“One of the problems is that spiders are impossible to domesticate.” I don’t know why I thought of a spider on a leash playing fetch or something, it’s too funny.

  2. Thalia E

    Yeah, let's just torture hundreds of spiders for a pointless rug. Fucking humans, anything fucked up you can imagine, we've done it. There are currently people who hold orangutans hostage as 'prostitutes' and rape them. Google it. I fucking hate our species.

  3. titicaca315

    my work has made kevlar and we regularly use kevlar tracers, i hate it, it absolutely demolished a ridiculous amount of cutters and scissors, so just have to constantly sharpen stuff when your weaving it, its crazy annoying cant even imagine how working with synthetic spider silk would be if they ever get it right

  4. DoseOFDISH-Onance

    Wow this is amazing! The dedication of constructing these types of pieces and love that goes/went into them from past eras (and in this example) will forever inspire me. As a collector of ribbonworks, fabrics, linens and other antique/vintage objects this is what I try to explain to people as to why I like the things I collect and look for.

  5. Paper WoolAndGlue

    Spiders aren't endless supplies of web material. I am wary of what damage this would do to these insects in terms of being so depleted they may not be able to maintain their own webs and thus able to feed themselves. It is gorgeous, but we have other sources of gorgeous fabric materials.

  6. Ben Brown

    Sure it would be easier to use crispr and put the gene for spider silk into goats or humans for that matter, but why hasn't anyone thought about classically breeding these spiders to make it easier to produce silk by creating tamer spiders? If Russians can take a wild animal and over 60 years make it a tame household pet, seems we should be at least as capable.

  7. Muzungu Me

    Thank you for showing Africa's story
    It pains me to wonder when Africa will own its dignity & its gifts !
    1 thing I learnt : I thought Chinese were the first and the only to know silk weaving, but apparently Malagasy also knew 🙆🏾‍♂️

  8. Cynthia Esquibel

    So amazing, so beautiful. I find it fascinating that one day someone decided spider silk would make nice material, then came up with a plan to collect, spin, and weave spider silk into material. It really is amazing when you truly think about it. Thanks for such an interesting video

  9. K M

    why publish such vile childish comments about something truly wonderful, it is so sad in a world full of wonder that all you lot can do is bitch at each other, a sad generation is growing up into limited vocabulary and paranoia, an extraordinarily limited view of the world (yes there is life outside a gun ridden culture) and an extremely dim future. Very, very sad,with a bit of luck you might grow up into some form of civilised being but I doubt it.


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