1. Robert Miller

    I bet her produces tastes way better than the factory Farmers produce. Here in New Zealand we have absolutely no subsidies for our Farmers and yet they remain globally competitive! Perhaps the subsidies just push up the value of the land and not the output. I remember that bad old days when the EEC used to subsidize Butter Mountains, wine lakes etc etc. To me it is a joke that the Queen of England's farms are subsidized to the tune of 40% before she gets out of bed? I guess she will loose her subsidies when the English and Welsh leave the EU next March with Brexit.

  2. Shanara S

    This is just sad and scary..also the land will just not do well if it's over worked just look at the US. -_-,
    I'm sorry but I don't read or reply to anyone.

  3. zoo judy

    This is the terror that is farming in the US. Mono-crops, poor soil, toxic chemicals. We have e coli and salmonella outbreaks that cover the entire country or close to, because most times one farm supplies all the lettuce or beef or whatever the product may be. Ask India what Monsanto's taking over their farming has done to their farmers and community health. This can't be stopped unless government puts its citizens' health and community well being ahead of the money put in their pockets by these toxic Agribusinesses. Most of these companies are primarily chemical companies who run farming for the outlets they provide for the toxic chemicals.


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