Acanthoscurria geniculata (Brazilian Whiteknee) Care & Husbandry – Tarantula Tuesday episode 9


  1. the_tarantula_collective

    Thanks for watching the latest episode of Tarantula Tuesday and liking and leaving a comment! It is always awesome to hear from you all. If you have any suggestions for species I should cover in the future or any other topics you would like to learn more about related to the hobby, please leave those suggestions down below. This species was one that I had received multiple requests to cover…so thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Gabriel Parrett

    Sad that they are banned from interstate trade in the U.S.A.
    Edit: Thanks for debunking the false info, it had me fooled for months.

  3. Timo R

    The Geniculata was my first T and I bought her as a very tiny sling about 4-5 months ago and she has since grown A LOT and is doing super well. She was hunting crickets since her second mold which is awesome, because I didn't had to prekill anything (at least for her). She (I suspect she's a girl) is pretty calm while cleaning, changing water, etc. Only when giving her food she's an absolute madlad :D. Just an awesome T, didn't regret getting her. And of course, nice video.

  4. Widow Keeper

    We appreciate all the work you and the other mods do for us, Richard. โค I request Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee) for a T-Tuesday vid.

  5. Fangs & Legs

    Itโ€™s like you were describing mine, and how I feel about it. I only picked it up on a suggestion at a Repcon.

    Top 10? YES!!! Do it!

    Lastly, c elegans as my vid request

  6. Maxy Olcott

    I love these! I have the other version, the Anthoscurria Brocklehursti which is so cute (named Oreo). โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

  7. Ariel Toner

    Beautiful species! Wonderful video as always. I look forward to tuesdays for these! Will have to make it my freebee on my next fnt order! Thanks Richard.
    Also next one maybe Phormictopus cancerides.theyre a severely Underrated T!

  8. Spider Thoughts

    This is one of those spiders that always ends up in my cart and never at my door. I really should just get one some day. Awesome video as always!

  9. Tennessee Tarantula's

    I've still yet to get one. Great video bud. That's awesome. I had some pictures that I took of my P. metallica in the first addition of Spinnerette.

  10. She Flys

    I bought a Genic. specifically for the feeding response. even as a sling, my dude has a CRAZY response!! great species! must have for any collection!!

  11. Ibns Arachnids

    We have two and are hoping for a female. I would love to know about some possible breeding information for my Pterinopelma sazimai female. I recently added her to my collection. Take care.

  12. Lone Wolf Spiders

    I love how in depth you go in the TT videos. A lot of keepers lack to mention how bad some hairs can be. I'd like to see Ceratogyrus darlingi or the rare Augacephalus ezendami (Mozambique Baboon). I've heard the C. darlingi and the A. ezendami are good beginner baboons but there isn't much out there on the A. ezendami. Another awesome video.


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