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4 Tips To IMPROVE Your CS and Farm Like The Pros – League of Legends

Hello summoners and welcome back to
another Proguides video. My name is Dan and today, I’ll be going over how to improve
your farming so you can flame horizon your opponents. Once you finish watching this
video, I can guarantee that you’ll see immediate results in your creep score but
its CRUCIAL that you watch every minute. Also before we get into this video,
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further delay, let’s jump right into it. Csing, or farming is a key part to every
lane in league of legends, it’s basically free gold. In case you are not familiar
already, melee minions give 21 gold, caster minions give 14 and siege minions, better
known as cannon minions give 60 or more. If we do some simple calculations, we
get an average of 125 gold per wave. This ultimately converts to a FREE KILL worth
of gold every 3 waves. This means that you could be up 4 kills worth of income compared
to your lane counterpart EVEN if you are 0/0/0. So all in all, being good at csing
is ALWAYS better than being good at solo killing. But now that we’ve covered the
basics, let’s jump straight into the tips. Tip #1: Learn how to farm
optimally under tower. By now you’ve already been exposed to the
basics of farming – you have to simply deal the last blow to the enemy minion in
order to receive gold. Chances are, you’ve also had to deal with last hitting under
tower. This can be confusing for some, but it gets a lot easier once you understand
how towers work. First things first, Melee Minions need 2 tower shots
+ 1 auto attack to last hit Caster minions need 1 tower
shot and 1 auto attack from an AD champ or 2 auto attacks
from an AP Champ to last hit. Cannon minions can take multiple shots and
are vary between champions but generally you’ll want to last hit them with a spell to
ensure that you don’t miss their gold bonus. Generally, the tower will hit the
minion that approaches the tower boundary first, then start
focusing cannon minions. Once the cannon minions are dead, they’ll move on to the melee minions
and then the ranged minions. Knowing this order, you’ll have to come up with a quick plan every
time you see the wave crashing into your turret.
I want you to actively think about how you’re going to nail every cs
and eventually you’ll hardwire this into your brain and csing
under tower will be on autopilot. For example; Let’s say you’re playing as Jhin in the bottom
lane and see that the opposing wave is crashing into your tower. Like we mentioned before,
the tower will hit the closest melee minion first so pay close attention to that specific
creep. However, let’s spice things up a bit and say that the melee minion is at 30% health and WILL DIE if
it gets hit by 1 tower shot. Now you have 2 choices 1. Leave the melee minion alone, let it
die to turret and nail all the other creeps. Or 2. Auto the melee minion then hit
it with your bouncing grenades and damage the HP bars on the other 2
melee minions and 1 caster minion. While most players would go with option 1
because it is the safest and easiest way to secure the other 5 creeps, OUR challenger
analysts want to you go for option 2 instead. If you want to improve, then
you can’t always take the easy way out. You have to constantly put yourself in
these types of situations where CSing isn’t a walk in the park. It’s going
to get difficult to hit the other 5 cs perfectly but trust me, its possible.
Pro players do it all the time. They will literally screw up their entire
wave just to catch 1 cs because they’re confident enough in their ability to last hit
the creeps no matter what HP they’re at. Here’s a small tip. When you’re looking to last hit,
focus on the HP bar of the minion and keep everything else at a peripheral. Although this seems pretty obvious,
you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do this. That way you’ll still be able to respond to sudden movements
from your enemy laner but also be concentrated on the farm. It’s difficult to pay attention to everything
at once, but keep trying and it’ll surely aid your CS. Tip number 4: Learn to FREEZE your lane. Freezing your lane is one of the EASIEST ways
to hit EVERY single cs. Pros abuse this wave management trick ALL THE TIME and its definitely
one of the most impactful strats that you can implement to see instant results. Freezing
is when you keep the minion wave in a spot that is safe for you while also being dangerous
for your opponent. You’ll want to freeze waves whenever you can during
the early game unless for some reason you’ll need to rotate or recall anytime soon. Freezes
can guarantee a safe early game where you can primarily focus on farming. If you need more
help with Freezes, then check out our FREE video on youtube called “ The only wave management guide
youll ever need” or check out During a freeze, it becomes a lot
easier for you to farm because there’s a lot pressure taken off
your shoulders. If you freeze correctly, then you should be
in a position where the opponent CANNOT KILL YOU and they’re
forced to overextend to catch creeps. This means that you’re
in the driver seat now and control the pace of the lane.
However, a main downside a freeze is that your counterpart can
easily roam to the other side of the map while you’re trying to
keep the wave at a standstill. Let’s give a quick example.
Let’s say you’re playing as Darius in the top lane and you now have the wave
at a freeze near the 2/3rd mark in the lane. The enemy laner is Quinn
and she is forced to overextend for CS and CANNOT get in range to poke
you because she’ll leave herself in a vulnerable spot. As you can see,
Darius has a lot of pressure taken off and is applying that same pressure
to the enemy Quinn. Due to the position of the wave, Darius can
now focus primarily on CSing while also being carefree of getting ganked
or solo killed by the opponent. Tip number 3: Practice, practice, and practice. The most boring and tedious part of improving at league of
legends – it’s like the field practice in baseball, the passing drills in soccer, or the shooting exercises in
basket. Practice is boring, but it’s essential for your improvement. You can be the
most knowledgeable and smartest league of legends player in the
world, but without practice, all that knowledge is USELESS. Here we’ve
provided a quick training guide on how you should practice. Level 1: Hop into a custom game with runes THAT
DO NOT HELP YOU cs better. For example, you’ll want to take summoner spellbook, sorcery second
for transcendence and waterwalking, take scaling cooldown, armor, and magic resist for
adaptive bonuses and DO NOT purchase any items. Walk into your desired lane and start farming
every minion that you can possibly get. As reference, 10 cs per minute is unreasonable
and you shouldn’t aim for that level like the pros. In my opinion, you should aim for 8 cs
per minute which is a lot more doable and easy to replicate in your solo queue games. 107 CS
is the maximum amount that you can get in 10 minutes so just try for 80 CS total. BUT, it’s
important that you don’t miss ANY CANNONS. You might ask, why do we choose such
bad runes and not buy any items? Well, it’s to give yourself a harder time.
Runes might give you extra attack speed or AD that might make the farming process easier.
Like we mentioned before, if you want to improve then it won’t just be a walk in the park.
You have to constantly put yourself in these difficult situations and
overcome them. It’s like training with 10 pound weights on each of your legs – it might suck now, but
chances are that you will become much better when you take them off. Level 2: Hop into a custom
game except add a couple of intermediate bots.
Level 1 teaches you how to farm well when you’re alone, but level 2 is to get you better at farming
when there is an opponent. Get into game, choose 3 bots and do the EXACT same thing.
Make sure you keep moving between your auto attacks,
and keep yourself at full HP. Like level 1, you want to take
off your runes and choose negligible adaptive bonuses to
give yourself a harder time. and finally level 3: Play normal games.
Level 3 for practice is to hop into a normal game and try applying everything
you’ve learned. If you do the level 1 and level 2 practices a few times a
day, then you’ll be ready for level 3. Before you get into game, make sure
you’re adding on proper runes and adaptive bonuses now. We’re in the big boy leagues
so we gotta start practicing for real. Once you get into game, purchase your
normal items and then start playing the game out. I PROMISE YOU that you will
see MASSIVE improvements in your farming skill IF you put in the work and
practiced levels 1 and 2 of CS training. Onto tip number 4: This is our
final tip and it’s to TAKE CS in the areas given to you.
Now what we mean by this is that you should be actively looking to
rotate around the map to take cs in specific spots.
For example, if you see that your team is grouped mid, but the bot lane is
pushing towards you, then it’d be a good idea to travel down
there and grab the extra gold. If the enemy jungler is ganking
top lane and your lane is pushed, then you can invade his wraiths
and get a bit of extra farm. Froggen – one of the best
farmers in the GAME constantly takes the wraith camp
away from his jungler to hit RECORD breaking CS numbers.
However, we have to warn you to try and limit
the amount of times you do this in solo queue because you’ll likely make
your jungler afk. On the other hand, Dopa – who has some of the best wave management and macro play in the
world, ALWAYS looks to push in a side lane. After the laning phase ends, he’ll immediately jump bot or
top to catch a few waves as Kassadin or Twisted fate. The point is, when there is free CS being HANDED
to you, then take it. Learn to spot out when these opportunities arise and take advantage of them.
Although it will take some practice to start getting used to this, you can visit and receive
coaching to help improve your CSin immediately. Alright, that was it for our video on the 4
best tips to help you CS like the pros. If you enjoyed this video and want to
see more content just like this then please let us know in the comments down below.
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We hope that you continue to improve by watching our videos but until next, take care, good luck in
your next few games, and I’ll see you on the rift.


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  2. Toedju Author

    there are actually some champions that need to hit the melees twice, doble turret shot plus two autos, also usefull to know to dont hit the casters when the wave is aproaching as the first minion will do the necesary damage to need just 1 auto, you can stand in front of the wave when the minions get to low so the tower doesnt kill them, etc

  3. Fairhall Author

    Make a video on how to back effectively without losing farm.
    I understand the basics of its better to back on a cannon wave,
    And if the wave is slowly pushing toward you or it’s frozen you can back.
    But it would be best to be broken down and if we could get some tips

  4. ImTheBoss914 Author

    Can you clarify about making sure you always get canon minions.
    I say this because, there is information out there that says you want to back on canon waves because they have higher HP you’ll actually get more gold because there will be more minions alive.

  5. Philipp Soellei Author

    Well. Im pyke main in silver 4(i dont play ranked really often because i dont care). Im my elo its always hard to get teammates to shove sidelanes. They ll rather play aram past minute 18. Because of that I mostly buy tiamat and shove the waves myself. I may not be the perfect duellist to survive for long but i have enough mobillity to escape easilly, and just be annoying to the opponents. As soon as a fight breaks oit mid (again) ill roam and help out of course. Ghe o ly problem is that i end my games at about 80-150cs wich my team didnt pick up.

  6. Hussin Abousaria Author

    everytime i go to side lanes after laning phase our jg or adc comes and take the cs and leave the midlane with support and then get destroyed by 5 of the enemies.

  7. Miruna- Oana Author

    I dont wanna be that person, but at lvl 1, 2 and 3, with only the basic starting adc items (dorans blade or shield), caster minions need 1 tower aa, 1 champion aa, 1 tower aa, 1 champion aa
    After you get basically any ad items or get past lvl 4 its fine tho

  8. Shiome Author

    The problem with being bad at cs'ing and tip 3 is that normal games can set you up against a high diamond / challenger player while you're sitting at gold or below skills. That way you'll never get any better but just end being stomped and tilted and not better at all.

  9. Kaylee Magoffin Author

    I suggest don't do number 4. UNLESS THERE IS NO TEAM FIGHT GOING ON OR BREWING UP. I can't tell you the number of times I've lost because some Idiot decided farming minions was better than helping his team out. Csing will do you no good if you don't then use the items you've purchased to help out the team. Just saying

  10. Ternisien Hellian Author

    7:32 :
    Lv0 ; practice tool, lock lv1 without item, imortal tower and last it for hours.
    Lv2.1 ; (pt) lock lv1 with item vs bot lv2.
    Lv2.2 ; (pt) lock lv1 without item vs bot lv2.
    Lv2.3 ; 1v5 bot lv2.
    Lv2.4 ; 1v5 bot lv2 without item.
    Then u can go in pvp when u never die vs bot and have max farm in all train lv2.

  11. GSRDoug Author

    I disagree with giving yourself a harder time. You should practice with normal conditions. Your analogy of the weights on your arms for training is also false. You'll likely injure yourself with the extra weights when doing things like punching by overextending your joints.

  12. Faruk Vurgun Author

    I would like to try out youre website and like the idea of the 30 day money back guarantee but i think it would be alot better if you guys had like a 7 day tutorial or sumthing so that people know it will actually make a huge difference in their game play

  13. CLP Author

    Me the Hard working Jg who trying his best I see a good chance to farm raptors

    Dumbass team decides to start a team fight without me and then blame me for not being there like clockwork

  14. Hibbs Author

    What do you do when your support does not let you freeze and wont listen to you? Or when you have a support like fiddle, that when they use their poke like fiddle e, and fucks up the wave so you don't really have a choice but to push

  15. ahmedamroali Author

    Do more of the showing us how to practice please. It really helps having drills like this to know how to improve. also the levels of difficulty is also really helpful to get comfortable with it.

  16. Dyno Dyno Author

    early game before items caster minions need two hits to kill as an adc. On tower shot and one auto attack on a caster at level 3 on any adc besides draven, MF, or jhin does not kill it.

  17. dafnesway Author

    8:11 No one on my team ever does this, and I'm constantly forced to rotate to stop the huge slow pushed wave from crashing in our inner turret and to stay in that lane for so long because I'm a Rakan with no wave clear whatsoever, while our Syndra is busy hovering in mid lane doing nothing.

  18. VirtuosoKlaus Author

    I'm a Master Adc main, and i get around 130-140cs in 15m but sometimes i get above the perfect, like 210 in 19m without farm the jgl

  19. Sander de Ree Author

    funny… its called a guide to help farming and all they say is: "Learn how to cs and learn how to freeze lanes… Watch out other videos !"

  20. Defi4nc3s1 Author

    Its either way..
    You go sidelane and take the wave, which wouldn't be possible to be taken by the laner > They ping and start troll/afk.
    You go to sidelane and the split second you turn.. the team start teamfighting really hard with flashes and all.

  21. Altide Svensson Author

    Funny how your minions randomly starts to attack the one you're attacking and killing it off before you had the chance. Sometimes they are attacking one minion and suddenly changes the target

  22. K Russ Author

    1:50 Melee minons need 2 tower shots + 1 auto attack to last hit
    …unless you're Vayne, then you need 2 aa.
    Anybody got tips on how to farm without a vampiric scepter with her?


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