1. Thaneswar Upadhaya

    Though I am not an expert in forestry but being a good citizen I am very much concern about the present rate of climate change. As per my knowledge paulownia is a tree which can absorb carbon ten times more than any other plant on earth. Why not we plant such tree on a war footing? Moreover, it is the fastest growing tree on earth and can be harvested for more then five time at an interval of ten years. The present price per tree is more than Rs.50,000.

  2. Dhyan Asheesh

    for public purpose. Is this IELTS essay ? It is all about 350 words. more than 100 words is extra. is it possible to complete within during given period of time? please post before checking all requirements will be fulfilled ? as my experience this essay is deserving only 5 out of 10. so please, who those are watching such irrelevant subject matters will be ignore. plz visit British council website for further information.


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