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4-H – Life on the Pride Family Farm

Adam Pride: Come on, boys! [music] Ben Pride: Hi, my name is Ben Pride. We live
right here in Limington, Maine, and have our own little family farm. Adam: We have cows, horses that are across
the street in a field. And we have one goat, and some sheep. Lauren Pride: My name is Lauren, and this
is my pig Red. And we are going to be racing at the Cumberland County pig races. Woman: This is my husband Troy and I’s dream
to have all the animals and our kids to grow up on a farm and learn about farm life. It
is a lot of work. It’s everyday, Christmas, every single day, twice a day at least, feeding
and watering. Lauren: Red! OK, come on, that’s food. Yeah,
that’s my girl. Adam: I am holding a Southdown ewe lamb. Her
name is Ashley. She is six months old and she probably weighs about 150 lbs. We just
take the grain and we dump it in there. And we spread it out for them so they could eat
that, while I just take the hay and just kind of throw it around so they can pull it apart
easier. Woman: The kids come home from school, they
do the chores. Like I said, my husband and I just make sure everything is running smoothly,
everybody has what they need. We discuss the feeding program as the steers get bigger. Especially, things have to change. They need
more food, maybe less of something and more of something else. We discuss that with them,
and let them pretty much decide what they want to do. But we try to back them up and
encourage them and guide them. Ben: Right now I am taking care of a market
hog, he is a Duroc. Right now he is about 250 lbs. I have to feed him, water him, clean
him up everyday. And then I also have two cows that I take care of that are just mine.
Feed those, water them everyday. Lauren: I try to find something that she really
likes. I try to get her friendly with that and get friendly with the ewe, and mostly
just bond with her, the pig. Adam: I have a steer. He weighs probably 1900
lbs, and he is really big. Ben: As you can see, by the swoop in his back,
how he’s stretched out, with his head cocked to the side and his nose up in the air. This
feels really good. I am at the Cumberland Fair which is probably
one of my most favorites, because it’s not a little fair, but it’s a friendly fair. Everybody
knows everybody. And I will go there with my pig and two of my steers. And my brother
will bring his. And I will be selling one of my steers there, and selling my pig at
the auction they have. Lauren: Yeah, we’ll sit in the chair. There
is a starting room where the pigs are kept and they let them go. And whoever, whose ever
pig comes to them first wins the race. [Cheering sounds] Adam: It’s probably getting to show them and
bonding with them at the shows. It’s a lot of fun getting to know your animal. Ben: In our 4H club, we definitely develop
a lot of really good friendships. I definitely can say that my best friends are from true
4H. And we always are sharing different ideas on what we should with on our cows, or just
high school things or whatever. Woman: I get so much pride watching these
children grow up and to be these amazing people. To see your sons work together is a very proud
moment, and especially now that we have an older child and a younger child who is just
starting out. One is almost done and one is just starting. To see him teach his younger
brother, that’s a pretty proud moment. And now to see Lauren and Adam work together
with the sheep, that’s pretty cool too, to see where they are going to go with that.
And Lauren did teach her piglet, in two days, to walk in a harness. I can tell you, that’s
amazing too.

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