Adam's Ceramic Liquid Wax!!!! And Comparison to Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax!


  1. Apex Detail

    I only have one of my cars coated as I really enjoy working on …and cleaning my cars. So, products like these are right up my alley! Would you rather have your car protected…and not have to touch it for long periods of time…or seal and wax every few months?

  2. BigOldDog

    IN MA like PA, you have about 4 – 5 months of the year where it is very hard to work on your vehicles even with a standard residential garage so you really need something sturdy to carry you from late fall into mid spring – say Nov – April

  3. firstcoming

    When applying a product such as Mguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax per the instructions of spray on/rinse off do you not have to worry about it getting onto the tires?

  4. Felix F

    There are only two companies whose products I wouldn't use. I believe you that their ceramic wash is very good. Just can't bring myself to buy an Adam's product. 🤔

  5. Big D

    I use the Adams ceramic wax. The liquid is easily applied over my ceramic coating. I love the ceramic waterless wash. I mix it 50/50 and do a quick detail. I have all Adams products and they work well for me.Thanks Brian ✊

  6. Richard Seem

    another great video again buddy. u really need 2 stop buying products .u will need another shop 4 all the products ur🍻🍻

  7. roguegeek

    It may not be a traditional liquid wax, but it still applies like one, which is a big con, IMO. So I really would need to understand real world durability of it compared to other products. It’s real simple for me. I want the longest durability with the least amount of time spent applying a product. That’s how I would personally define a value-added product. This is why I love traditional coatings because durability is measured in years and why I love spray and rinse sio2-based products because time spent is measured in seconds. And so this is why Adam’s Ceramic Liquid Wax just isn’t appealing to me as it takes traditional liquid wax time to apply and durability measured in months? Maybe weeks? Just my two cents. Another great video, btw!

  8. spidey197012

    Great video I really like these type of comparisons. I would really like it if you left the type on the panel, it's just that much easier to keep track of the boundaries of each product on the panel. Just my humble opinion.


    Glad to see some unbiased reviews of Adams products. I have been pleased with a few of their products but really intrigued by the products you have reviewed of theirs recently


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