Agribusiness support failed black farm projects … South Africa


  1. apache black

    I wouldn't teach those bastards how to farm if they trying to kill is. Let them teach themselves how to farm…. LoL let's how that works out.

  2. J. M.

    April 9th 2019 timeline 12:40 a.m. I'd like to reference about the rabbit farm. Here in America a grocery store was selling rabbit from communist China and further investigation it turned out to be either cats or small dogs. and people were quite upset from the agricultural industry. So that's what's going to happen to the rabbit production they won't be able to bring in communist Chinese contaminated dogs and cats that are highly susceptible to viruses and we all know how those animals suffer since China produces 22 billion cats and dogs for personal consumption. What have some black agricultural business now they're going to find out that more of these farms are going to fail and B E.E. MIGHT AS WELL JUST PUT A BIG BULL'S-EYE IT'S A FAILED SYSTEM AND WHO BENEFITS JUST A SMALL FEW PEOPLE THAT CAN FORD TO BUY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF FOOD AND HAVE THE ELECTRICITY AND HAVE THE WATER BECAUSE THERE ARE THE DICTATORS OF BLACK COMMUNIST AFRICA REMEMBER PEOPLE YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE GETTING RABBIT YOU'RE GOING TO GET FROZEN CATS OR DOGS AS A SUBSTITUTE AND WHEN PEOPLE START EATING THIS CONTAMINATED FOOD THEY WILL GET EXTREMELY SICK AND THEY WILL DIE OF HUMAN RABIES THAT'S A COMMON REALITY IN COMMUNIST CHINA WHEN YOU EAT CONTAMINATED CATS AND DOGS IT'S GOING TO BE THE NEW RABBIT #BUGS BUNNY WHERE'D YOU #GO.

  3. sandy wright

    You know Scott, the Whites have been giving hand outs for eons, and the blacks have been receiving with a smile their faces. We should stop this, no more free meals, foodstuffs, clothing Niks. If only we had a different mindset and we could stand together it would be a whole different story. Until then we will struggle on sad to say.

  4. Willem Wikkelspies

    My Godfather was the scientist who got the show on the road at Rainbow Chickens many decades ago . What typical results you can always expect from unemployable louts .

    Absolute disgrace especially when funded by a dwindling Durban / dirtbin rate payers data base

  5. Visko Van Der Merwe

    The multiracial predominantly black "New South African" experiment has failed. The inventors of this project will take a very long time to admit this….while the lights go out.

  6. CH S

    They are not capable of a thing except for putting their hands out blaming whites for their failures
    Suffering from diseases such as entitlement stealing give me destroying corruption fraud.
    Difenitly can't plan ahead, build anything. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

  7. Ollie vw

    I drove past those farms only 2,5 weeks ago after an absence of 4,5 years and barely recognised the place. Anyone who wants to read more depressing stuff about black ‘farming’ I suggest to look up ‘The Great African Land Scandal’ by Philip du Toit. An older document but it is not as if the situation has changed with regards to farms, which have fallen under black management, no pun intended.

  8. a r.g

    Why is there blacks in every postion They dont know how to do a damm thing they deny the white farmers money and help but blacks get all the help which is like flushing the money down the toliet I hope to God that these black business FAIL FAIL FAIL 1000%
    It will serve the black to suffer and starve they will reap what they sow

  9. Dawie Oosthuizen

    Sir please ask mr anning to just lead us out of here we will build the dams on those riversystems he talked about in his video ,build the canals for irrigation and help make australia the biggest food producer country on earth we surely will take a chance if we get it sa will starve if the farmers go australia can then export food to sa grow aus economy and create millions of jobs

  10. White Knight

    The word failure is synonymous with Bantu – there is nothing they do that is successful – if you want something destroyed, just hand it to them – 25 years proves it – theft, corruption, lying, raping, destroying = Bantu ownership –


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