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3.4 Cropping to a Specific Size: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video

The following lesson will show users how to
crop an image to a specific size Once the Crop Tool is selected the Options Bar
will change and show additional cropping options To get started locate and open data file “cropping_4by6.psd” Go to the Tools Panel and select the Crop Tool Then in the Options Bar click in the Width box and type 6 Then, in the Height box, type 4 You can leave the Resolution box empty but make
sure the Unit is set to “pixels/inch” On the canvas, drag the Mouse Pointer to create a Cropping Border Even if you adjust the Cropping Border by dragging the Corner Handles The area within the border will remain 6 inches by 4
inches no matter how big or small it is However the Resolution is what will change When finished, click on the Commit Button on the Options
Bar, or hit the Enter key on your keyboard


  1. MyCalStateLA Author

    @aspacelot To crop an image to specific resolution, enter “1600 px” for the width and “900 px” for the height. This is done instead of entering 6 and 4 in the Crop Tool Option bar. Hope that helps.

  2. MyCalStateLA Author

    @kksandyrox You would draw a crop marquee just around the pig's ear then hit enter. Doing this will leave you with just the pig's ears. But if you want to keep everything except for the pig's ears then you would draw a marquee around the pig's ear using the Marquee tool then hit delete on your keyboard. I hope this answers your question.


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