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215集 蒙古草原姐妹温暖异国冒险家 | 冒险雷探长Lei’s adventure

Although having a vast territory, available arable land in Mongolia is small. Most of the land is grassland, The Northern and Western areas are mountainous, and the Southern area is the Gobi desert. About 30% of the Mongolians are nomads and part-nomads. Due to pasture husbandry, Mongolia is regarded as an underdeveloped country. What has the nomadism passed down? I continue my trip to Mongolian grasslands to explore the real-life of steppe nomads. In the previous episode, a Mongolian doctor cured my leg. When hearing I travel the world to convey the friendship to the word, he decided to invite me to his yurt. We met one of his healed patients on the way, The patient gave him one sheep to show gratitude. He also studied medicine. An obstinate sheep. What do you want? And stepping on my foot! With heavy rains in the other days, the road became muddy in Ulan Bator. I wanted to go out to record something, but I didn’t because of the bad weather. Now it finally cleans up. The sky is clear and bright. Because the Mongolians get up late, they go out at almost ten o’clock. Mongolia at this time is in total silence. Jolting along on the rugged Mongolian plateau, after much effort, we finally arrived at the doctor’s yurt. Just getting off the car, the doctor introduces his family to me. Wow. Two beautiful Mongolian girls. I mean these two little Mongolian girls. Hello, hello. This is his brother. Oh, he is a herdsman. This is his eldest daughter. eldest daughter This is her youngest daughter. Look. When arriving at the prairie, we can feel its special atmosphere. The difference between China and Mongolia is 30% of the population is nomad. Thus, they still live in yurts. I wanted to find beauties in Mongolia, and they are everywhere. Look at them. Just like them. What’s your name? Anu. How about you? Nei Meng. Anu, Nei Meng. I am in the yurt. It is brighter than I thought. I’ve been to some yurts, and they are clean due to the hostess. Women clean it. Some yurts without hostess are don’t like this. Nei Meng brings me some mare’s milk. Bao shi also brings me some mare’s milk. They drink it every day when it is summer. They will make the horse milk later. Let’s have a look. They are made of milk. This is Wurme. How to eat it? Eat it directly. Use the spoon. You’re the guests from far away, Mongolians are friendly and enthusiastic, You must be here tonight. We will make the Roast Lamb for you Wow! Baodege in Mongolian. Baodege. So wonderful. Our knowledge of Mongolian food is the Roast Lamb. I’ll thank Anu for giving me one more dish. Let’s have a try. Why use the sliver bowl? Cause he is the host in the family. The host uses the sliver bowl. As the point of junction, this part is a wall, A junction means a part of wall But it is a joint wall. Anu told me this is Bagengmu. Two pillars here Means this house has a host and a hostess. The guests are not allowed to pass through here. It is Bagengmu. How old are you? 21 well When do the Mongolian girls get married? About 21 to 23 years old. You bypass the pillar and don’t walk in the middle. The doctor’s two daughters are thoughtful. The Mongolians like sitting on the ground. The elder sister takes the food out of the yurt to let me enjoy the beautiful scenery. They are happy to answer any questions. We communicate smoothly without any language barriers. I found they don’t makeup. Let me ask if they makeup or not. I think they are beautiful, but I’m afraid the sun might sunburn them. Do you know the SK-II and Estee Lauder? No. Without SK-II, and having no idea of Estee Lauder,they are still beautiful. Mongolia also sells cosmetics. However, they don’t have the habit to use it. They use the cosmetics made of mare’s milk. Do you have dreams? I want to have an easy life. Very easy and comfortable. We don’t know where is the doctor at the moment when the younger sister will fetch water from the water cellar. Because she can’t carry the bucket, I have to go to help her. We push the cart on the way, which makes me experience the real nomads’ life. Turning back accidentally, we find the elderly sister follows us quietly. I and the younger sister come to the water cellar. They made this water cellar with the fence. We go in by opening the fence. See? There is no valve, if the bucket is full of water, we need to put it in another bucket quickly. I see many horses on the grassland. The eldest sister wanted to take me to have a look, She tells me they are pure Mongolian horses. Mongolian horses are from the Mongolian Plateau, and live in the wild. They have neither comfortable stables nor fine feed. Although they are small, they can against the temperature of 40’C below zero. Anu tries to teach me by doing it. Wow, so skillful. Anu already taught me how to do it. Wow, so skillful. She made the horse milk by taking the small horse around her. Moreover, she can do on her own. She wears the most beautiful girdle when I come. When seeing me, she wears the most beautiful girdle of her. In order to foil the eldest sister, the younger one just wears a black girdle to show her simplicity. The eldest one wears so beautifully. I’m touched. After getting married to the elder sister, the young one just follow her sister. Is it ok? Her uncle has an idea that I stay in the prairie. I can ride horses without saddles. Sisters move the stainless steel barrel in with milk in it. They want to make the dried milk curd. It is our first time to see how to make it. Wow, put it in the pot. And they are boiling the water. Wow, they show respect to heaven first. Neimeng and her aunt are boiling the milk for use. Look, this is the process of making the dried milk curd. Now, they pour the boiled milk into a piece of gauze to filter it. The liquid is running away and milk curd is left. The elder sister helps me hold it and I squeeze it. Does Anu usually do this? Yes. I can do that It’s not what we thought yet. The elder sister is virtuous, isn’t she? I do think she is virtuous. Don’t you think so? Actually, the Mongolians are very simple and kind. They fetch water out of their yurt. Look, her uncle is peeling the lamb. One more thing, they ask me to come in. OK. Two sisters are here. And she says she gives me something. The white clothes. Wow, this is for me? Who made this? The elder sister. The shirt suits me actually. now you can see what I wear is a shirt. So thank you. I feel a little bit embarrassed cause she said the shirt is for her sweetheart. I think the shirt is too meaningful. The shirt is full of Mongolian characteristics. I will cherish it. How do I look? She says it suits you. Yes, it suits me. It surprises me that the size is just suitable. My arm is longer than the normal size, but this shirt is just at the Hukou point (near the thumb.) I changed clothes. Look at my shirts. It does match with the Mongolian robe and blue sky and white cloud, doesn’t it? The elder sister is a skilled rider who taught me the knack of riding horses. She holds the rein sometimes to keep the horse calm. Here are the medals. Draw the rope a little bit up. That’s cool! Do you want to go to China in the future? Yes. Which city do you want to visit? Beijing The wind in the wilderness is quiet because it’s tired or listens to the lovers’ honeyed words? The wind is listening The night of Ulan Bator is so quiet, so quiet. the words are so nice The night of Ulan Bator The night of Ulan Bator is so quiet, so quiet. The future is so bright. The night of Ulan Bator is so quiet, so quiet. The future is so bright. When the distinguished guests visit their home, the nomads will kill a lamb to entertain the guests. The lamb that the patient gave the doctor becomes the best food. Now they are ready to kill this lamp they are finding the position They are finding the position to fix it on the stake and trunk and hang the lamb. They kill the lamb. You know, it is the live lamb they kill. They change their robes cause the blood may splash on their clothes. There are two ways to cook the “barbecue on the stone”, one is to put it into the pressure cooker. After the stones were hot, they put stones into the stomach. They cut the cavel down. So that They can cook the sheephead. Putting stones into the stomach is full of local characteristics. the lamp is full of stones They wrap the lamp up. It’s unfinished. The viscera were taken out before. Now, they will put the entrails, and lamb chops into the stomach again. that is a process wow, that is a heart Look, the host will sew. What does he use? He uses the iron wire to sew it and sew it tightly. It is like the surgeon. Look, what is the purpose? They tell me that this step is to singe its fur. I have to stay away he used that flame gun to singe its fur. I thought they would keep its skin. Why do they keep the skin? It proves that the wool is a common thing here. It will take about 2000 RMB to eat a Roasted Whole Lamb in China. The Roasted Whole Lamb like this, with substantial dishes might cost 3000 RMB. Look, it attracts the eagle. It hovers in the sky and tries to get something to eat cause he sees the meat and blood on the ground. The eagle is sensitive. You know I worry if the lamb would burst suddenly, like the Indian’s Ganges River that I’ve reported. Mongolians also like the finger-guessing game. If you want to be a winner in drinking wines or mare’s milk, we must learn how to play the finger-guessing game, which is one of their cultural features. Or, you come here to learn how to sing or play the game. Then, when being invited, you can play the game with them. I won again. I don’t figure it out. Maybe it is destiny. The mutton cooked by the stones is heated evenly, with the vegetables, like potatoes and carrots, it is very delicious and not greasy oil. It keeps its nutritional ingredients. The soup and the potatoes are salty and tasty. How much salt is in it? After cooling the stones by throwing it, or you put the stones on your body . It is said it can activate blood and remove stasis and warm the body. I thought she might give me all these. Mongolia is bordered by Siberia in Russia, it has the changeable weather. It was sunny without any clouds, now it is raining. The elder sister, Anu, asks us to hurry in, and don’t get wet in the rain. We talked about the Mongolian dance in the yurt. Well, it’s finished. The elder sister shows us the Mongolian dance. It is wonderful. This is the Smiling shoulder in Mongolian dance (a basic motion in Mongolian dance) There is a bowl. What another important thing in Mongolian dance? In the TV show, the bowl can be on dancers’ heads no matter what does he do. Can you? Try it. On your head, Wow, make a hole. Can you show us a few actions, Okay? Or whirling? Wow, So good! Is it ok? Can you put it on my head? Let me see, look, a golden bowl is in here. This is the most expensive bowl. Friends gather together for fun. That’s my dancing. Togetherness is always fleeting, it is the time to say goodbye. The heavy rain has just stopped, Although it is not raining ,and the dark clouds still cover the prairie. Although it is not raining, my weeping heart is hovering out of the yurt. The elder sister Anu and the younger sister Neimeng see me off. I give the elder sister a precious gift from the Mediterranean and put it on for her to wish her safe and happy. Goodbye. The best way to love someone is to manage yourself and showing them a good self. Love can be realistic sometimes. You are highly valued only if you’re valuable. I want to thank the doctor’s kindness to invite me to his home. However, these two sisters can have a bright future, just like the soaring eagle. That’s the end of the adventure to Mongolia. The six records take you to the normal life of Mongolians to expedience their happiness and sorrows. The car is driving on the vast grasslands which is the most beautiful heritage Genghis Khan left. People in here create stories and hope. I wish the land will be peaceful forever. My adventure is going on. As the source of Mesopotamia,Syria is the cradle of the oldest civilization in the world. Though the eight-year war, are Syrian people still be happy? In the next episode I will take you to Syria to experience the wound of Ancient City of Aleppo, Syria.


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