1. Donna Fontaine-Nelson

    All of my fabrics are hidden from the light..too exspensive to replace…I just open the doo4s to the cabinets n look…☺️

  2. Lisa R

    I love your storage methods! If I sewed more often, I would definitely use your first method. I use medium size clear plastic storage bins and place the folded fabric vertically in each one so that when I open the lid, I can see every piece. The problem is that only one bin fits in each cubby (I have the same IKEA unit as you). I have smaller shoe box size bins with fabric scraps that I put on top of the medium size bins, but it doesn't look as nice, and makes reaching for fabric a little more difficult.

  3. CarolCurler

    OMG you are great!! This made me smile and motivated me. I'm brand new to quilting. Really needed your cheerful, realistic tips!

  4. Shellie Fry

    I too love the scrapbooking snap bins to use while I’m in the middle of a project.
    I have a tall three stack that I use to separately cut quilt pieces and another for my finished blocks then the third for the large pieces of fabric that I’m using to make my smaller quilt pieces to keep available during the project.
    Such a wonderful way to keep organized and tidy!

  5. Joyce Blue

    I use bins, I have reds in one and blue in another and so on. I have three deep shelving units side by side and they are deep enough to hold the bins. They are marked by color so when I need something in that color I can pull it down. Works for me, now my scrapes….. another story, I am overwhelmed.

  6. sheilabernadetteclaire mcintyre

    What about moths ? Having a lovely dinner munching through the fabric. Noooo I keep my fabric in clear plastic containers My fabrics never smell. And i regularly declutter so i only keep fabrics i absolutely love and will Definitely use in my next project. Any fabric i am not using goes to charity shops for fellow quilters to acquire.

  7. Karen Murray

    I use shoe cubbie holder from Walmart to store all fabrics less than 1/2 yard. All others are folded and arranged by color in my closet. As much as I love my fabric out, I feel it stays cleaner in the closet. Where do I find the pattern for your boxes. Thanks for sharing

  8. EGH Video Production By Shay

    When our local K-mart finally went out of business this spring my Hubz bought one of their chest of drawers.

    I collect fat quarters and novelty yardage so my d-I-l organized the drawers by color for the “gazillion” fat quarters I’ve collected. Then she used the bottom drawer for folded yardage.

    On the back of the door I have a series of hooks with those space saver closet thingies holding fabric for upcoming quilt projects…

  9. Linda Bridges

    This is the best storage system I have seen. Thamk you. I have been using bins and have already run into not liking to put my hands on the fabric and opening and shutting lids. Keeps me and the dust out but that is about all the movement the fabric is getting. Lol

  10. Virginia Owensby

    I store my fabric pretty much the same way, but I pretty much still store mine standing up. I will have to give the lying down some thought. I made my cutting table. And I used cubbies to hold the ply wood.

  11. Lisa Lier

    I use each of your ideas! I love them! But… I also use the "mini bolt" method also. I add one thing though that save me from unrolling it and it not being enough for my needs… I add a tiny label at the top of my "board" with exact measurement of the piece of fabric. ie: 45 inches wide – 1 3/4 yard. or whatever… GREAT VIDEO! Thanks!

  12. Linda DeChow

    Yes thank you! This is what I am going to do. I like the idea of wrapping things around a bolt of some kind however you are absolutely right – then you have to rewrap it every single time. I'll check out your tutorial for baskets. Great video, thanks so much!!!

  13. Karen Fairclough

    Love the cubby method of storing, it’s definitely more inspiring when you have your fabrics on display. Hubby is in the process of building me a sewing den so I am definitely open to storage ideas. Thanks for the excellent tips.

  14. Yvonne

    How scary, I don't wanna be that lady who hoarded so much fabric and died! I better get sewing, quick.
    I use the scrapbooking storage containers for current projects in the works and plastic storage bins for other Fabrics. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sheila Perl

    I don't like my fabric out in the open collecting dust (and cat hair), I've used many methods of storage and I agree big bins are the worst especially if you can't see through them. I have found that I like the clear plastic tower of bins on wheels,I bought mine on sale and each drawer, or two has one colour or season in it and a big label on the outside! I also save those silica packs from purses and boxes and add several to each drawer to keep the fabric fresh!


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