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A Frog Farm Owner’s Life Journey in Three Dishes

This is where I grew up. It was so far from everywhere even the nearest bus stop was 20 minutes away. I used to hate living out here. I’m not sure if my dad wanted me to take over the business at that time but I had totally no interest in it. [Gentle music playing] Living out on the farm meant that we ate frog meat very often. Frog porridge is definitely the only dish that I would say we eat really frequently. The ingredients were simple porridge, ginger slices and frog meat. My mother used to cook it for the whole family. It was our very own home-cooked dish. The dish reminded me that as much as I wasn’t interested in helping the frog farm business it was a big part of my life. In 2007, it was the first time we introduced deep fried frog meat on the frarm. We would coat it with cajun spice and rice flour deep fry it for about no more than 5 minutes. Seeing how the people enjoyed this dish made me very proud that I could create my own recipe that has contributed back to the farm. I think that was the turning point when I decided to be more involved in the family business. Educational tours were one of the first focus when I entered the familly business. And I remember the frog laying eggs the frog pooping. And there were times when I held the frog to get people to come and touch the frog and people would come and touch my hand. You get all sorts of funny people. [Instrumental music playing] After becoming more involved in the business I also got to know the community around here better. The people from Bollywood Veggies, Hay Dairies Garden Asia, Lian Hua Hang We often share our produce and hold barbeques at night. The owners of Hay Dairies actually sponsored goat’s milk from the time that I conceived my elder son. So until now, Ninja is still drinking their goat’s milk and now he’s turning four. My kids are not afraid of frogs. They literally grew up with frogs. The older one was born on the farm the younger one also grabs the frog like a toy. Ninja grew up having this frog dish which is really just frog meat with red dates potato, carrots and onions. He feeds on that almost like twice a week. Is it very weird? Does it sound very animalistic? Truth of the matter is, we only have two and a half years more on this plot. We don’t know whether we will successfully bid for the new plot or not so we’re just trying to make the best of what we have at the moment. I’ll probably miss these little amphibians. Actually I think a lot of myself has changed working on the farm and also going through motherhood with children on the farm. I think I have done sufficiently in the last decade. But of course I wish I could have done more but within my own capacity I’m quite proud of what I’ve done.


  1. anthropolicious n Author

    "I live very far from everywhere, even the nearest bus station is 20 mins away" lol this far from Singaporean standard are very different from ours

  2. Chong Wei Author

    This brings back memories. I remember visiting it(can't rmbr if is this one) while being a young primary sch kid. It was organised by my tuition centre. Such a prevaliage back then..


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