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Advanced Irrigation Systems working with Eden Park | PGG Wrightson In the Field

[Paul] With your irrigation system have
there been things in the past that you’ve worried about at night at home
that kept you awake? [Blair] Oh for sure. You know sometimes when you’ve
locked and loaded a program, and with Auckland’s weather
it’s just so changeable, and set a program to put on
say five mils of irrigation we get another nine. You know,
it’s just something you don’t need, in the immediate lead into an international
cricket match in particular. Access to these types of systems now, it’s going
to be great. I mean, I can just turn the irrigation off from home. Eleven o’clock
at night, if I look at the radar and see something coming in I don’t like,
beautiful. Whereas previously I’ve jumped in the car and come down to work and
turn stuff off. This flexibility will lift it to the next level. No doubt. [Paul] And we have spoke
about the MI mobile, or Rainbirds dedicated app. We really
wanted to give you that tool now. So we’ve actually and bought that
package for you guys. [Blair] Oh brilliant. [Paul] If we can just give you that extra 1% [Blair] Yeah it’s all one-percent-ers,
you know, and if you do enough of them they start to add up and then that’s the
difference between really getting the maximum out of your turf, and so this
will be a more than a 1% I guarantee you.

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