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I don't welcome back to my Channel show is it finally similar 2019 and animal husbandry gonna take a look at how we can put that into a map as kind of a semi prefab setup now I'm going to be using the joints and our joints animal husbandry play Sable's for this particular video nothing custom or anything like that I was going to go down the route of building up some sort of custom setup and I thought well let's get to that some point but for now just going to work with the standard play Sable's that we get in the game and how to get them into a map at the start of a new game so so I've come into game to start with normally I'll start in the editor but this time I've come into game because with the animal husbandry it doesn't matter where you are whether you're working with cows sheep big whatever it has a lot more attributes to work with because obviously it requires food and water and straw and all that other stuff there's a little bit more information that needs to be added into the default items XML if you just put the location and rotation for the position of where ever you want it to spawn into the map and a new game safe it's not going to understand what you're asking of it because of all that information that's going to be left out to do with how much food and straw and so on it does or does not have so the only way I know how to do this within the placeable system that we can now have in the game is to actually come into game to start with and then place down the animal husbandry anywhere on the map doesn't matter where it is so what I'm going to do is I'm not sure if I've got enough money but we'll see how we go so let's just do just about I think we work with the cow pasture this is the small one there'll be the same if you're working with the larger one but obviously you need to create a slightly larger area for it to fit into whatever else so I'm going to work with the smaller one just because I don't have enough made it by the bigger one so I'm going to basically find you know I've created a bit of an area over here somewhere it doesn't look like like on the land so I'm just could have purchased some land and then I'll come back and we'll continue so clearly though you do need to own the land before you can obviously put the place fall down that's just part of the game mechanic to do with this new farm land system which is fine so then I've actually gone ahead and done that I should be able to put this down I've actually given myself a bit more money so I can work with these where these doesn't really matter we will use the large one now that I've actually got some money to do that with so just put it down any way you can on the map doesn't like I said doesn't matter where you put it so we'll put it down like so and then once it's actually placed you know we're good to go there so this is what we would potentially end up with in a new game safe once all of the parts are joined together and it's completed so you would not have to purchase it it would be there at the start of a new game so that's the idea anyway so now that I've actually put it on the map what I'm going to do is save the map and this is really important safe your game position where you are so go ahead and do that then what I'm going to do is quit out of the game and I'll show you how we can join all those paths together ok so what back out again then what you need to do is go into your savegame folder and then into the items dot XML and in here the information will be stored for where you actually placed that particular animal husbandry in the map so what can do then is take all of this information here make sure you only get what you need there from the items to items or item to item including all of the relevant information for whichever husbandry setup you're going to work with now I haven't got a lot in here because I've deleted most things from this sample mod map but if you're working with a different map this might be follow up with lots of different things so you'll just need to either do a search for it or scroll through and find what you need to find so basically I can just copy this information out here then I'll go back into my sample mod map here go into the default items and I can then add that in so on create some lines here just to split everything up a little bit so you can see it clearly I can then paste that into there this particular path for name you don't need to change that if you're working with the giant's own in game play suppose if it was a modded one then you potentially would have to point it in to the right place for your mod directory or whatever you're going to put it and then what we're going to do is save this I can close that save game down and close this down for now and then what I will do is go into the actual map itself in the editor and then the procedure is pretty much exactly the same as all of the other places or stuff you now need to actually import it into the map and then place it where you want it to spawn in so if you're going to create an animal area for example you would build up the area with the trees and hedges and grass and dirt and whatever else you want to put down there then import the actual animal husbandry so if I come into here and then just go file import I'll go into my installation folder underplay suppose and then animal husbandry obviously make sure you're working with the same one that you took the information from so husbandry cow large so I'm going to import that in and I could just go control V and place it on the map where I particularly way to be and then once you've actually done all of that the next step is relatively straightforward so all you need to do then is just like I've done format the other videos so far take your attribute translate X Y Z rotate X Y Z and apply that to the default items XML so come back into the sample mod map here I reopen up the default items XML and when you've got your position and rotation here you can then just apply that those changes accordingly so I can just copy this information and bring it straight into the XML yes so just do like so and then you can adjust any of the paths you want to actually set up in here so if you wanted to start off with certain amount of animals or whatever else you could change some of the parts in here to do with that and then give them food and whatever from directly within here so it just makes it a little easier to kind of set things up a little bit just trying to see doesn't actually say in there what I can tell age-wise how many animals that actually are so you probably would have to purchase some for that attribute to then be shown up in the actual save game volumes XML so when you place it in the map if you want to start off your map with a cow husbandry already progressing with X amount of animals and they all have their own you know certain amount of food in each one then you probably have to buy those animals in-game then save your progress and then take that information from the save game items XML and that would include the the system would then generate that extra information to tell you how many animals you have and all the rest of it and you can then adjust the film types of whatever food and water they would start a new game safe with but if you just want literally an empty animal husbandry on your map then this is probably the best way to do it I think and like I say everything else there is just going to link in where it needs to be the only thing you really need to changes the position and rotation for wherever you have decided to put it on your particular map so once you've actually got all of that set up you can go ahead and delete you from the map again I will save and if you've not made any further changes you could just close down the Edit at the editor is no problem but obviously if you've created your area and put your trees and your hedges and whatever else and possibly additional fences or whatever else I don't know then you would obviously want to save that progress so go ahead and save the XML now then and close all that down and you're pretty much good to go because everything is linking directly back to the installation folder so there's no extra texture files you don't have to even do any kind of adjustments to the XML because it's literally all pointing back to the installation folder for the game so it can use this standard XML here and then generate what it needs to generate so what I do is I'll go back into game and we'll just check that it actually does show up and all the parts function as they should do okay so let's just see if that I've worked quick and easy ways to actually just go into your escape menu here because I haven't purchased the area it's probably not going to show up but it does show up on the map itself cow pasture and I can then teleport directly to it so it is all here our gates do open we do have the actual triggers all set up and everything else so you know you can now go ahead and purchase your animals or whatever else and you know do what you need to do but now that I've purchased an animal it does show up in the actual menu here so and if I actually go into the system here and bring up the lands I don't own this land so as a single player even though I don't only land I'm still able to actually use the cow husbandry placeable as a imported kind of prefab setup you know starting with this in a new game safe so for single-player use this could potentially be a good thing because you could have an animal husbandry area on the map that you could use even though you don't actually physically own the land around it so you know if you wanted to kind of get a bit of a head start with your animals this is a good way of actually getting it into a map and kind of setting it up from there now I'm not entirely sure there are some things that could potentially cause some problems if you don't Underland you know you'd have to test this out and actually give them all the required feed and whatever else because obviously don't own the land it might not tip into the trigger I'm not sure on that I guess what I could do let's just test a couple things out because if I come over here I'm curious myself to see if this would actually work or not so if I let's get some money going on first of all because I haven't got any money should we do something like that and then if I come over to the trigger King well just get a telehandler and buy that and let's get a bail fork and some veils so if I do a straw bale I'm just going to do one don't really need to do more than that and I'll do a hay bale we'll just test those I'm not going to get into testing many different things here I just want to see if they will actually accept any of the products even though we don't on the land now the multiplayer scenario I'm not entirely sure how that works I don't have a multiplayer server then I can upload this stuff do two tests unfortunately I'm a nothing to buy in one or getting one I should say just to cover all the bases kind of thing so I can test up any motivation are you guys but the last server I've had the only person who ever played on it with me that song is playing playing quite a lot of money to play in single fight seems a bit pointless but listen so if I come on over I'm pretty sure that the sprawl trigger does contain the ability to accept bales I don't see why it wouldn't so that's just got that into there and of course it doesn't even or is it because of don't on the land I tell you what we'll do then is I'm just going to go back over to get the hay bale and I say thus accepted in the in the food trough that will give me a slightly better indication as to whether it's actually taking any of the food types or not I've only just started to run less about the animal stuff so I'm not sure what triggers are set up on the actual one trots in whatever but we're sitting a little bit via that couldn't give the cows straw in bale form agreement that we'd never know so that's just safe that will actually accept this fire one of these triggers I do think that in previous versions even if it was on the spike as soon as you put it close to the trigger that would disappear but now it has to actually be off of this font their bios like for it to run registered over to is actually a bale or whatever and it would be accepted so from that I'm going to assume then that there is no bail destruction trigger for the straw so it must be put in by has to be put in loose then I'm like dude I don't know if this will work they try it let's see Vicky's barrel back up again okay this will see if it will actually accept it in the food crop instead again I'm not entirely I'm not hungry I'm sure I'm probably the game recognizes all the different paths as of yet so might do it might not wanna sue so that's tip is Vietnam so that's a no then so it looks like from what I can tell but the actual straw figure would only accept loose straw which is a bit weird but I don't why that would be the case but I go whatever perhaps maybe YUM let's see where our straw bales straw blower that one maybe just test this out while we're here why not damn phone let's do it alright so let's just go in then try this out so that's why I use that bio as it's there to ask like this see how this works I must admit I'm not really a big fan of whales so I generally do pick up stuff with a loading wagon so it's loose so anything I've done with the animals when it comes to straw has always been a loose form anyway so I'm I don't have any loose straw to test so I figured I would just try and buy it but clearly that is not so it seemed to nullify the game there so but let's just see if we can listen to here apologies familiar clothing skills and whatever else I'm not for greatness for any of this stuff right let's try that so I swear and one of these involved I'm gonna have to bring up the f1 menu for this because I don't actually know how this works open door have to have the door to work it's okay so let's close the door then and there you go okay so bails do work but you have to use one of these things snowblower I mean it's dropping of it to actually make it work awesome so yeah okay well clearly I don't craft along the land so you know getting a single-player scenario you could potentially have this setup in a map and you know start working with animals straight away wherever that might be on the map without having to own any of the land so could give you a bit of a head start with that and give you access to a liquid mignon mignon whenever else a little bit earlier in the game which potentially could be a good thing I guess because obviously with the placeable mechanic and terraforming or whatever else you have to own the land you have to have a good enough area to place it down that's not going to mess up all your fields and whatever else and restrict you access to various different places that is actually ever going to stop nothing just spewing out straw right forever anyway we have it in the map a new game start so you know like I said this is the only way I know how to do it by placing it in the map in game and then just taking the data from the save game items XML and then applying that to your default items XML and then bringing the actual unit into the map through the editor placing it where you want it to be at a start of a new game safe taking the attributes from the XML from the Giants editor and then applying that to your default programs XML and then you know joining all the paths together there and then when you start a new game safe and obviously it would need to be a new game safe and then this will be in the map for you ready to go for you to carry on what I will do is I'm going to save it again because curious to see if it does actually now update that information and tell you how many animals are in there so we'll have a look at that okay so if we go into the safe game again and go into the items XML I actually did buy a few more because I wanted just a point to show up the differences so obviously what I added into the default items XML and I'll show you the two of those too so you can see the differences here so if we open this one up as well you can see on this side it doesn't actually mention anything about the animals because I hadn't purchased any but on this particular side it shows module animals and then basically the different types of animals that I have purchased and their dirt scale so if you particularly wanted to start off a safe game a new safe game with not only the animals in the map or in the husbandry setup but whatever else you could theoretically just like I did at the beginning the video place it in the map buy some animals and then save your game go into your safe game folder into the items XML and then up the amount of product that they have so I could come into here and change one of these depending on what I wanted to start off with so I didn't load of grass and sorry hay and grass and solid and whatever else or do all of that in game if you wanted to set it all up in game then save the game come out go into your safe game folder open up the items XML and then literally copy all of that straight out and so and then just put that directly into your default items XML and then when you start a new game safe you'll have all of these animals already in the map with their appropriate amount of whatever you choose to give them so yeah I think this is the only way that I could figure out how to actually set this up so you actually have the animals in a map as a kind of prefab setup you're still using the placeable spawning mechanic of the game which you know you could look at it either way for me I want to be a little bit more positive about it so doing it this way if you're going to work with the standard husbandry setup from the base game Maps or the placeable system at least then you're not adding any additional textures into your sample mod map your modded map or whatever else you're just linking everything back directly to the installation folder which everybody will have access to so you know that's quite a good thing in my opinion now when it comes to customized animal husbandry areas then you know that's going to be a little bit different that will then require and all of the textures and the I 3ds and everything else similar to the biogas facility that I did in my first video for pharmacy 19 so you know there are ways and means you just have to you know work with that and then see what you come up with I'm sure was it thanks very much for watching and I will catch in the next one


  1. Albertan Reef

    Hey, thanks for the video. When I do this, I have all my animal files in my map, when I load the game up for the first time, the animals work (cows), but when I go file save, close the game and re enter my save, the animals are gone from the pen and the menu.


    please continue making videos, we all have to work together to figure it out, its a shame many cant see where the issues really are, yet the issues will never be corrected if we allow the ignorance to give us direction…. your videos and knowledge is priceless, only the ones that take the next step and actually work on the game will ever see the true issues, dont let this get you down, the more that show the issues the less ignorance we will run into, please start your videos again, who cares about giants and trolls,


    has anyone figured out how to fix the store item error with a placable that is a mod? seems some mods do not contain the proper files to allow this?

  4. Kyle Burroughs

    Ok Shy….Need some help. Followed this on a map I am building. I have my placeable in game and where I want it. I can pull up the animal dialogue and can buy a horse and it shows money leaving my account like I bought it, but no horse shows up in my pen and when I go to the animal screen there is no animal showing. Any idea what could cause that?

  5. Dennis Katalinic

    Thanks mate, this realy helped me out, since i didnt know how to make placeable triggers work.. This method can be implemented with any placeable object, even vehicles..

  6. sEsmoZ

    Hi… Thanks for your videos… But… I follow your videos and I place the BGA and my modified placeable husbandry. Everithing goes fine until 3 days ago. Now my placeables doesn't apear anymore… Is there some giants editor update that change any values? anyone with the same problem?… I repeat your tutorials 5 times and nothing seem to work anymore. Thank´s in advance

  7. Bjørn Brynildsen

    Hi Shy. Another great tutorial. Just one quick question. I finally made the placeable mechanic system work. Took some time to get my head around it. I imported a farm silo and edited capacity and added some fruittypes. It wirks without errors in the log. But i get a white blanket around the discharge pipe. It looks just like in tje editor. What could be wrong?

  8. Mike

    Hello ShyWizard,

    I want to thank you for the tutorials.
    you can make a tutorial about the farmland.xml
    How to re-create this in the map.
    Thanks for this

  9. Stuart Addicott

    Thank you so much for this, i was wondering how to do it and your explanation of the process was brilliant. Please keep them coming 🙂

  10. L' aveyronnais

    Thank you very much for your tutorials on FS19. This will help me a lot for my project. Continue like that. Could you explain to me to create the PDA because mine is vague? Thank you


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