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2019 Fall Crop Update || WP Rawl (SC)

…scouting trying to look at the
size of the crops– try and see when they’re gonna be ready. Try to estimate a good yield Well–basically by the size um, if they’re too tender you have to give them extra days, if they’re not, I mean if they have a good size, a good, big leaf it basically tells you that. By the size of the plant and, I guess the specifications we have to make a good size bunch. uh, maybe, 6-7 weeks. These are ready. So I’m out here basically looking around–um trying to get an idea of the pest population. The type of pests we have– the type of worms we have in here. And basically getting an idea of how– uh–I guess how much pressure we have of worms, caterpillars. Here in Pelion, we have a lot of acres going on at the same time so, it’s me and three other guys– they’re the best guys we have around. On this farm. We have– in every farm we have another guy helping out with the scouting and applying the pesticides, insecticides, fungicides. (seven or) eight guys that come to help us with trying to have a really good clean and good crop all the time. I’m basically seeing how stong it is how healthy it is They’re all healthy you want to get a big stalk. It’ll let you know that the crop is ready to be cropped. And having a really good strong plant basically makes you have a a really good second harvest. Which gives you a lot of yield. Yeah, trying to see if we have any if we have some disease symptoms. Basically trying to see if we need to treat for disease Oh, I think it’s going really amazing um, I think it’s looking really good. The crops are growing beautifully. We have–I think we have plenty. Plenty of almost everything. Now it just depends on the weather, I guess. But I mean, overall, It’s been a pretty good season, pretty good year, and, I’m pretty optimistic about uh, the rest of the year. I think we’re gonna have some really good crops out here.

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