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A Story of Love & Loss | Providence Hill Farm Wedding Video {Kristin & Adam}

I met Kristen back in high school, and I
don’t think you know this Adam, but I looked during that I said you’re going
to marry my brother one day… There was this reoccurring person
throughout our four and a half years in college that nobody knew who he was we
just heard stories, and you were being a little bit secretive about it but
I knew he was always calling you because he had a special ringtone,
and it was “So Fresh and So Clean” Kristen you are the sweetest most kind,
gentle heated women I’ve ever met. So I started thinking how on earth dad Adam land this girl? Certainly not as looks, not his perfect
hair and piercing eyes… and tan complexion, and keen jawline. Adam described Kristin in one word and it was “selflessness” You’re so caring and you always put others first. this is so pretty thank y’all so much Relationships are strengthened under
stress. Outside forces will push and pull on your bond. Tragedy and loss test a
relationship. And there’s already been great loss as evidenced by a missing family member today Adam, brother, you’ve been nothing but a
mentor to me in an ideal role model. You were the man of the house growing up. And I’ll never forget the wrestling matches in the living room that you always said you won when really Sarah and I kicked your butt. And maybe one day sooner than later we’ll be wrestling with our children
like Dad did with us. And man how dad
would be so proud of you Adam. Because I know he’s looking down right now
And he would just be so happy. this handsome charismatic brilliant
intellect that I proudly call my brother but if I can attribute one person to
helping mold and shape my brother into the person he is today it’s you Kristen So this is the dress….You look beautiful. Oh my gosh you just look beautiful. Are you ready for this?
I’m Ready please seal this promise with a kiss now Kristen when she puts her mind to
something, she does it. Adam she bird-dogged you in high school and whether you knew it or not and you’re here today for that reason


  1. Ken Cornflocker Author

    This has to be the best wedding video I have ever watched… I have been through tons of them. What a charming couple! Best of luck to you two

  2. Rob N. Author

    Wish we could hear the whole speech from the sister at 2:30. She did such a wonderful job expressing both the good memories and deep emotions while keeping it all together. Love everyone's southern accent too.

  3. Brittany C Author

    This is the most beautiful wedding video I have ever seen. This is what sparks dreams for little girls on their big day, and what warms every heart in the room, even if that heart is up in heaven.

  4. Nicole Peaslee Author

    My dad died in a car accident March, 2016 and my boyfriend's dad died in a work accident July, 2016. It has brought us, and our mom's, closer together.

  5. maycaroverall Author

    Hi Film Poets

    great video, but there's something so did you use the 1DX to shoot at 1080fps?
    Because I know the 6D can't do that. And if so how did you place such a big rig on your 3 axis gimbals/steadicam?

  6. mewkatlol Author

    I like to eat my dad's feces straight from his anal crevices. It isn't a wired thing or anything it's just a nice taste for me, we have a great time together. Dad was always there for me when I needed a snack. God bless this video!

  7. Julia Hetzel Author

    AHHHHH I CRIED <3 this is so beautifully done. What a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful journey. I can't wait for this day in my life

  8. Semsam Author

    wowww jaw dropping! your videos are one of the best out there. sick colour grading, crazy sharp lenses, and magificent bokeh:O

    what kind of gear did you use for this video? camera, lenses..

    do you have some kind of a lut for this awesome colour grading?

  9. A True Love Official Author

    When Adm's sister gave her message, I couldn't help it anymore, my tears rolled down. I was holding it in but my eyes started to hurt. Beautiful work, amazing wedding it is.

  10. carol starks Author

    May Jehovah God bless on your weeding day there a scripture I like share with you Ephesians 5:22 ,23 and Genesis 2:18-24 I hope you have happy life together and forever

  11. Adrian Pocea Author

    Absolutely gorgeous image, colors, it looks better than many movies. But…I think people as talented as you are, with such a stunning technical proficiency, should alo try to break the traditional story line of this wedding clips and try something more bold and creative

  12. Karlie Koepke Author

    Not married engaged or even in a relationship but y'all better do my wedding video when I am! Don't forget about me when you undoubtedly get famous.

  13. Peyton Parrish Author

    My name is Peyton Parrish and I am a country Artist from the state of Arizona. I have a new single coming out called "Marry You" and I would love to feature this film in my music video. I would give you guys a shout out to all your social media pages and give you guys all the credit and exposure you deserve. I will also tag a link for those to check you guys out if anyone is interested in your guys works. Please reach out if you can ASAP!
    I would love to have y'all on board the team!
    – Peyton

  14. Blake Ellertson Author

    I love your work. You guys are very talented film makers. I had a question though. When people hire you, is this the version that you give them? Or is this just for the channel?

  15. Mana Martin Author

    No matter how many times I watch this video it just makes me cry, the love they have for each other and loss of my father is also something I relate to it just touch’s me every time, amazing just absolutely amazing ❤️

  16. Sabrina Valenzuela Author

    Oh my goodness… her dress is gorgeous! It’s timeless, elegant, and breathtaking. It fit her small frame perfectly. I was like, daaanngggg. I pray my figure looks that flawless on my wedding day. LOL.

  17. Isabel Mongiardim Author

    Sei que tens planos para mim e eu não sou para ti mesmo foste tu que me fizeste isso Obrigada amor ela realmente me faz feliz Obrigada por tudo que és nunca me amaste mesmo senão tinhas-me procurado ou não decidi ultrapassar isso completamente e por isso já me sinto à vontade para me sentir mais feliz. Eu procurei em cascais todos os dias até fui ter contigo para me humilhares não deu e voltaste para a tua ex mulher que me faz sentir que é uma prova de vida e não me quero mais casar contigo tem uma boa vida Xinoca depois dos meus anos de vida meu coração imenso amor que me faz sentir que é meu é meu amor beijos enormes amote imenso carinho meu amor beijos enormes amote imenso carinho meu amor beijos eu que te tinha dito que não queria casar fizeste-me mudar de ideias porque eu não quero que estejas só eu estou sempre contigo nem quero que estejas triste comigo por não ter dito nada mais cedo mas não me foi possível ir ao encontro do que foi acordado no dia de ontem e hoje sem rancor nem nada para fazer é um grande Amor mesmo não é sem a tua vida Amote muito beijos enormes e saudades vives em mim e encaixarmos mesmo que eu te amo inteira para sempre tu és a minha vida não é sem a tua vida Amote muito beijos enormes e abraços fortes de vida meu coração imenso amor que me faz sentir que é meu é meu amor beijos enormes


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