3 Ways on How to Hem Stretchy Fabric WITHOUT IT Getting Wavy (no serger) || SHANiA


  1. Andrew MacLaine

    Hello, great how to! I noticed at least one mention of someone saying Not to use a straight stitch foot, but a zigzag foot for the twin needle, so as a professional I wanted to comment for clarification of what I am sure they meant. The foot that is the "default" foot and the one that is being used in the video is technically called a Zigzag foot. Because it's the foot that almost everyone uses for all stitching, many people call it a straight stitch foot. A true straight stitch foot is pretty much a solid plate with one small hole in the center, You can Only do a center aligned straight stitch with it or your needle will hit the foot and break. No one really uses it…

  2. Grace M

    I will be starting with solution 3 immediately cause that's what I have available now. And i will surely work my way up to Solutions 2 and 1 in no time. As soon i get the tape and the double needle. Thank you so much for this girl, this is my miracle of the day. May God bless you for sharing this💕!

  3. Brancy Bellydance

    Hi Shania thank you so much for the video! My sewing machine doesn't have twin needle setting can I still use twin needle and do all the steps like you showed and set it in the straight line setting like single needle? will it work?

  4. Cynthia Grindy

    Thank you so much for this informative video. You showed and explained everything so clearly. I just finished hemming my dress for my son’s wedding and I could not have done it with out you!

  5. Jessica Hothersall

    Very good video, though disliked the "music" (not really music at all, but an irritating repetitive noise) your voice was more than good enough. Found the different methods illuminating, and most likely to use number 2. Thanks very much.

  6. Cassandra Hanley

    Thank you! This is very helpful, especially the twin needle which I had never considered using before.
    (And I must have something wrong with my ears because the music didn’t bother me at all!! )

  7. Bonnie Rae Konjevich

    Bless you! I messed one up tonight and needed your video. The zig zag and stretch stitch settings and
    realized that the washable wonder under wasn't enough. The twin needle was my answer so will do
    that tomorrow.

  8. Dajah Sweet

    Also could use a even foot, feeder foot but not a straight stitch foot because a straight stitch foot does have an oval it has a circle for you to just go straight

  9. blanca Barajas

    Thank you for sharing this helps a lot I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time with results that I was not too happy with but had to deal with. anyways continue to inspire us with more tips.💕


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