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A Day in the Life of Nutrien Ag Solutions

Nutrien Ag Solutions is the largest
ag retail company in the world. We operate in seven countries and through
1,700 branches. We have about 4,000 agronomists that serve our customers
helping them with their agronomy needs. Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Our primary function here at Nutrien Ag Solutions here in Dyersville is we sell a full
fertility program and chemistry program. We service basically about 400,000 acres
with approximately 600 growers and they range anywhere from a 250 acre farmer
all the way up to a 4,000 acre grower. Nutrien Ag Solutions is a full-service
solutions provider to our grower customers. Obviously we do sell them
products but we don’t think about it a product at a time we think about what is
the whole solution for their field. Whether that be soil testing to make
sure that we know what nutrients need to go into the soil. Whether that be helping
them pick the right hybrid or a variety on their crop and then variable rate
technology so using digital tools to make sure that they’re optimizing their
economic decisions and so we think about ourselves as a service provider and
a solutions provider not just a product sales company. Our sales staff has a very
closely relationship with their customer. All right thank you. Today’s growers have a lot of money
invested in their crops and in all their inputs and then in our operation. They
rely and trust us to give them the right information and the right products and
they’re trusting that we’re gonna help them make that investment pay out for them. We have access to the widest portfolio
of seeds in the marketplace and so when our growers are looking for the right
seed to plant in their field they come to us and they know that we have a wide
selection of brands and seed varieties and hybrids. One of the unique products
sets the products that we have is our Dyna-gro and Proven seed varieties and
these are unique hybrids and varieties that are sold through Nutrien Ag
Solutions and these are high performing high yielding seeds. Loveland products is
a unique part of our business and really they’re our products and tools and
technologies that are only available through Nutrien Ag Solutions retail
branches. The reason they’re so important and our customers really like these
products is because they’re really high quality products from nutritionals all
the way through to crop protection products and everything in between and
these are trusted brands. They are high quality formulations and they
really help our customers with unique needs that they have in their farming
operations so when our agronomist is in the field looking to make a
recommendation they have one more set of tools in their toolbox because they have
access to Loveland technologies and products. I think your next step is gonna be precision planning, variable
rate. We started in the middle 80s. Middle 80s we’ve been doing business. That’s
what’s been great about this, our relationship. I keep coming to you for
new ideas and pinpointing the ground types to the soil to the seed corn that
we want on it and you’ve helped me with that. That’s been a big step. It’s
important to both of us that we keep progressing. That’s big. I don’t want to
just have a guy come out just apply it, well it’ll be good enough and we just
work so well together that you know I can rely on you to bring something to
the table. Exactly. And it’s been working. It has been working. The
future of Agriculture from both a sustainability standpoint and an
efficiency standpoint: what we’re really excited about with these digital tools
is that you’re no longer making decisions across the whole farm. You can
make decisions on one piece of the field and optimize that piece of the field and
in a different part of the field you’re gonna make some different decisions in
terms of inputs or rates of products. This is really exciting because it
really will help farmers manage their costs and maximize their yields and also
optimize their environmental footprint. Today a lot of the digital products and
offerings are complicated and they’re all over the place in terms of how they
access them. Our vision is to bring it all into one platform so that they can
log in to their Nutrien Ag Solutions portal and get access to information
like how they manage their account or product information. But they can also
get access to weather data, market data, and ultimately to digital agronomy
information. So we have our Echelon services but we’re also working with a
lot of other companies and so we have their products and tools as well on our
platform and so the way we think about our digital platform is we want it to be
the one-stop shop for our customers to go and get access to all the things that
they want digitally and really simplify the digital experience for
them. We have a global footprint and that
benefits our customers at the local level because we can bring all the tools
and technologies and help them be successful at the farm level. So that’s
what we do every day and it’s an honor to serve our customers.

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