that we do in the state. Especially here in Springfield, people are gonna come from
all over the state to see it. The excitement of rides, of food. One of my favorite parts, I admit.>>[LAUGH]
>>And the excitement of people being
able to come see the butter cow. You will see when we open the curtains
here, the butter cow is representative of something important that we’re
doing in the state of Illinois. You’ll notice something about it,
and it’s rebuilding our state. We’re investing, of course, in our roads,
in our bridges, in our infrastructure. And we’re rebuilding everything that’s
great about the state of Illinois. And it’s represented in
the sculpture of the butter cow.>>Three, two, one, let’s do it. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>[APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]>>It’s wearing a hard hat if you notice.>>[LAUGH] Yeah. Reveal it. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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