Agri tourism: MoCa Family Farm, Agribusiness Ideas in the Philippines

one of my dream when I was back in the States to like really go back in the Philippines and become you know a successful farmer really when you see a family farm it's really on a more smaller scale like it's pretty much run by the whole family the method of marketing is mostly CSA program or Community Supported Agriculture or on farm sales farmers market sales initially we started more like a patent happy farm is your farm them for our family but then we realized now we cannot be on that situation forever because in me and my husband are both educators so we decided to include the education component we have that's the classes in the farms the national certification levels in advanced classes in Amman and all of our classes are ugly and tourism rating I mean as small as we are we are also DoD accredited so we get our certification from Department of Tourism we also wanted to make sure that we also have connection with Department of Agriculture so we have good we became a learning site for API region for a farm tourism is a good way also to incorporate when you do your family farms or not because if your provides you a supplemental so it helped me sustain you my expenses millions tomorrow you get the charger gas on their farm stay as far as sustainability is sponsoring thank for us what we do we conduct what we call community supported agriculture programs so they accept what we call CSA bucks every month from us we provide them vegetables the Gallants a farm so reddening market most our expansion strategy is instead of us growing we want to make our community grow but America me mama eventually never move in a honeycomb or 1000 the bus we don't have to hire people from outside Padre Garcia to help us with our farm activities even a pond to tulips a kitchen but the tulips the security for the total similar logistics you can also like top your community to do the production of the other vegetables for you indeed among Kaela Lucke Colette and Gomorrah let's say for example you're conducting farm-to-table events it's almost impossible and let them envision smell garlic say you're so what you do is ask your family area community members why don't you grow this acid this is marketable they wreck your fellow farmers into the right marketing channels I also made little big production so that for me is a lot more sustainable to do an integrated farming rather than focus on one prop or one light stop so when you spend money on your home why not spend it in your farm and live in your farm so you're on a development mode I know geared into your farming activity so now my kitchen is also my classroom so I can do bread and pastry class and my bread and pastry class are all far mandated so I'm managing iguana mean Reds are calabasa bread herb lace pastries so you're gonna go on and so we were able today he relates you farming activity Naumann thence alerting a physical snomint and in a lot of ways to make it a net income it's a livelihood for us actually in Dillon Palace Tommy it's also a life legal for our community so we are here for the experiential learning of the refresher course of the livestock technicians we would like to stuff for them to see the you annoyin preparation for the party van or average the recent events like that so we have chosen multiple for it Manami kinetic manifested ito by the movieguy ahead can say human a participant spoon i mean they also belong for small farms and they might want to copy this and also the participants are also agricultural extension workers of the local government unit and they may want to copy this one as one of their projects when they go back home further air if you are one of those returning Filipinos also fo fw worth taking and among a growing couple bedycasa filipinas you may want to consider to start a family farms integrate your farming operations if you have the ability to like also do some training and share your farming experiences we are in a memo timing of programs that will also like not just benefit you as a farmer but also the other community you can do partnership with our community partnership with our Department of Agriculture with your partnership with our LG use I think it will be more sustainable and profitable for a farmer mijita making money so collagen for me you have the leg network with other family farmers


  1. Vicente Dagangon

    Good concept ideas in farm tourism; learning sites. But I see the garden plots not well -maintained. Good to adopt the concepts on Permaculture.

  2. Elon elon

    Nag umpisa nako dipa tapos farm ko dwarf coconut naman tanim ko sa ngayon,pag uwi next yr tataniman ko ng ibat ibang prutas saka gagawa ng bahay sa gitna ng 4 farm ko

  3. Renato Marinas

    Bakit english ang salita mo? Hindi ko maintidihan kasi hindi ako amerikano . Taga amerika ka ba o taga pilipinas. Gusto kong matoto pero english naman ang salita niyo.


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