1. sarah osmari

    You are so sweet beautiful things. Just watching your not so old youtube videos I am glad I subscribe to you. There is so much I have learnt from you. I went to Goldhawk Road and pick up some lovely selection of fabrics which I am amazed by the price. Thank you for sharing I look forward to seeing you again on your youtube channel and see what you have made. Happy sewing 😊 💕

  2. doris deplorable

    Oh, I just loved watching your video; what a wonderful place, full of fabric stores. It was just amazing. I noted this video is dated 2016. I just now happened across it. The views of London were really interesting too, it was just like being there! Thank you for posting this.

  3. Sarah Guthrie

    I've just enjoyed watching this video that you made a while ago and found it informative, engaging and thoroughly entertaining. I'm just amazed at the negativity and rudeness of another watcher and I hope it doesn't put you off X

  4. Aurora26

    Very good , thanks so much. I will becoming to London soon and did not know where to go to buy fabric …..tks to YOU 😋now I know Keep well

  5. MyDaisy66

    I'm a Londoner, and I've recently got into serious sewing, so although I know about Goldhawk Road, I've never been. I think it's time to take a trip. Thank you this insight.

  6. Summer King

    Ah this was a lovely video. Am visiting my bro next month and a girl in my sewing class said I must go to Goldhawk Road. Am a novice sewer, but love looking at fabric even though I have no ideas in mind for projects. Shops here in Dublin are like hen's teeth, so can't wait to visit, and your video has certainly increased the anticipation of my whole Thursday afternoon ambling from one shop to another, not to mention the trip down the market and visiting the haberdashery stalls. Your accent is very pleasant to listen to, so going to surf now for videos of your sewing projects.
    Many many thanks 🙂

  7. Moyna DiFrancesco

    So excited. I am going to Goldhawk road tomorrow. Hubby and daughter are off to the Empire Theatre to see Brandi Carlisle and Angelina Presley, we are staying in a local hotel. Guess where I am going for the next 2 days. YAY.

  8. Gillian Pearman

    Next time you go to the Goldhawk Road park at the Westfield Shopping Centre as it's under £9 for the whole day. If you use the 'White City' walking exit it's a five minute walk to the top of Goldhawk Road.

  9. Elaine Bridge

    Thanks for this Claire,I need to go to Goldhawk Road ! Really enjoyed this video, looking forward to seeing the makes especially the black dress and hopefully your coat as I have fabric ready and waiting to make a coat but dithering on what pattern to use. I'd be interested in the class btw …

  10. Trudy Marie

    Really enjoyed the tour!! I live in the States and will probably never make it to London, so it was fun seeing Goldhawk Rd after hearing so much about it!! Thanks!!

  11. Helen P

    I completely disagree that the sew over it drawings put people off. In my opinion they make the brand. Lisa has done a fantastic job growing sew over it and her videos and content demonstrate what a brilliant business woman she is. I love her videos, she really thinks about her outfits, her appearance and they are brilliantly put together, fantastically edited and not condescending in the slightest….unlike yours I'm afraid to say.

  12. Colleen

    Hi Claire, good vlog.

    You should also try the east end for fabrics. Woolcrest Textiles at 6 Well Street E9 7PX, just off Mare Street, is popular with small suppliers and fashion students and the prices are excellent.

  13. Quiltygal

    Thanks for the tour of Goldhawk rd  I hear a lot about it on vlogs and it was nice to see it. You have picked some lovely fabric. I would love to make palazzo pants but I am very short legged so think I would be swamped by them 🙁  The last pattern I measured myself for trousers my leg length wasn't even on the pattern!!…. by a long way milk bottle legs Enjoy your visit with M-I-L she is escaping our rotten weather.

  14. Nicola

    Can wait to see your makes with this lovely fabrics. I'm having a fight with the fit on a vogue dress at the moment and I will look forward to seeing your wrap dress 👍🏼


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