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AC Precooling Mister system kit Demo

Turn off the ac switch, take off the back
panel, find your low voltage thermostat wire,trace the thermostat wire up to the relay, on your
relay there should be 2 additional contacts on both sides where your cool misting will
hook up, take your voltage meter and check your relay on both sides to make assure that
you have 24 volts A/C, take your 2 wires from your A/C Cool Mister, run it through the same
hole that your thermostat wires are running through and attach it to your relays, now
put your A/C panel back on, mount your A/C Mister next to your cooler next to your A/C
or you can mount it up to the wall.


  1. Meatmatters Author

    You got to be kidding. This is a perfect recipe for eventually causing the condenser to be scaled up from the water evaporation and expensive repair or replacement.

  2. GunClingingPalin Author

    My dad used to do this back in 1968 when I was a kid.. He put spray nozzles to cool the condenser.. used softened water.. he also had a system rigged to his 68 ford station wagon hooked to the radiator a bar across the top that dispensed water on the front of the radiator.. helped keep it cool on vacation trips in hot weather and pulling a trailer .. especially up hill… as soon as the temp got too hot he would flip the switch and you could see the temp drop fast..

  3. nunya biznatch Author

    little secret… I live in Phoenix AZ, and I mounted a similar system to the top of my car's radiator, except it is manually turned on instead of thermostatically. When the engine seems like it is overheating because of the 120 degree heat and I am stuck in traffic, I switch it on for a few minutes and let it cool down. It works amazing as an emergency cooling system.

  4. Metal Rott Author

    omg that is such a stupid mister setup, they don't even face the coils! You have an Inline Filter so let those coils get SOAKED.

  5. upinya37 Author

    Hey everyone gather round ,, Ok here is a thought , Tree's !!! plant em !! don't cut em down !!! put a little care in to em !! each year … save $ 100's ????????

  6. Ruben Perez Author

    Would constant water being misted into the unit be bad in a way. I understand it rains and it gets wet but to get wet all summer?

  7. Hilux244 Author

    Inevitably there is going to be mineral deposits build up on the condenser coil, that inevitably will permanently damage the fin material. Unlikely an HVAC design engineer would recommend this product. Yes it will lower head pressure and current draw for a period of time, but at a cost with prolonged use. Best bet is keep both condenser and evaporator coils SPOTLESS. And keep condensing unit shaded, create or build a shade structure for the outdoor unit.


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