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3 Best Ways to Farm Rupees in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

What’s up, everybody? Once again my name is Matt and today I’m going to be showing you how to farm for Rupees in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ll be showing you three different methods, two of which will earn you plenty of rupees for anything you need in the game, and the last one is just something you can do to get some extra rupees if you’re in a pinch. Before we begin though let’s go over some gear that you’re going to need. For the first method you’ll want to have activated the Hebra tower, and because this region is in a tundra you’ll need something to keep Link warm. At least level two cold protection is required to survive in this region. For the second method you’ll want to have a long-range bow. The swallow bow is a good choice here since it has a long range and you can find them pretty easily in the Tabantha region. On top of that you’ll want some wood and something to light it with like a great flame blade. This method takes place in the Faron region so you’ll probably want to have that Sheikah tower activated as well. Once you have those tools, you’re ready to go. So let’s start with the first method: the snow bowling mini game. This game can be found at Pondo’s Lodge right off of Hebra Tower. Here you can find NPC named Pondo and he’ll let you play a snow bowling mini game. The game itself costs 20 rupees to play but if you get a strike you earn 300 rupees, and if you get a spare you learn 100 rupees. At first that might seem difficult but there is a sweet spot in the mini game that if you toss the snowball off of you can pretty much guarantee a strike, or at least a spare every single time. This method does have the possibility to net you around 25,000 rupees per hour which is pretty good. However due to the fact that there is some minor amount of luck involved and not every bowl is guaranteed to give you a strike it might not be the best method for everyone. Not to mention the mini game itself might get a bit old after a while, so that brings us to method two. For method two it’s probably best if you’ve explored the Faron region a little bit because you’ll need to find this specific location on the map. This location is perfect because there is a nearby overpass of rocks which will protect us from the elements. And it just so happens to be right next to the spawn of one of the legendary dragon spirits Farosh. So the idea here is that we’ll set up a camp fire underneath this overpass and just use it to constantly sleep until morning, which coincidentally is when the dragons spawns. As soon as it spawns, we’ll use our bow to shoot it and get some dragon horns. Dragon Horns are worth 300 rupees a pop, which makes them great for farming. And thankfully these items do not disappear when you sleep. Meaning you can farm them for a while before you go and actually collect them. Plus the game auto saves every time you sleep at a campfire, meaning that if something bad does happen, you should be able to reload your saved without losing too much progress. It’s important to make sure you’re hitting the horn of the dragon. If you hit something else you may end up with the dragon scale or a dragon fang which don’t sell for nearly as much. Once you finish a lengthy farming session, collect all the drops then bring them to any store in Hyrule. You’ll get the same price anywhere, so sell away and enjoy your newfound life of wealth and riches. With this method you could technically have the potential to make around 54,000 rupees per hour, which makes it a little over two times faster than method one. And now this brings us to our final method. Now this really isn’t meant to be a rupee farming method, just more of a general tip. Along your adventure you’ve no doubt collected several gemstones along the way, so if you want to make the most profit from these gemstones you’ll need to travel the Goron City. Once you complete the divine beasts Vah Rudania, a new NPC will be walking around Goron City. She’s a Gerudo lady in search of gemstones. If you talk to her, she will offer to buy your gemstones in bulk of 10 for anywhere from twenty to forty percent more than normal shops will offer. What she’s buying depends on the randomness of the game so this isn’t the best or most reliable method to farm for rupees. But if you need some quick cash and you have 10 or more of all the gemstones it’s a great option to use. That being said, those are some of the best methods to grind for rupees in this game. I am sure there are others out there, but between these three you should find something that works for you. Anyways, I think that’s going to do it for this video. So if you guys enjoyed it a like/rating would be greatly appreciated. You want to see more of my videos consider subscribing. But once again guys, my name is Matt, thank you so much for watching, and I’ll catch you in the next one. [outro music]


  1. AwesomeFaceProd Author

    Still feeling a tad under the weather as you guys can probably tell, but this is a video I've been promising for a long time now and I figured today would be the best day to do it. Hope this is helpful and you guys enjoy the video, if it is a LIKE would help me out a bunch. Enjoy and Ill catch you later 🙂

  2. InkuLink Author

    This is my rupee farming method, i just kill tons of enemies and collect tons of gems and then i sell most of them and boy do i get a lot of rupees!

  3. Rachel Bowman Author

    If you're not looking for immediate rupees, selling gems is the best way to build up rupees through the game. I have 120,000 on my regular account that I completed, and it really was all because of the rupees. Now i can have practically unlimited hylian sheilds 😀

  4. Ethan Irish Author

    2500R per Hr seems really low. it takes about 1 minute from start to finish when u get a strike so 3000 every 10 min seems more accurate

  5. chris catoe Author

    Hasty Elixir

    4x Lionel Guts
    1x Hot-Footed Frog

    This 820 Rubee value can be sold for 2.2K Rubees. 2.75K if cooked on the night of a Blood Moon.

  6. Andrew G Author

    Just walk around Hebra with a shitload of arrows, it’s almost exclusively gourmet and prime meat, just make sure youre close to each shot so it doesn’t freeze. 5 gourmet skewer is 540 rupies, for 2-3 arrows of work, and game is EVERYWHERE in Hebra, I mean everywhere.

  7. JaccAttacc Author

    One thing I do think you left out, is if you use the shieka sensor + aim for rare ore deposits, and go to death mountain you can get a lot of money.

  8. cs85b Author

    I think Farosh Horn farming is the quickest way. You were pretty far away. There is a tree right next to the pond that you can also use that is much faster, but you need the rubber gear. No one ever mentions potion making in these rupee farming videos. From what I can tell monster parts end up being 250% value when turned into potions. You just need one critter and random monster parts. After a while you will end up with way too many. Instead of selling them, make them into potions and then sell them. One critter, 4 monster parts. Very easy way to make very expensive potions. I have had some sell for over 1000 rupees.

    Do not use dragon parts to try to make expensive potions – they do nothing to the value of the potions, just increase the time for the buff.

  9. einfach nur Leo Author

    Not about money, but especially for new starters it's good to know that cooking during a blood moon makes for better meals. For example when you cook one apple during a blood moon it will heal 4 hearts. Just repeat that as long as it lasts and skip in between and you are good to go.

  10. Arthur Cleveland Author

    not sure if anyone knows this now or not but there is a guy in the outskirt stable that will give 100 rupees for gourmet meat, and after you complete his quest he will continue to pay you 100 rupees for gourmet meat three times a day. also another helpful tip if you just cook five pieces of prime meat together into a meat stack that stack when made on a normal day will sell for 210 rupees.

  11. Jaybuzzman Plays Author

    I've beat the game before but my friends switch broke but I just got it Thursday for my birthday and I'm just getting the Both the DLC's and I need so much arrows me method 2 is good

  12. Pine0wlple X44 Author

    Another great dragon spot is just north of death mountain and west of the Leviathan skeleton.
    There is a Lynel spawn, ignore that, just outside of his agro range is a natural stone pillar.
    Camp there and every morning the Dragon spawns and flys right past you.
    Use it’s wind to glide or just snipe it from the pillar.

  13. Dr.Pringles Author

    I gather A LOT of luminous stones around the entrance of goron city and at the zora domain and sell them just get a sledgehammer and your good

  14. cookytrix Author

    ANOTHER youtuber that talks like a weather man. GREAT. how annoyed. my god, do you annoy yourself when you talk too? or when you watch your vids? jesus christ i want to smack someone

  15. sean bradburn Author

    I hate the pondos lodge way, it feels too randomized for me. I swear I stand in the EXACT same spot every time and just dont get the amount of strikes I want. If you're lucky I guess keep going but I don't recommend it

  16. Vanessa Hernandez Author

    I collect and sell gemstones. You can farm them either by killing the silver baddies or by just wandering around, especially in mountainous areas. You collect a ton of them in one outing around Death Mountain.

  17. Ben Author

    I usually just liks to mark every stone talus i come across and whenever i need rupees i go kill all of them and sell the gems i get a few thousand rupees each time, then once a blood moon happens you can do it again

  18. Josh Dye Author

    Farish Horns. set up shop where he spawns. Use a campfire to wait till morning when he spawns get your horn shard (300 rupees). Rinse and repeat.

  19. TheNintendofangirl ! Author

    ha the snow bowling.. ive been doing it where you stand just of behind his right camera faced side you ALWAYS get a strike when you get into the rhythm of it its real easy to do quickly !

  20. Antoine Lewis Author

    Tips for pros playing in master mode get a couple decent weapons go to Hyrule Castle sneakstrike the silver enemies Kill Em take their weapons and their gems beat Shrine in Hyrule Castle to come back to place whenever needed

  21. MrZrazies Author

    i know there’s other way to make money faster than bowling but if you messed up or didn’t get strike. you can always load the game and repeat. just make sure you save after you get 300 rupees lol

  22. Ella Dimi Author

    This is another useful way to make money: guardian farming! Around hyrule castle you can find a lot of guardians with loads of parts. Defeat them by locking on while holding a shield and pressing A when they fire at you. This kills stalkers in 3 hits and damaged ones in 1 hit, uses no resources unless you mess up and they destroy your shield, and the parts they drop are worth a lot and it’s easy to gather tons in a few minutes. You can also just sell some of them and keep the ones you need for Robbie’s upgrades, and the motorcycle rune. If you’re early on in the game and have low hearts just save before each guardian notices you. Guardian resistant Armor helps too. This method doesn’t work as well for flying guardians since they tend to move around a lot, but stalker guardians and damaged guardians are pretty still. There you have it :))

  23. Magikal Author

    another way to farm rupees, in rito village (next to the elder's house thing) there's a lady named juney sitting at the edge of a landing. she gives you a quest "the apple of my eye," where you bring her a baked apple, in return you get 100 rupees. and you can keep on selling her baked apples! (i think)

  24. afibuffygirl Author

    The sweet spot in the snow bowling mini game has been patched from what i understand so its def more random when u get a strike now. U might just wanna add a little note to that.

  25. Beto Med Author

    im gonna call my self link in the comment link UGHHHHHHHHHHH I don’t have enough rupees to buy the guardian chest plate ughh screw you robbies machines teleports to hebra tower *link burrrrr I forgot to but on my warm rito clothes now that’s better hey what down there a cabin? I’m gonna check it out paraglides over there starts doing mini games ughhhh I WANNA GET A STRIKE shoots at sweet spot hey maybe this place can work *hours later * ITS RAINING RUPEES *also thanks for the method really do love it

  26. Kyle Hearnsberger Author

    I think I saw a recipe that can give out a good bit of rupees. Hightail Lizard and restless crickets, but I only know where I can farm some good crickets. I don't know how well it'll work, but I may try it sometime.

  27. Yeetle McSkeetle Author

    I prefer the second method simply for one reason, when other Hyrulians inevitably wonder about Link’s outrageous wealth I’d prefer to be known as “Link, professional dragon” hunter. Rather than “Link, professional snow ball guy”

  28. Lit Soul Author

    4:42 In my game she's actually glitched and one day whenever i talked to her she the stone she wanted changed but then a day passed (in-game) and now she only wants diamonds, no matter how many days i skip she only wants diamonds… ahhh… women… (im not sorry) C:

  29. Nasexsav Kifs Author

    Just go to the Hebra region and use your bow and arrow to collect animal meat. The area is full of wolves and other animals that give you a lot of gormet and prime meat. Then cook the meat you get from these animals and sell it for a lot of rupees. Just make sure to collect the meat very quickly otherwise it will freeze.

  30. Bob Loblaw Author

    I think this is patched now….I'm sure they dropped the bows range cause I wasn't able to hit the horn, even though I aimed exactly where you did. Also, the fire goes out regardless of it not getting wet.

  31. Lieutenant Meatball Author

    Farosh spawn time has been changed to noon

    After a few tries, it went back to morning, and stayed at morning so I’m really not sure what’s happening here

  32. jgmc2 Author

    Other ways:

    Farm gourmet meat, dishes sells for a fortune. You can also sell divine meat for 100 ruppees in one of the stable

    You can sell royal guard weapons for a saphir gemstone in the river or swamp stable i believe.

    On master mode… there are so many silver enemies, They drop gems. Learn sneakstrike techniques.

    Sell some of your monster stuff, you can sell it for a fortune.
    But You must keep guardians loot and some monster loot to buy monster extract from Kilton. Its awesome as you can cook high level 30 minutes effects dishes ans elixir with it

    Lynel elixir are sold for a fortune.


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