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Ag Secretary Wants to Restrict Food Stamp Eligibility

Madison is the center of the dairy world for the next few days the world Dairy Expo is happening at the Alliant Energy Center more than 850 companies from 29 countries are there to show off their tools and services they provide the dairy industry at the expo today the US agriculture secretary expressed support for proposed rule change to the food stamp program it could push more than 25 thousand people in Wisconsin off the food share program capital bureau chief Emily Fannin spoke to the secretary about why he says the change is necessary sonny Perdue said he wants to close what he calls a loophole and the food stamp program which automatically deems people eligible without additional background checks on someone’s income or assets if this proposal has passed more than 25 thousand Wisconsin i’ts would be kicked off the food share program Wisconsin’s Medicaid director said this proposal would create additional hurdles for those trying to enroll and create a chilling effect for participants fearful they could lose benefits produced that the rule change is necessary to create a fair system and to prevent those from abusing it we don’t want that happening we want to be able to provide more to people who have who are eligible for food stamps by the very rules that Congress has rather than calling an 800 number or getting a brochure and saying and being deemed eligible Governor Tony eavers and 16 other governors wrote a letter in opposition to the Trump administration’s proposed rule change in the letter it called on secretary Perdue to set aside this proposal to prevent thousands from losing access to food stamps in Madison Emily Fannin 27 News

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