1. robert b

    Hey man love your videos.Can you do a video showing your full paint prep process.Also do you think you will ever do a video on the mixing of Sonax BSD with other sprays like V07.I know awhile back you mentioned making a video but I guess you’ve been busy.Thanks

  2. Prince

    Do you think you could please do me a favor? I was trying to find a video but couldn't find one and was hoping you could make it. Using sonax bsd and applying in while the panel is wet and drying. I want to use it to maintain my sealant and wax. I get my car done by a professional as my back is bad so I need something easy to maintain the coating. Do you have any recommendations that I can use as a wet application and dry with a leaf blower? I can use a microfiber if I have to. Thanks for all the help and work!

  3. Netcruzer RC TECH CARS

    How am I suppose to know what side of the hood has what product on it? I already know about cure times and applications…. I wanted to know how each performs side/side and I have NO IDEA what is on that hood you keep hosing down.


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