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A Spooky Good Time at Deceased Farms

People like to be entertained.
They enjoy getting out of their comfort zone. Farms been here for a very long
time. My grandfather started it as a
vegetable farm and then my father had a vegetable farm here. Production agriculture evolved over the years to where
you’re still basically making the same amount for a box of
onions that you did forty years ago. And the cost of everything kept going up. So I came home from
school and decided to help the family farm. We’ve kind of moved away from the vegetable farm and gone into agri-tourism. We work year round at Deceased Farm getting it built. It’s a lots of manpower, lots of
hours day and night. We try to change at least one to two buildings each season. We have six buildings. so it’s a
good percentage of it. We have lots of people that’s
involved. I mean for any given day there’s five to twenty
people here working. We have production that goes through and
makes sure everything’s ready to go. Lights are working. Air’s working. Everything’s ready for the show to be successful. We have a great security team to
keep all the patrons here safe. So we got lots of people
here all the time it doesn’t happen overnight. We got our actors from around
in the community. And we’ll go to schools and stuff. And we have a street team where we actually go to parades and watch different events and meet people, explain to them more of
like what we do here. The age range varies. We really have all walks of life. We have teenagers, college kids, adults retired people. We’re one big happy family. (laughs) Actor training, we do it year round. We try to do at least one actor workshop with our folks about every month month or two. We get em here. We show them what they need to do. Everybody doesn’t need to
just walk up and say boo. Like hold as still as you can and then slowly just… I both work on making costumes
for people like actors when they have an idea. And also each night I give out
the costumes take them back organize them, make sure
everything’s good and kept well. I usually try to avoid that
human aspect because if you get rid of that it makes people
really uncomfortable because what they’re seeing doesn’t feel human. (maniacal laugh) Makeup was always my thing. I started playing around with it
probably when I was about twelve because of the show face
off. So I just got really into it. I thought it was super neat.
And then once I found the haunted house I found two things that I love
acting and make up. My contacts. I think that they
add so much to a character. I would never want to do a
character, go out in costume without them. And they just add
that extra something because anything unnatural about
someone’s face just freaks people out. Even the inside of my mouth is painted. I like the details. Any time that were open, I help paint up the characters. If they have something in mind already I’ll help them out a little bit. You
know if the if it’s not a whole thought sometimes they throw
something at me and I love it, so I’ll just roll with it. Or
sometimes the person who built the room once a specific look in
there. And I just follow that or through my own style onto it. I came up with the design of a
few months ago and I’ve just been having it evolve since then. Like I got, I’m trying to figure out
stuff to do with my hair. I have a spider coming out of my mouth. So it’s
like legs going this way. And there’s blood. And yeah it’s crazy. Whenever we open, I am a queue
line actor out front. I greet people as they come in, scare
them as soon as they walk in, kind of get them feeling on edge, prepare them for the inside and keep them entertained while they’re waiting too. As soon as customers buy their
tickets, they’re given a playing card. And we do them in order every single night. And this is really so that they
don’t have to stand in the actual line for the haunt, the entire time they’re waiting because I mean as we get closer to Halloween, wait times can be anywhere between two to three
hours. Maybe longer. We purchased a lot of props. A
lot of the folks here just build a lot of props. We became junk
collector’s really. (laughs) Haunt owners or junk collectors all in one. You just kind of see things that other people would throw out and you go, hmmmm. That’s pretty creepy looking. Let’s make that look good. (laughs) So many people react to this
crazy thing and you know how I look in so many different ways. And of course my favorite is when they’re scared and they’re
shivering and I make them cry a little bit. I always love that. That’s
fun. When you come through, you’re
gonna get startled. You’re going to be entertained. You’re gonna have fun. And hopefully get be walking
pretty quick by the time you come out.

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