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2019 Science and Agriculture Enrichment Day

PhD candidate Thomas Williams:We pretended we were a veterinary diagnostic facility and we had some students come in and that we had some sheep we were not sure if we had to drench So what we did was look at doing some faecal egg counts We then looked at what species do we have in these sheep, what species of parasite. So we looked at lavae as well and we looked under the microscope and they were wriggling around. The workshop today it focused on parasitology, parasites in ruminants and that’s something the Graham Centre focuses on in research as well. Dr John Broster: Telling the students about spray nozzles, the different types and how they can effect how herbicides are applied and what they can do. This fits in with our research looking at herbicide resistance and herbicide application. Dr Michael Campbell: Today we are doing a workshop that has live animal assessment and meat quality That’s very much related to our research here at the Graham Centre focused on enhancing the quality of meat produced in the read meat value chain in Australia Dr Jennifer Manyweathers: We’ve been doing a practical workshop today with high school students highlighting the way that a disease might be transmitted, might move between animals to animal or animals to people and how vets might need to work on farm to protect themselves and to stop the spreading of the disease.

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