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A solution to bowel management issues using TAI , how to control when to go and how to go for a #2

please write let me tell you a little
story so let’s zoom in and let’s go to a solution to bowel management issues
check it out whatever we want we want a newsroom right yeah thank you so have a
look here this woman poor lass I mean problems with the poo now I know
where she’s been with that I have problems with the poop too but I have
problems I thought I had problems with poop every time I went in to go for a
poo I wanted to pee and every time I want to pee or one of the poo the first
ones alright cuz you already sat down as a man as a bloke as a fellow as a lot as
a fellow shopper as I am but if you got the other way around if you do a poo
when you need to pee and you’re standing up and you’re pointing to it you you’re
aiming the files so to speak you can poop your pants ever it’s always a safe
option to always sit down well whatever you need
sit down cuz whether you win or lose you lose need so I went to see the
continence nurse I think was it more Kim to some someplace anyway she was really
nice and professional really lovely and she did some ultrasound on my bladder
interns I’ve got little babies in there no it’s not true because they she showed
that it I was voiding my bladder there wasn’t stuff in there even though
the blob live stuff that continence nurses know anyway was from her that
have gone into conversation about doctor Shakespeare who then henceforth
prescribed me to sativex long story short and now I gots an eviction that is
the the best thing I’ve got forever actually I’m gonna take some more
sativex now live and on camera this is called sativex for which I have a legal
prescription I wonder if I can do it like that look at that sativex
can sit really a zeros focus Sativex so I’ve got that and it works like this that’s it yeah tastes like shit oh that’s gross me oh let me just check my
microphones on all right where I am let me see let me see yeah it is it is
it does taste a bit foul they put some peppermint in it so it tastes like
peppermint shit uh-huh it still tastes like shit no but I tell you what that is
such a good thing for me that has helped my my bladder issues I don’t really have
bladder issues there’s just a miscommunication that’s what we found
out after talking to the neurologist and he said that it’s just a
miscommunication on the nerves it’s not for nothing down there is happier in me
noggin but this girl she’s been having a bit of
trouble with her bowels and stuff she got to have some stool softener
incidentally if you ever go to a gay bar you know we were made or something and
someone offers to push your stalling as a bloke say no they’ll get you on that
well he said yes it was consensual stalled pushing no okay now this is ta I
trans anal irrigation I think they call it stinging some more up your bum
transit a trans anal irrigation that’s what I call can you see what I’ve got
there can you see can i zoom in what if I can zoom in I can if I press control
like this yes you can see it zoom in chicken have allocated trans to anal
irrigation now the idea is that it’ll help her because she had stole softener
I got given stool softener by my doctor this fibrous husk orange thing drink up
sought me well out cuz dr. McGee who is the head neurologist in the in the
hospital that ro Lancaster infirmary ROI they he said nope no cuz I was tending
my head milk of magnesia no no you know and he gave me that and they worked and
sought me out Boosh tea ever since I’ve been doing
biotic stuff like here and sauerkraut which I’ve got
turned onto by my sister-in-law bless her then spring brilliant he’s been mean
I still got problems course but I’ve got a lot less problems but this girl she
says that trans anal irrigation does give her an option of being in control
of it so good for you sweetheart


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