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AgDay 09/11/19

from the studios of farm journal Broadcast this is active coming up on AG day and so all of the things that we teach in our jobs as extension agents we wanted a way to help people to bring that information home and apply to their lives to women on a mission to educate and inform with a side order of sex a new report sheds light on the salaries paid to executives at one dairy checkoff program now the organization is responding Ag Day presented by the all-new Chevy Silverado the strongest most advanced Silverado ever good morning I’m Clint Griffiths on this Patriots day commodity markets soaring on Tuesday as word spread on reports that China is expected to agree to buy more American AG product the report coming from the South China Morning Post saying it’s all in hopes of getting a better trade deal with the US a source telling the Post to offer to buy US AG would be in exchange for delay in a series of US tariffs and an easing of a ban against Chinese telecommunications company wall way the two sides are scheduled to hold face-to-face talks in Washington again next month traders say the renewed optimism sparked a reaction from the markets more cases of African swine fever are continuing to show up in China this time on a farm in the northwestern region of the country Reuters reporting the farm had 226 pigs and 13 have already died from the disease it’s also reported the Philippines has called seven thousand pigs due to an outbreak of ASF there and pork is also getting more expensive in China data published by China’s National Bureau of Statistics shows the prices are nearly 50 percent higher today than this time last year Reuters reporting prices in the southeast china city of nanning rose as much as $2 56 a pound with the second most important holiday to the Chinese people happening this Friday Chinese officials are now dipping into their pork Bank despite the French president saying at last month’s g7 summit there was an agreement to avoid French wine tariffs of the US bloomberg reporting they are still on the table it says the Trump administration moving ahead with an investigation into a new French digital tax that could lead to tariffs on the country’s wine the probe could clear the way for targeting billions in French exports to the US including several French farm and food products the move comes after bloomberg described a contentious visit in Washington between the French finance minister and Trump administration officials controversy surrounds the dairy checkoff program after a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel examined the salaries paid the leadership at Dairy Management incorporated the Milwaukee Journal reporting IRS records showed ten executives at the organization in 2017 were paid more than eight million dollars combined at a time when 1,600 dairies went out of business it equates to more than $800,000 apiece now I found the annual pay for the non profit CEO Thomas Gallagher was a million dollars in three separate years between 2013 and 2017 the group’s executive vice president former US AG Secretary Tom Vilsack was paid $800,000 in 2017 now the nonprofit based in Illinois says on its website that it is a dairy research and promotion program for farmers and dairy importers across the nation Dairy Management CEO said the following during an interview with farm turtle’s milk quote it’s very hard for farmers who are in these economic times to look at salaries and not question it they certainly have a right to question it but they have to rely on the other farmers that are elected to these boards to look at the data and say look we’re competing and working with the largest food companies in the world if you want to do that you have to have the people with the talent and decades of experience to do that unquote now farmers taking part in the dairy checkoff program are required to pay fifteen cents per hundredweight of milk sold some of that goes to local marketing programs a smaller portion goes to national programs such as Dairy Management now that the clouds have cleared from Hurricane Dorian it’s time to get back out into the fields as meteorologist Cindy Clausen shows us in today’s crop comments well Clinton last year was rough for many peanut farmers after the hurricane season but this year so far so good check out this peanut crop in Coffee County Georgia that’s in the southern part of the state Smith sharing this video with us saying nothing like the smell of fresh plowed up peanuts best way to eat them is raw – right behind the plow it’s too bad we don’t have smell-o-vision right now and I of course bet those are tasty fresh like that – well let’s take a look at our wind speed forecast for the day and the area to watch is going to be once again in the nation’s midsection and heading towards the Four Corners region where we’ll have some of those elevated winds in there especially in the central plains and over into parts of the Rockies overnight we’ll see those winds picking up a little bit as you get into the upper midwest as well as the low pressure system is moving through there and then as we get through thursday it’ll be especially central northern plains and into the Great Lakes that will have to watch for some higher winds I’ll have your National forecast coming up suicide becoming more common in America and the increase is more pronounced in rural areas that’s according to a new study published in the journal j a.m. a network open in attributes the rise to several factors including a lack of insurance and the prevalence of gun shops now researchers at The Ohio State University evaluated national suicide data from 1999 to 2016 they found suicide rates jump 41% from a median of 15 per hundred thousand County residents in the first part of the study to 21 point to 400,000 in the last three years of the analysis suicide rates were highest in less populated counties and in areas where people have lower incomes of fewer resources the one researcher said social isolation in rural areas can also be an issue we know that living in a rural area you tend to be more isolated geographically and you’re there you’re not close to neighbors and so you don’t see a lot of people you don’t have a lot of one-on-one contact which increases the rates of depression suicides were most common among men and those 45 to 54 years old this is National Suicide Prevention Week and if you or someone you love needs help we hope you’ll reach out to the National Suicide Prevention lifeline 1-800 273 t ALK talk all right coming up we examine what’s been a bumpy road lately when it cotton plus their Extension agents and so much more to ladies who are serving up a whole lot of help along with some laughs closed captioning is brought to you by BASF grow smart with BASF we create chemistry commodities soaring on Tuesday after some possible good news about the China trade talks and after USDA announced large flash sales of corn and soybeans to Mexico here’s an update from this evening I know I’m wearing a cow shirt but let’s talk about lean hogs I think that was kind of interesting today let’s talk about decent lean hogs that’s gonna be the one I’m looking at and we’ve been kind of trapped in this $10 box right so from 58 to 68 and we were we’ve tested 58 twice and we were looking to test it one more time we started to make a move lower and then we had the all change we kind of rallied here on Tuesday seeing corn rally the way it has has helped well would normally be a pressure to lean hogs but it’s not so that tells me in the face of something that would normally make your product trade lower if it trades higher that tells me that hey there’s something here there’s a story to be told it’s probably stronger than I thought swell having talked about the meats let’s talk about the grains they’re a big input for those meat prices and I think one of the interesting one would have been say corn four days in a row we had a new low but after a dollar 20 sell up from the highs to the lows and a USDA report around the corner what do you think most traders did that were short and I’ve benefitted from that move well a good instance you can see by the pricing again the board so they were green across the board we had some buyers come back into the market I would say largely a lot of short covers just to kind of get square before the report but as we’ve got a finer tooth or at least a finer point on our pencil here I don’t expect anything too crazy on Thursday cotton prices have dropped significantly since last year farm Journal Stein Morgan talks with Steve Barret of Plains cotton growers about the issues here now a Steve erect of Plains cotton growers Steve when you look at the challenges that farmers have faced here I mean the year started out so promising and then kind of mother nature rips that right out of under producers feet yeah it was a very promising year we had a very wet winter we went in with a full profile of moisture the spring was a little rough planting was a little rough some areas had real trouble but we got past that the rain kept coming until the end of June the 1st of July and people fertilize they really had a lot of promise and then it just quit raining and just the crop went from great potential the only average or maybe even a little less than average especially on our Dreiling the irrigated crop for the most part still looks pretty good but it’s been a very expensive crop because the wells have been running non-stop well and it’s not just weather worries but price pain I mean you look at cotton last year prices were fairly decent but that incentivized a lot more producers to plant cotton which then impacted price that’s right you know we just thought that the markets were affected last year by the tariffs and the retire Tory tariffs until this year come along and so you know we were in about the 70 cent range now we’re trading at less than 60 cents so it’s created some real problems for producers both and hoping to pay out this year and much less in trying to plan for another year so what’s the hope when you look at Plains cotton growers what would hope kind of turn things around turn morale around for cotton producers well like most crops we need those export markets but you know we’re also cautioning people that we’re concerned about some of the slowdown in the economy and whether those markets will come back as strong or not will remain to be seen but we just have to stay faithful and and hopeful and hope something will come over the horizon to help kind of turn some of this around hopefully a smooth harvest year and totally not getting rain at the wrong time that’s right thanks Steve we appreciate it all right need we need to take a quick break and then we’ll have a check of weather right here on active [Music] the IBM Watson decision platform for agriculture helping to feed a hungry world with the power of AI [Music] there’s still a couple of weeks left of summer but if you love the snow you might wanna head to northern Utah as you can see the area around the you and Tom Wasatch cache National Forest just got a dusting of snow on Tuesday now maybe not great for driving but pretty to look at and awful hard to say I know and you can see it on the map here just a little blip there it’s really not much to you know that’s a show but but there is yeah if we’re already starting to think about that in some of those higher elevations about west while we’re dealing with more summer out in the eastern part of the country let’s look at our map today the big focus is going to be along this frontal system that’s draping across the Great Lakes states and out into the central and even into the northern plains you could see that low pressure system over towards the eastern parts of the Rockies trailing cold front down into the Four Corners region so it’s mainly going to be in the eastern two-thirds of us that we see that moisture for today the bulk of and you can see we’re gonna see waves moving along this frontal system moving through the Great Lakes today and we’ll see more activity in the plains as well now moving into tonight we’ll see really the front not making much north and southward movement just yet so we’re gonna continue to see some of these same areas being hit by showers and even some thunderstorms as well big difference in those temperatures north to south as well as we’re feeling that real summer heat and humidity here in what we call the warm sector but it’s much cooler on the north side of that front and in the northwest as well heading through our Thursday we’re going to be seeing showers and some thunderstorms along that low-pressure system and we really start to pick up more moisture and we’ll start to see more of that coming along our cold front moving through the plain States and starting to get into the Mississippi Valley as far as the rainfall we are looking at some heavier amounts again right along that front where everything is going to be concentrated many areas 3/4 inches and as we add the next 24 hours we’re gonna be adding even more to that so especially southern Minnesota kind of the western part of Wisconsin into the Dakotas we’re looking at some fairly heavy rain you could see that ring picking up along that trailing cold front as we get into the next 24 hours all right temperature-wise as I mentioned big difference there you got 63 in Sioux Saint Marie but 86 in Chicago so huge differences in temperature along and north of that front between South and the front a lot of 90s down in the south central United States and into the southeast and again it’s a very humid day as well cooler in the northwest and that’s going to continue as we head into tonight as well with those lows standing down into the 50s and 60s while we see a lot of 70s in that warm sector let’s take a quick look at that jet stream and yeah we have that big ridge in the eastern part of the country a trough in the West that’s why we see those cooler temperatures there things kind of become a little more zonal by the weekend after this trough starts to move through but watch what happens as we get into the early part of next week is another big trough enters the western part of the country and another big ridge builds in over the nation’s midsection that’s a look at your national forecast now let’s check on the weather where you live Irishman ‘s Kentucky very warm today with showers and thunderstorms possible in a high of 92 degrees Brutus Michigan cloudy with a light breeze high of 70 and Sparta Wisconsin showers and thunderstorms likely now is your chance to try out your artistic skills on a familiar label will tell you how plus we see how the almond harvest is shaking out right now in California next introducing farm journal TV on-demand 24/7 AG date machinery beet TV u.s. farm report on your phone and tablet download the farm journal TV mobile app today you California almond harvest is now underway this year the crop in the state is estimated by the USDA to be 2.3 billion pounds that’s about 3.5 percent less than last year’s total here’s an update from one grower provided to us from the California Farm Bureau Federation right now it’s a very important time we we’re in a good spot because we have this dual line drip it’s kind of nice that we can irrigate these trees while we’re in the windrow a lot of guys have micros sprinklers which would get the nuts wet so we’re lucky enough to get these trees in water because they’re really dying for some water in this hot weather for parsing almonds here independence we just got started here we got them in a windrow here today and they start picking up tomorrow crop looks pretty good when it was a little tough on us so we’ll see what happens come when they get in the trailers and when they take off but we’re pretty happy with the way things look right now love those stickers on Chiquita bananas now you can come up with one of your own Chiquita is starting a campaign called fueled the fun it’s a back-to-school promotion that encourages everyone to design their own take on taquitos familiar blue sticker you have until the end of the month to submit your idea now Chiquita will then choose up to 18 entries to be featured on banana stickers next year the top three entries will get an iPad and an apple pit for more details on how to enter head over to our website and active calm still ahead bringing important information to people in rural areas and a little humor how these two ladies in Tennessee are blending both into success coming up in the country closed captioning is brought to you by BASF grow smart with BASF we create chemistry [Music] you podcasting is gaining in popularity we have several online with farm journal now the University of Tennessee Extension agents are producing one of their own and as Charles Denney reports it mixes help with a little humor Charles Denney listens in and then tells us about what they have to say a couple of girlfriends having a chat with the mic from an iPad capturing it all bringing at home as a podcast starring a couple of vivacious ladies UT Extension family and consumer sciences agents – Neil short of Haywood County and Sarah pool from Crockett County give advice about a range of issues relationships food prep and safety home ownership each podcast includes information and humor topped by a side order of sass well all the topics that we discussed on our podcasts have to do with home and family and so all of the things that we teach in our jobs as Extension agents we wanted a way to help people to bring that information home and apply it to their lives it’s definitely just us having a conversation there’s no camera in the room it’s just she and I talking with an iPad having a good time but trying to educate the population on a certain topic each week when we do it and have fun doing it the FCS agents were looking for a new way of connecting with people and social media and podcasting seemed a great method of communication and the audience is listening we’ve had people tell us they listened driving to work like you know exercising it’s just a great way there’s there’s a lot of time people do have time during the day to listen to things and they don’t have to be fully engaged – like watching a screen they can just listen while they’re doing whatever they’re doing the goal of bringing it home world domination well that might be a bit extreme but this effort has been successful – Neil and Sarah have produced a podcast every week this year and through social media and downloads they’ve reached more than 40,000 listeners the agents are part of you extensions famed kitchen divas here doing a cooking demonstration to a receptive crowd the podcasters believe their message has been effective because so much of what they talk about is based on their own experiences we go through a lot of things that everybody else goes through and so we try to be very transparent which makes it a little humorous sometimes but just really be relatable UT Extension agents often teach in classroom settings but podcasting is yet another way of delivering information and impacting others to Neil and Sarah have plenty of ideas for future segments when they talk or podcast if that can also be a verb their words their message brings it home this is Charles Diddy reporting and that’s all the time we have this morning we’re sure glad you spent part of this Patriots day with us a day forget mold is here in agony I’m Clint Griffis we’ll see you [Music]

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